Monday, December 13, 2010

Possible Military Showdown between Japan and China

Due to the aggressive and arrogant tone from the Chinese government, Japan is refocusing its army and military forces toward securing the line of small islands in the southern Nansei chain that stretches from Japan’s main islands toward Taiwan. This military decision by the Japanese government was initiated due to the threat by China's rapidly growing military power. In particular, the conflict between the two superpowers may stem from a territorial dispute. In September 2010, the Chinese government was irate in the arrest of a Chinese fishing boat captain that clashed with Japanese coast guard vessels near the Senkaku islands – known in China as the Diaoyu group – which Tokyo claims as part of their territory.

Originally, Japanese military were concentrated to the northern island of Hokkaido to defend against a feared full-scale invasion from the Soviet Union. Since there is no longer a threat with the Soviet Union, Japan is now concentrating more resources against a more viable threat with China.

Tokyo has already deployed more troops and military technology to the southern island of Okinawa. China has already deployed submarines and supersonic anti-ship missiles into the region. China's aggressive move is seen as a challenge for the US and Japanese military superiority in an area that includes sea lanes vital to the trade-dependent economy.

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