Friday, March 11, 2011

After 15 Years Monica Lewinsky is Still in Love with Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton pointing his finger saying, "I didn't have sex with that woman." Yeah, right! HA-HA

(Mail Online) The scandal almost destroyed his career and left his presidency permanently tainted.
But 15 years on, Bill Clinton’s former intern Monica Lewinsky has not got married or had children because she is reportedly still in love with him and 'always will be'.

Miss Lewinsky, 37, has run a successful business, hosted a reality television show and moved overseas - but has never found love, according to friends.

‘Monica still hasn’t got over Bill and would take him back in a second,’ a friend said.

‘She told me: “There will never be another man in my life that could make me as happy as he did",' the friend told the National Enquirer magazine.

Miss Lewinsky was aged 22 in 1995 when she began working in the White House and had an affair with President Clinton, which he famously denied at first.

Mr Clinton was impeached by Republicans in 1998, who tried to throw him out of office.

But his wife Hilary said in 2007 that their marriage was 'worth the investment'.

Miss Lewinsky said her relationship with the president involved her performing sexual acts on him - but not sexual intercourse.