Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can Someone Let NSA Know to Hire the Hacktivist Who Took Down WikiLeaks Website

Finally, since the government is ineffective to do anything right, someone got the guts to do something constructive to bring down the WikiLeaks website. In fact, he is a hero. Thank you, Jester!!!!!

(Los Angeles Times) The hacker, who goes by the name Jester, claims on his blog to have used distributed denial of service attacks to bring down websites in the past -- the same method WikiLeaks says it was hampered by on Sunday and today.

Jester often claims responsibility for bringing down websites on his Twitter account using the phrase "tango down," which is used by the military to indicate that an enemy has been eliminated in a firefight.

Today, he sent multiple tweets directed at WikiLeaks:

" - TANGO DOWN - for attempting to endanger the lives of our troops, 'other assets' & foreign relations #wikileaks #fail"

"If I was a wikileaks 'source' right now I'd be getting a little twitchy, if they cant protect their own site, how can they protect a src?"

" - TANGO DOWN - INDEFINITLEY - for attempting to endanger the lives of our troops and 'other assets' #wikileaks #fail"

On his blog, Jester describes himself as a"hacktivist for good" and someone who is "obstructing the lines of communication for terrorists, sympathizers, fixers, facilitators, oppressive regimes and other general bad guys."