Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Political Correctness Gave Us A Black Latino Gay Spiderman

Society dictates we need a young, Black, gay, Latino Spiderman. This will be something that's not going to sit well with comic book enthusiast. In fact, this is exactly why the US Constitution should never be touched or changed. Being politically correct does not mean it is the right thing to do. It was a mistake to recreate and cheapen a franchise.

(DailyMail) He started life as a white science geek living with his uncle.
But now to reflect the racial changes in America Spider Man has been given a makeover - as a half black half Latino teen.

Miles Morales has replaced Peter Parker as the face behind the famous webbed mask, Marvel Comics has revealed.

In the latest edition of the Ultimate Fallout series he pulls back the disguise and shows his face for the first time.

Fans will have to wait until the official Spider Man relaunch next month to find out how he came to be the superhero.

But another surprise could be in the pipeline after his creators said that in the future they would not rule out making him gay.

Peter Parker first appeared as the superhero in 1962 - having been bitten by a radioactive spider he found he developed the strength and agility of an arachnid.
He was killed off by the Green Goblin in June in a controversial move by Marvel which left fans aghast.

Morales was inspired to do good after learning of the death and in Ultimate Fallout issue four he dons the mask and gets into his first fight.