Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spam and a Slow Tow for Thousands on Cruise Ship

It may be an inconvenience to be stuck in the middle of a vast ocean, but most importantly, the passengers of a Carnival Cruise ship are safe. As an engine fire caused the ship's main generator to fail, passengers had no hot water, no internet connection, and no air-conditioning. The cruise ship was left stranded in the middle of the ocean. However, the ship's auxiliary power allowed for working toilets and cold water.

The 3,000 passengers heading to the Mexican Riviera from San Diego are being towed back by tugboats, and instead of a lavish seafood buffet they were subsisting on Spam. Helicopters were ferrying supplies, including Spam, crab meat, croissants and Pop Tarts to the cruise ship from the USS Ronald Reagan. With different variations to prepare Spam meat, the 3,000 passengers will know what it is like to eat during humble times.

The lesson to the story is not to make fun of Spam meat! There are hundreds of way to disguise it to make it yummy. LOL! When push comes to shove Spam is the way to go. It doesn't spoil, a must in every pantry, very long shelf-life, and easy to prepare. I grew up eating Spam, and I fully endorse this message. LOL!

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