Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jewish Americans Need to Stand Up or Die as Infidels

As long as a pro-Israeli ad is allowed by the MTA to be posted, I have no problem with the pro-Palestinian NYC billboard ad. The 1st Amendment right is upheld, but it doesn't mean the message is correct. The pro-Palestinian ad conveys a message to end US military aid to Israel. The consequence of it will lean to the end of Israel. Only ignorant people don't understand the importance of Israel in the Middle East. It is the only true Democrat society in that region and to lose an important ally is a national security issue. For a small country that doesn't have any oil, many wonder why Israel is being single out. It is because a Muslim dominated region can't stand Jews.

If Jewish-Americans don't stand up and allow Israel to crumble, I can expect the same fate for them too in America. There will be wide spread antisemitism and racial prejudice to anybody that look Jewish. We are racially divided in this country because we have a president who supports

(NY Dailynews) A subway station billboard war is the latest flareup in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The dispute began with posters urging an end to U.S. military aid for Israel, prompting a City Council member to demand an end to the ads - and spawning an upcoming series of counter-ads.

"This is a highly political campaign with a controversial underlying anti-Israel message," Councilman Lewis Fidler (D-Brooklyn) wrote MTA President Thomas Prendergast.

The group behind the ads, the Westchester County-based WESPAC Foundation, said the subway spots are intended to encourage dialogue and not dissension.

Israel was slated to receive roughly $3 billion in military aid this year from the U.S. The ads - with the tagline "End U.S. military aid to Israel" - appeared in 18 stations beginning Sept. 5.

The pro-Israel group Stand With Us said it planned to counter the WESPAC campaign with a series of ads appearing in stations later this month.

"We didn't ask for a billboard war," said the nonprofit group's CEO, Roz Rothstein. "But the group putting them up wants a response, and we have to give them a response."

The answering ad shows two small boys with their arms over each other's shoulders. "The Palestinian Authority Must Accept The Jewish State & Teach Peace, Not Hate," the copy reads.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it had no problem with the ads.