Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy D.C. Goons Push Elderly Woman Down the Stairs

These protester need to be shot! They are a bunch of liberal Democrats, who felt entitled to use mob rule to voice their concerns. These occupiers will go as far to use intimidation and use violence to prove the protester's point. If it means pushing an elderly lady down a series of steps, then so be it. There is no report of any Tea Party member defacing property, encroaching businesses, or harming the elderly.

(FoxNews) Occupy DC Protesters assaulted conservatives as they exited an Americans For Prosperity “Tribute to Ronald Reagan” dinner.

This elderly woman, 78 years old, rode 11 hrs on a bus from Detroit to attend the dinner. After the attack she was taken to hospital with multiple injuries, a bloody nose which developed after the fall, and a large knot on her head. After x-rays and a CAT scan, she was released the following morning with cuts and large bruises.