Sunday, July 10, 2011

6 Year Old Boy Targeted for a Pat-Down by TSA TWICE

The TSA are full of pedophiles. There is no reason to conduct and repeat an invasive pat-down on any child. Even after the new rules were in effect, TSA ignored the new regulation. Instead, they prefer to turn a blind eye and engage in a sexual deviant behavior. Americans are getting tired of these shenanigans. The pageantry seen at the check point in airport is ridiculous. It seems the terrorist actually won. With the help of a government that is reactionary, America is afraid of its own shadow.

(DailyMail) The next in a string of heavy-handed Transportation Security Administration pat-downs, a six-year-old is examined twice by the department.

Disneyland-bound, the Long family has filed a complaint after their son was subjected to a very physical TSA search at the Washington SeaTac airport.
TSA officials at this airport were in the news only a few days before after demanding to perform a search claimed to be 'racially motivated' of a woman's hair.

'They just treated him like he's a terrorist- he's a six year old boy,' his distressed father Alex Long told King5 News.
The young boy and his brother were on a surprise trip to Disneyland when the TSA subjected him to two invasive pat-downs after he set off detector.

The officals also carefully examined his video-game even though it had been on the belt, and not his body which had beeped.

'Immediately after this happened I hugged my son and he started crying and saying 'I don't want to go to Disneyland',' his sad mother Jenine Michaelis of Kirkland said.

The pat-down occurred the same day the TSA announced invasive pat-downs on children would be avoided.

The announcement followed outrage after a 6-year-old girl in New Orleans was subjected to a heavy-handed pat down last month.