Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bush job approval rating higher than Obama's

In the past month, Bush popularity and comeback proved that history will judge him fairly. Americans short attention span are fueled by the media's negative narrative. Without using facts, most Americans are fascinated to hate the former president. Bush "mistake" with Katrina, government spending, and the financial crisis are overblown by the media. Looking further behind the personal attacks, each had a Democrat signature associated with it.

The high approval rating is a correction for the poor treatment Bush received from the media since being elected in 2000. With climbing approval numbers, Bush stands alone as the only president to gain tremendous boost in popularity after leaving office. Hopefully, as more Americans are expose to the truth and less what they hear from the media, Bush approval rating is expected to be respectable to the likes of JFK, Reagan, and Clinton.

(Politico) George W. Bush’s job approval rating as president has spiked to 47 percent, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

That’s 1 point higher than President Barack Obama’s job approval rating in a poll taken the same week.

This is the first time Gallup asked Americans to retrospectively rate Bush’s job performance. And it was a stunning turnaround from his low point of 25 percent in November 2008. The 47 percent number is 13 points higher than the last Gallup poll taken before Bush left office in 2009 and the highest rating for him since before Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Bush’s 47 percent approval rating also raises serious questions about the wisdom of the White House’s decision to relentlessly attack him in the months before the Democrats’ historic losses in the midterm elections. The president had kept warning a House Republican majority would return to Bush-era policies. But Obama’s message did little to galvanize the liberal base, and independents flocked to the GOP on Election Day.

Bush’s rebound gives some credence to what he has long said — that history will eventually judge his presidency.