Friday, April 8, 2011

NATO Bomb Rebels Again and With No Apology

NATO and the Libyan rebels have no formal form of communication. Who would have known rebels were able to seize Gaddafi's tanks? In fact, NATO shouldn't be blamed for blowing the tanks to pieces and killing more rebels. NATO didn't know rebels have the knowledge to drive the tanks. As the crisis enters into the third week, the war has shifted dramatically to Gaddafi's advantage. Rebels are upset because NATO is helping Gaddafi instead of them. It's going to be a very long year as this crisis doesn't seem to have an end date.

(Mail Online) Libyan rebels turned their fury on Nato yesterday after at least 13 fighters were killed and dozens wounded in an airstrike.

Rebel commanders said tanks and military hardware captured from Colonel Gaddafi’s forces had been attacked in daylight with missiles despite being marked on the top in yellow as requested by Nato.

Four missiles hit the 30-vehicle convoy, which included a bus packed with fighters, on the outskirts of the eastern oil port of Brega, according to one rebel commander.

Nato said last night it was investigating the claims that, if confirmed, would be the third time rebels or civilians have been killed after being mistaken for pro-Gaddafi forces.