Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Media and Liberals are Going Bonkers over Tim Tebow

I have searched many websites having a tizzy over Tebow and his faith. I do not understand it. In every sport, there are athletes pointing to the sky, doing the sign of the cross, and thanking the Lord for his/her accomplishment. It is okay for these athletes, but not for Tebow. It is called hypocrisy. The anti-Tebow fans are worried about their own pathetic lives that they are jealous of a man who lives his life through Christ. There is one thing that can not be denied. Tebow has 7 win and 1 loss as starting quarterback for Denver Bronocs. Also, each win Tebow contributed is remarkable. The fourth quarter is Tebow Time. Most importantly, Tebow provides the result during over-time!

(Christian Science Monitor) Seemingly the only thing about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow that most Americans can agree upon is that he is much more than just another pro football player.

Even in football circles, Tebow is a curiosity – either a passer of extremely limited skill enjoying a run of extraordinary fortune or an outlier whose freakish ability to run the ball makes him a new species of quarterback.

Yet it isn't the Denver Broncos' spread-option revolution that makes Tebow a national lightning rod. It is a religious style so bold, and a character so distinctive, that both are impossible to ignore.

People of faith see something much bigger than football, as Tebow defines what it means to follow Jesus in a jaded and uncertain modern world.

People tired of pro sports' descent toward criminal behavior, vanity, and self-indulgence see in Tebow an honorable new model for manhood.

With Tebow and the resurgent Broncos riding a five-game winning streak ahead of their game with the Chicago Bears Sunday, no group feels the pride more intensely than evangelical Christians. They revere his background as a son of missionaries and count him as one of their ow. They have helped his jerseys rank among the league’s top sellers since he joined the Broncos last year.

Many evangelicals say they have drawn scorn for bringing faith into the public square, and in Tebow they see someone rebuffing critics who wish he’d stop talking about Jesus Christ. They see a courageous ambassador who leads an exceptionally honorable life – a virgin in adulthood, an advocate for disadvantaged children – and they credit the power of Christ within him.