Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eric Holder will Investigate High Gas Price, Possible Tea Party Involvement LOL

Eric Holder found disturbing irregularities with the high gas price. Well, it is obvious that Obama's presidential re-election bid in 2012 looks very dismal, and Holder is scared that he will be out of a job. Since speculation in the market, which is a normal stock market occurrence, can drive a commodity through the roof, it could have detrimental effect in our daily life. Holder is reaching the bottom of the barrel to find out the cause of the high gas price. Well, I have some (crazy) thoughts on the matter. Holder suspects an al-Qaeda and Taliban involvement to the crisis. There is a high possibility that a Christian organization is aiding and abetting the manipulation of the oil market. There is a consideration that Israel is to be blamed. Holder will decided if the proceedings for a trail be done in civilian court or at GITMO. There are rumors that Holder will investigate the TEA PARTY movement for their primary role in driving the oil market and depreciation of the dollar. Honestly, Eric Holder is way over his head.

(Reuters) - Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that he saw some "disturbing" things in the energy markets, which support forming the task force unveiled last week to investigate possible fraud and manipulation.

"There are at least a couple of things that are I think disturbing and I think we'll look into those," Holder told reporters when asked if he believed people were illegally manipulating the market. He declined to identify his concerns.

"But again I don't want go too far out there and say that that is the reason why we have seen these gas price rises, but there is I think a basis for us to announce the formation of the task force," he said.

The Obama administration unveiled the task force working group as President Barack Obama tried to head off a political headache of soaring gasoline prices as his 2012 re-election bid begins.