Sunday, November 21, 2010

Secret airport screening practices revealed in manual posted online

A post from YouTube member DrudgeReportUSA: A document posted online by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration as part of a contract solicitation inadvertently revealed a variety of closely guarded secrets about airport passenger screening practices, the agency confirmed Tuesday, December 8, 2009.

(It has been close to one year and still nothing has been done to prevent terrorist to sneak on the plane. Hence, after December 8, 2009, the underwear bomber was able to sneak on board the plane and was able to detonate the two power mixture. It allowed printer toner with explosives to sneak on board a cargo plane destination to the USA. It allowed a briefcase filled with a makeshift bomb enter onto a plane. TSA did not do anything to alleviate this threat or changed the manual that came out in public. However, TSA doesn't care. They care only to feel your junk and your breast.)