Friday, August 19, 2011

American Satisfaction With National Conditions Dips to 11 Percent

The Economy and jobs are top "most important problem" list that concerns every American. In 2008, the Democrats took Majority in both chambers of Congress. The credit goes to Pelosi and Reid to bring the economy to its knees. Obama was the icing on the cake.

(Gallup) PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' satisfaction with the way things are going in the United States has fallen back to 11%, the lowest level since December 2008 and just four percentage points above the all-time low recorded in October 2008.

The Aug. 11-14 Gallup poll finds satisfaction down five points from July (16%) and nine points since June (20%). The dip is likely a response to the recent negotiations to raise the federal debt ceiling and continued concern about the national economy amid a volatile stock market. The recent downing of a U.S. military helicopter in Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of 30 U.S. servicemen could also be contributing to Americans' glum mood.

Gallup began measuring Americans' satisfaction with national conditions in 1979. Since then, satisfaction has been lower than the current 11% in only a few measurements in the final months of 2008. The all-time low of 7% came in an Oct. 10-12, 2008, poll, conducted shortly after stock values plummeted following Democrat Majority Congress' passage of the TARP legislation in response to the September 2008 financial crisis.