Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bill Clinton Says Republicans Must Tone Down the Political Rhetoric

Republicans to tone down the political and hateful rhetoric? Liberal Democrats should look at the mirror more often.............

(BBC) Former President Bill Clinton has told the BBC the US political climate must change after the shooting of a US Congresswoman and others in Arizona.

"No-one intends to do anything that encourages this sort of behaviour," he said. But political rhetoric "falls on the unhinged and the hinged alike".

Some commentators suggest the vitriolic political rhetoric in the US may have contributed in some way to the attack.

Speaking on a trip to Haiti, Mr Clinton called on the US House of Representatives to "lead the way" in toning down the political discourse.

"We cannot be unaware of the fact that - particularly with the internet - there's this huge echo chamber out there," he said.

"This is an occasion for us to reaffirm that our political differences shouldn't degenerate into demonisation, in the sense that if you don't agree with me you're not a good American.

"I'm hoping there will be a lot of good debates that go beyond turning this into politics... about how and why it happened and what else we can do to minimise those things."