Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul Projects Rick Perry as a RHINO

The media are highlighting Romney and Perry as the top GOP presidential contenders for 2012. By handicapping the narrative, the media are pushing two RHINO's as the top candidates for Republicans to choose. Since Perry is an unknown to many, more ugly reports surfacing that this Texas Governor is a joke. Of all people, Texas Congressman Ron Paul puts the slam-down on Perry. Paul puts a new light showing that Perry as an opportunist.

(Washington Times) Republican presidential contender Ron Paul, for the second day in a row, criticized Rick Perry’s record as a conservative and cast the Texas governor as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In an open letter to the Perry camp, Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton hammers the three-term governor’s record and accuses Mr. Perry of acting like a Democrat during his long political career.

Mr. Perry, he said, praised Hillary Clinton’s health care plan in the 1990s, pushed for federal stimulus funds and supported welfare for illegal immigrants. He also notes that Mr. Perry backed a mandate that 12-year-old girls be vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases, raised taxes twice and more than doubled Texas’ debt during his time in office.

“You supported ALL of these bad ideas that are inconsistent with how most Republicans understand conservatism, yet you now try to swagger your way into the tea party,” he wrote, underscoring the Paul camp’s message that GOP voters shouldn’t trust Mr. Perry.