Thursday, November 18, 2010

TSA Exposed Woman's Breasts and Laughed

The TSA has a history of abusing their power. They have no intention in finding the terrorist. TSA is a bunch of disgruntled federal employees looking for some excitement to spice up their lackluster day. In fact, there was a story of a TSA agent who force a cripple child to remove his leg brace before entering the metal detector. Recently, there was a woman who had to put her baby on the floor, enter through the metal detector, return to get the baby, and proceed through the metal detector again with baby in hand. But the best news of the day, a TSA agent intentionally yanked a woman’s blouse exposing her breast in public view and then laugh.

Besides violating the 4th Amendment, TSA needs to be abolished and the director of the TSA flogged.

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