Friday, November 11, 2011

Press Secretary Quiet on Obama Remark to Netanyahu

Being press secretary must suck! Trying to cover up gaffes for the president is difficult. Actually, it make the press secretary look like an idiot. It is quite humorous. There is no doubt that Obama ridiculed the Prime Minister of Israel. The press wanted to make the press secretary say, "Obama said it. Get over it!"

(Click Video: Unable to dismiss Obama foot in mouth moment)

Q It’s been a few days since it was reported that in a private conversation, President Sarkozy called the Prime Minister of Israel a liar, and President Obama did not disagree with that. Why have you not put out a statement saying -- disagree with this, that this is unfortunate --

MR. CARNEY: Again, Ed, I assume you were part of the briefing yesterday -- I think you were -- where we talked about this at some length. We’re not going to comment on a reported conversation, a private conversation.

Q So it didn’t happen?

MR. CARNEY: What I will say is that this President’s commitment to Israel, to Israel’s security, is unquestioned -- not just by us, but by the Israelis, by Prime Minister Netanyahu himself, who has said on the record that the things that this administration has done to ensure Israel’s security are -- have not -- have been greater than any other administration. So -- and other officials in Israel have said so, too.

Our relationship with Israel is based on our shared principles, our shared values, and obviously on our mutual interests in terms of security. And we will stick by Israel.