Monday, October 24, 2011

Michelle Obama Gets More Media Attention Than Laura Bush

Michelle Obama got more attention from the media than Laura Bush, but there is a big reason for it. Laura Bush kept out of the spot light and was diligent not to make a fool of herself. On the other hand, Michelle Obama's gaffe and hypocrisy has landed headline news. From saying "being proud of America for the first time of her adult life" to eating a 1700 calorie lunch, Michelle Obama is a walking contradiction and a media darling. The First Lady role is not to make herself into a media attention. For Michelle Obama, it is something she enjoys doing.

(Washington Times) A media research firm says Michelle Obama has gotten nearly 30,000 mentions in the press since her husband was elected president, more than tripling the attention paid her predecessor, Laura Bush, during the equivalent time.

HighBeam Research scoured the 6,500 publications it tracks to see how often each was mentioned from the time her husband was elected until Oct. 20 of the third year he was in office — 2003 in the case of Mrs. Bush, and 2011 for Mrs. Obama.

The current first lady steamrolled, garnering 29,634 mentions, compared to 8,707 for Mrs. Bush in the nearly three-year periods under review.