Thursday, December 9, 2010

US Operations in Iraq is Alive and Strong

Even though military operations in Iraq ended in August 2010, there is a strong US military presence in the region. There are 50,000 US troops serving as advisers and trainer. Among them include 5,000 special forces to quell any disruptive actions from insurgents. However, no one knew that the US is nearby to act at any given moment, which is relief knowing we didn't give up on the war effort.

( US fighter jets have reportedly pounded a region in Iraq's central governorate of Babil months after Washington declared an end to combat operations in Iraq late August.

Iraqi security sources said that on Monday, US warplanes shelled a region lying north of the provincial capital of Hilla, Aswat al-Iraq news agency reported.

The US involvement in a military operation comes despite the expiry of the mandate of US combat troops in war-torn Iraq at the end of August.

Upon the expiry, Washington withdrew its troops from the Iraqi soil after seven years of military presence in the country, but left some 50,000 US troops for what it calls "training and advising" purposes.