Monday, December 13, 2010

Obama Promise We Can Keep Our Own Doctors But Didnt Tell that to the Doctors

There will be a national shortage of doctors in America. Obamacare will force many doctors to close their practice or severely restrict accepting certain patients. With the high cost of medical education, new medical graduates often worry how they will repay back the college loan and to make a living under Obamacare. Overall, it is extremely important to abolish this heinous bill!

(New York Post) For all the times that President Obama promised "you'll get to keep your doctor" under his health-care reforms, he apparently failed to ask any practicing doctors.

A recent survey finds that countless MDs will respond to ObamaCare by limiting which patients they'll see.

The Physicians Foundation asked 2,400 doctors and American Medical Association members what they thought of the new law; a full 67 percent were against it.

More important, it asked how they'd cope with the new rules (which don't fully kick in until 2014). Sixty percent said they feel compelled to "close or significantly restrict their practices to certain categories of patients." And 59 percent said the "reform" would oblige them to spend less time with the patients they do have.

Of course, many doctors already limit how many patients they'll take on who depend on government insurance (whose fees rarely cover an MD's costs). But it'll get worse under ObamaCare: In the survey, some 87 percent said they would significantly restrict Medicare patients and 93 percent said they'd significantly restrict Medicaid patients.

All in all, the survey found that 74 percent of doctors will alter how they practice.