Tuesday, August 2, 2011

House votes 269 to 161 to raise debt limit, cut spending

Republicans promise to put any bill online before the vote so we can read it. The promise is broken. Republicans promise not to raise the debt ceiling without major cuts in the budget. Thus, a committee was form. The committee is nothing more than a ruse. It is "bullcrap!" Nothing is going to get done. Washington has done it before (i.e. Amnesty). VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE!!!

(AP) WASHINGTON -- The House has passed legislation designed to keep the government from defaulting on its debts. The measure also sets a course for reducing the federal deficit in the future.

The Senate, where support is stronger, is expected to take up the bill on Tuesday, the deadline for Congress to act before the government loses its ability to pay all its bills.

The 269-161 vote in the House came after Republican leaders spent the day urging recalcitrant conservatives to support the bill.

The bill would raise the debt ceiling by more than $2 trillion and cut federal spending by a similar amount over the next decade. A special congressional committee would be set up to consider entitlement and tax changes.