Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Government Cover Up, Body Scanners Does Cause Cancer

It is a government conspiracy that the American people knew from the very beginning. Body scanners used at airports emit high doses of radiation that can cancer. Union officials acknowledge that TSA screeners are exposed to high levels of radiation. By standing next to the body scanner, a daily dose of radiation will effect normal cells, which will eventually lead to cancer. Dead cells will form free radicals and destroy other normal cells. This is how cancer is formed. The manufacturer of these body scanners will not disclose the true nature of these machines. The test conducted on the body scanner is done in a controlled environment, and no long-term test on humans were documented. So, if the choice is to go into a body scanner or endure a humiliating pat-down, I would take the train.

(Daily Mail) Claims that the government is covering up 'clusters' of cancer among Transport Security Administration workers have sparked fears the agency's airport scanning machines could pose a risk to travellers.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has gone on the attack against the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security after securing a selection of government emails in a Freedom of Information request.

Executive director Marc Rotenberg told media that documents show that the government 'has not been forthcoming with the public about the true extent of radiation risk with the airport body scanners.'

He claimed union representatives at Boston's Logan airport have already discovered a 'cluster' of cancer cases among TSA workers there.

However scientists at the University of California have already written to President Barack Obama's science advisor to claim: 'There is still no rigorous, hard, data for the safety of X-ray airport passenger scams'.

They claim the agency is relying on tests performed by the machines' manufacturers

EPIC also claimed that union representatives in Boston have cited a 'cancer cluster' among TSA workers there.