Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama Policies Causing Drug Shortage

The drug manufacturer, physicians, and pharmacists are frustrated by the drug shortage seen throughout America. As stated in the article, the problem is caused by the quality control by the manufacturer to produce the medication. Strict quality control can be referred to over-regulation by federal agencies. Americans must understand that over-regulations and Obamacare will hamper one's quality of life. Drug shortage (over-regulations) and death panels are tools to kill off the weak. Thus, when the government say an operation is not necessary and take a pill, guess what? Sorry.

( Ellen McCarthy was scheduled to receive her monthly dose of an ovarian cancer drug at Massachusetts General Hospital last month when she got distressing news: The hospital had run out.

There was a nationwide shortage of the drug, Doxil, but her medical team scrambled and after a few days of uncertainty located an extra vial at a clinic in suburban New York. The 60-year-old retiree drove with her husband and dog to Mount Kisco, N.Y., received the intravenous treatment, then headed back home to Martha’s Vineyard - a 10-hour round trip.

Drug shortages have been on the rise in recent years, affecting everything from antibiotics to anesthesia drugs, for reasons that range from manufacturing problems to companies discontinuing a medication. But shortages are particularly harrowing with cancer drugs, when time is of the essence and substitutes aren’t always available.

More than a dozen cancer drugs are now in short supply, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, creating a situation that doctors at local hospitals say is unprecedented, and worsening. A drug used to treat testicular cancer is scarce; earlier this year, a leukemia drug was affected. And some of the drugs used to treat pediatric cancers, many of which are curable, are in short supply.

According to the FDA, there were 178 drug shortages in 2010, three-quarters of which were sterile injectables, which include chemotherapy infusions. Already this year, there have been 180 drug shortages.

Jouhayna Saliba, senior regulatory program manager at the FDA’s Drug Shortage Program , said that about half of the shortages last year were spurred by manufacturing quality problems. Generally, she said, a small number of firms make oncology drugs, so if one company has an issue it can be difficult for another manufacturer to step in and meet the demand.