Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Limbaugh, Trump Could Make Obama Release bin Laden Pics

Democrats are so willing to expose pictures to embarrass our military, provide an accurate body count of our dead soldiers, and show picture of coffins of our fallen warriors. But when it comes to embarrass the Democrat party and Obama, it is considered vulgar and in bad taste. What is the difference? Hypocrisy is another name for it. Rush Limbaugh is right. We need to ask the Donald one more time to make Obama release the photo of bin Laden as soon as possible. If Obama continue to play games, the voters will embarrass the "anointed one" in 2012.

(WND) PALM BEACH, Fla. – President Obama has reportedly decided not to release post-mortem photos of terror chief Osama bin Laden, and radio host Rush Limbaugh believes at least part of the reason why no decision was made until today is because Obama was trying to distract people from the dismal U.S. economy.

"If the lead story, or close to the lead story, is the photo," Limbaugh said on his top-rated program this afternoon, "then the more people are distracted from the slow job growth, flagging economy, rising gasoline price. You know, none of that's getting any better. The economic news is getting worse. So the longer you can keep this photo release near the top of the stack, the better off you are."

"Seems to me the release of this picture is yet another gutsy decision a child of 12 could make," he said. "The American people want to see it. That's enough. That's all that's necessary. And these people on the left, they can't wait to show us pictures of horror and grief that will turn public opinion against the U.S. military. ... They'll flood 'em out there as fast as you can see it."

Limbaugh continued: "As you remember the media could not wait to see flag-draped coffins of our brave heroes coming home from Iraq. They demanded to be present at Dover when the planes landed and the flag-draped coffins were removed from the transport planes. They couldn't wait. How about the pictures from Abu Ghraib? They couldn't wait to publish those pictures. ... Did anybody, the media, the Democrats, did they care about the effects on our troops, did they care about the effects on the families of the troops, did they care about morale, did they care about the effect it might have in giving aid and comfort to the enemy? No, no, no. Did they give a whit about any characteristic they say they care about here?"

Regarding concerns of possible enflaming Muslim tensions, Limbaugh said, "Hell, the Taliban's demanding the pictures be released! There a lot of people out there on the Muslim side demanding proof. They don't believe it yet."

That's a good enough reason right there. We the people want to see these things. There's no intel or security issue with releasing them. We can decide if they're appropriate to look at or not. For crying out loud, we all sat and watched for hours the World Trade Centers tumble. Some saw people leaping to their deaths from 110 stories high, so I think they're purposely stringing all this out. What else does he have to distract people from the bad economic news? And I also think he's desperately trying to re-create the nation's unity after 9/11, and frankly, he can't. The main reason is, that speech he gave. We didn't rally around Bush after 9/11, we rallied around the nation. We rallied around our fellow citizens after that shock. We demanded retribution. Bush's poll numbers went up, but it was never about Bush. He never made it about himself. Obama is making all of this about him.

Limbaugh joked that perhaps Donald Trump should be called in to get the photo released, after the real-estate tycoon had success in getting Obama to release his long-form birth certificate.