Saturday, June 18, 2011

How Miserable? Index Says the Worst in 28 Years

Under Obama, America is miserable with the socialist policies the president implemented. The Misery Index is the highest in 28 years under Obama (12.7). Under Bush, the average Misery Index was 8.1, and under Clinton, it was 7.8. It doesn't matter what the media say. The American people controls the economy, and they say, "It sucks!"

(CNBC) When it comes to measuring the combination of unemployment and inflation, it doesn’t get much more miserable than this.

In fact, misery, as measured in the unofficial Misery Index that simply totals the unemployment and inflation rates, is at a 28-year high, reflective of how weak the economic recovery has been and how far there is to go.

The index, first compiled during the soaring inflation days of the 1970s by economist Arthur Okun, is registering a nausea-inducing 12.7—9.1 percent for unemployment and 3.6 percent for annualized inflation—a number not seen since 1983. The index has been above 10 since November 2009 and had been under double-digits from June 1993 through May 2008.