Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Govt Mandated Light Bulbs Will Cost $50.00 and Many Jobs

GE doesn't care of its workers. GE is in bed with Obama and has made a handsome profit last year with several huge tax breaks. Honestly, Green Energy is destroying jobs in America and shift jobs overseas for cheap labor. As the government bans every incandescent bulbs by 2014, it will kill jobs in America. This will hold true with other dirty energy like coal and oil. Likewise, the drastic change toward Green Energy will end up to be very expensive. The cost to replace one incandescent light bulb with a cleaner green efficient light bult is $50.00. To most households, there isn't a great cost advantage or effectiveness to the change.

(Washington Examiner) WINCHESTER, VA--“Government did us in,” says Dwayne Madigan, whose job will terminate when General Electric closes its factory next July.

Madigan makes a product that will soon be illegal to sell in the U.S. - a regular incandescent bulb. Two years ago, his employer, GE, lobbied in favor of the law that will outlaw the bulbs.

Madigan’s colleagues, waiting for their evening shift to begin, all know that GE is replacing the incandescents for now with compact fluorescents bulbs, which GE manufactures in China.

Last month, GE announced it will close the Winchester Bulb Plant 80 miles west of D.C. As a result, 200 men and women will lose their jobs. GE is also shuttering incandescent factories in Ohio and Kentucky, axing another 200 jobs.

Given the steady death of U.S. manufacturing, this factory was going to close sooner or later, anyway. Workers tell me they were happy when they heard in June that the factory was staying open at least through mid-2011—a plan GE abandoned the next month.

But the light bulb law is clearly the main driver in closing this factory. After all, the product they make here will be contraband by 2014.