Monday, October 10, 2011

Democrats, Regulations Create Jobs...Palm to Forehead!

At times, I believe abortion should be legalize for Liberals. If less of them are being brought into this world, we all would be better off. It is an extreme right wing answer, but if stupidity is equivalent to liberalism, liberals wouldn't take offense. If the congressman is adamant that regulations produces jobs, the unemployment rate wouldn't be where it is now. Also, Democrats shouldn't tout anything in regards to green jobs because many green jobs went bankrupt. If regulations will bring in more jobs, companies would be flooding the market with jobs. Unless there are over 300,000 people who can oversee companies to be compliant, the congressman statement is a farce. It is like asking how many congressmen does it take to change a light bulb?

(Video RealClearPolitics) Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) tells MSNBC regulations create jobs because a business will have to hire people to help them comply with the new requirement.

"I think the answer is no," Ellison said when asked if he believes regulations kill jobs. "And here is why: When we talked about increasing fuel efficiency standards, the industry responded, and they need engineers and designers and manufacturers, and they need actually more people to help respond to the new requirement."

"I believe if the government says, look, we have got to reduce our carbon footprint, you will kick into gear a whole number of people that know how to do that or have ideas about that, and that will be a job engine. I understand what you mean, because if anything adds a cost to a business, you could assume that that will diminish that business's ability to hire. But I don't think that's actually right. I think what businesses want is customers and what -- if they are selling product, if they have a product to sell they will do well even if they have some new regulations to meet," the Congressman said.

Rep. Ellison tells MSNBC that he is against Republican attempts to defund the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because doing so would "make us sicker and add to heart disease as well as everything else."