Monday, July 11, 2011

Michelle Obama 1,556-Calorie Lunch Raises Eyebrows

Hypocrisy!!! While I try to lose weight with a daily intake of 1500 calorie, Michelle Obama gorge herself with a 1500-plus calorie lunch. The anti-obesity queen says to do things in moderation, but she is not setting a good example. While she can pound away on her french fries, which she is addicted, and 1500 calorie meals, Michelle Obama has the audacity to teach us how to take care of ourselves. Now, Americans are starting to question whether she is a closet eater. For all we know, Michelle Obama may be calling out Dominos pizza in the late night hours.

(Fox NY) WASHINGTON - First Lady Michelle Obama may have temporarily forgotten the lessons of her own anti-obesity campaign when she indulged in a sinfully caloric lunch Monday at a popular new hamburger restaurant.

A Washington Post reporter said the first lady ordered a cheeseburger, french fries, chocolate shake and Diet Coke at Shake Shack -- a trendy hamburger spot that recently opened an outpost in Washington's Dupont Circle.

Based on nutritional information on the restaurant's website, the meal added up to a scale-tipping 1,556 calories.

Obama has made the fight against childhood-obesity a central focus of her White House tenure and launched the "Let's Move" campaign to promote exercise and ensure children have access to healthy food.

The Post noted, however, that she has also admitted to having an "obsession with french fries."

"It's all about moderation," she has told reporters