Thursday, November 10, 2011

Michelle Obama Describes her Marriage to Barack as Scary

Just reading between the lines, Michelle Obama believes her marriage to Barack Obama is shaky. I mean scary. She says being married to Barack is scary at time. I know many married couples and describing a marriage as scary is not healthy. I have to give Michelle Obama major kudos for admitting she has a big mouth. Unfortunately, she wants her daughters to be like her and have a big mouth too. The First Lady is suggesting to loudly shout to get one's point across. Sarcasticly, she is a great role model!

(WTOP) WASHINGTON (AP) - Michelle Obama told high school students taking part in a mentoring program at Georgetown University on Tuesday that being married to the president can be scary at times, because he makes the family get out of its comfort zone.

"I mean this is scary," she said. "Shoot, being married to Barack Obama? He's got big plans. He's always pushing us beyond our comfort zones, and I'm dragged along going, `What's he doing now? No, not this.'"

She told the group of about 50 students from schools in Maryland, Washington and Virginia that she had her own doubts about going from a public school in Chicago to college at Princeton. She said she wondered whether she'd be able to compete with classmates who were wealthier and had gone to some of the best schools in the world. But she said she was willing to work hard and found her strengths.

"One of my strengths was that I had a big mouth, and I liked to talk a lot," she said, adding that she tells her own daughters not to be afraid to speak up.