Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cheney, President Should have Destroyed the Downed Drone

If a US top secret weapon fell in enemies hand, it is the job of the military to destroy it. Obama is blatantly risking our nations security by deliberately giving our technology away. We have seen Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as they won the majority in the election in Egypt. We have seen Obama's interference with Libya as radical Islamic freedom fighters took the country. We have seen Obama's supporting the Occupy Wall Street protester. Thus, I am not surprise that the president is purposely weakening this country.

(CNN) Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday criticized Obama's decisions on the drone, but for an entirely different reason. He said that, after the aircraft went down, the president should have ordered an airstrike over Iran.

"The right response to that would have been to go in immediately after it had gone down and destroy it," the Republican, who served with President George W. Bush, told CNN's Erin Burnett. "You can do that from the air ... and, in effect, make it impossible for them to benefit from having captured that drone."

Instead, "he asked nicely for them to return it, and they aren't going to," Cheney said.

Iran's official Iran Republic News Agency said the country's armed forces had downed the drone near Kashmar, some 225 kilometers (140 miles) from the border with Afghanistan on December 4.

Salami said downing the plane was "very valuable for us" and "a victory for us and a defeat for our enemies," IRNA reported.