Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Tax Dollars at Work Providing a Website for Condoms

So nice to see how our tax dollars are going to worthwhile projects.(Sarcasm)

( By far the weirdest thing on the site is the "What Kind of Condom Are You?" quiz, which like all those loathed but pervasive Facebook quizzes, uses a few superficial questions to lead to an ostensibly whimsical result. Do you like cheeseburgers and fries? You might be a latex condom. Reality TV fans could be flavored condoms. If you like being in charge at work, you’re a magnum. (The quiz tells me that my "no-frills personality is suited for the standard latex condom." Gee, thanks, D.C. government.)

Regardless of your quiz result, you’ll be getting magnums. In May, the Department of Health switched to distribution of the super-sized sheaths – because every man likes to imagine he needs one.