Monday, January 24, 2011

Robert Gibbs say Birthers are Irrational People

The comment about birthers and birth certificate won't go away. The more exposure or mention of Obama's birth certificate will make the president's re-election bid difficult. So, if they continue to taunt the American public, the Obama Administration should expect a severe backlash.

POLITICO 44: Key Gibbs takeaways

Here’s what you need to know from Monday’s White House briefing with press secretary Robert Gibbs:

-- Gibbs hinted that President Obama will talk about gun rights in his State of the Union address. “I don’t doubt that, as a result of the impact – or the issues of what happened in Tucson, that there will be a number of proposals that this White House and the Congress will evaluate, and we'll wait until tomorrow to see what’s in the State of the Union,” he said.

-- Gibbs snuck a jab at the so-called birthers who don’t believe Obama was born in Hawaii. “I think rational people have -- have long ago, many when they first heard and saw the president, come to the conclusion of his citizenship,” he said.

-- The press secretary knocked down the suggestion that Obama has tacked to the ideological “center” after the midterms. He said Obama, despite recently hiring a handful of Clinton administration officials, is “still the same president that we've had for more than two years.”

-- Both parties sitting together for the State of the Union is a “good step” in working together, Gibbs said, predicting “more collegiality, less acrimony and less partisanship” during the speech.