Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Will Make Fortunes with Media Interviews, a Movie, and Book Deals

Our court system is full of lawyers who should not be lawyers. The object of every trail is to present the case with strong arguments. Even the guilty can be exonerated with a terrific lawyer. Like OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony got away with murder. A mother, who had no idea where her child was for 30 days, was found not guilty in the disappearance and murder of her little girl. She lied to the police and fabricated stories of her baby's, Caylee, disappearance. Ironically, Casey will be making a lot of money with book deals, movies deals, and interviews with the media. It is a real travesty. The trail was an abortion. It will allow anyone to commit murder and get away with it.

(Daily Mail) Casey Anthony has become the most vilified woman in America, condemned as a compulsive liar and heartless mother who murdered her own daughter so she could spend her life shopping and partying.

But with today's sensational not-guilty verdict, the 25-year-old could be free as early as Thursday morning to begin the slow process of rebuilding her life - and cash in on her new-found celebrity status.

There is already speculation the compelling case could be turned into a movie, and she is likely to be inundated with lucrative television and book deals worth millions of dollars.

Despite the acquittal of capital murder charges, the Casey family lawyer said it was too early to say if they would welcome Casey back.

Although Casey smiled and broke into tears of delight as she learned she had escaped the death penalty, she is also likely to face the fear of attack from an angry public who were stunned by the jury's decision.

She will also have to confront her family, which was torn apart after her defence team dramatically accused both her father and brother of sexually abusing her.

Only one thing will be certain when she walks out of the Florida courtroom: Anthony will never again live an anonymous life.

Anthony's trial, for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee in June 2008, has captivated the nation.

And because she has been found not guilty, there is nothing to stop Anthony selling her story to the highest bidder.

Adult entertainment company Vivid has even offered her a career as a porn star.

After her release, it is not clear where she will live, or how she will be reintegrated into society.

She was condemned by her own defence team in court as a liar, and the jury convicted her on four counts of deceiving police as she wove a web of lies following her daughter's disappearance.

Although each of those misdemeanour counts carries up to a year in prison, she is likely to walk free at sentencing on Thursday after having already spent three years in jail.