Monday, April 11, 2011

The Biggest Loser of the Budget Deal is the Tea Party

Rush Limbaugh is right. The media hates the GOP. Ever since the budget passed, the media is praising and acknowledging that John Boehner got the upper hand of the deal. The loser of this fight isn't Obama, but the Tea Party. It is obvious that the media is being condescending that the Tea Party didn't get what they wanted. The media is in glee. But since the media can't target a particular member of the Tea Party, anything to belittle them and make them insignificant is a success. That is the only limitation the media, Liberals, and Rhinos could muster. The Tea Party is not a true party. It is a grassroots made-up of concern citizens of every political faction. In reality, 38 billion is peanuts compared to the trillions in deficits. 2012 will be here very soon. The GOP establishment better watch out for more backlash from the Tea Party community. In fact, Rush got the GOP establishment on his radar.

Media Declares Boehner Win to Neuter the Tea Party base

RUSH: Last campaign, Republicans promised $100 billion in cuts if they were elected to run Congress. Then the $100 billion became $61 billion -- and, by the way, the $100 billion, if we are all honest... In fact, when that $100 billion was first announced during the campaign we all kind of scratched our heads and said, "What? Just a $100 billion? That's it, just a hundred billion? That was the pledge?" But regardless, let's stick to the subject for just a second. That was the pledge: $100 billion, then it became $61 billion prorated, and it ends up $38.5 billion. What changed? The answer is very simple.

What "changed" is the DC ruling class uniting in its effort to neuter the Tea Party. That's what changed -- and I remember we spoke about it on several occasions on this program. I warned you people many times: "The ruling class of Washington doesn't -- including the Republican element of the ruling class -- doesn't like the Tea Party, doesn't like something they can't control." The Tea Party doesn't have a leader. It's genuine grassroots. It consists of people who have never prior been active in politics, but they're so upset, they're so alarmed and they're so concerned, they are now. You ever stopped to think of this?

Intellectually, you and I know that the Democrat Party and the mainstream media hate John Boehner just as they would hate any Republican leader. They hated Reagan. It's nothing personal with Boehner. They just hate him -- and now, all of a sudden, they're praising Boehner to the hilt. Now, all of a sudden -- and you've heard it all weekend long -- Boehner is the big winner? It just doesn't connect intellectually. You know it and I know it. You may not have been able to put your finger on it at first, but you knew it didn't sound right. You knew it didn't make sense using intelligence guided by experience.

These guys don't like Boehner. Now $38.5 billion dollars is a big win? He snookered Obama? Wait a minute here. This doesn't add up. Unless -- unless -- this is seen as Boehner's victory over, not Obama, but the Tea Party -- and isn't it the case that the Democrats and the RINOs look at $38.5 billion as a victory over the Tea Party? Remember, Democrats, the media, liberals hate us. They fear us more than they fear Al-Qaeda. They think we are the biggest enemy they face. Anything that marginalizes us, they celebrate. If they think Boehner has marginalized the Tea Party -- if they think the Tea Party has been neutered within the Republican caucus -- then, yeah, it makes all the sense in the world to praise Boehner.