Thursday, December 22, 2011

Michelle Obama Wants To Come Back as a Dog

Michelle Obama envies her dog. Well, most Americans can agree with the First Lady statement. However, most American wouldn't choose to come back as a dog. That is far-fetch. I would imagine someone wanting to come back filthy rich, a movie star, an athlete, or someone really important. I doubt anyone would say he or she would like to come back as a dog. Thinking about it, I guess Michelle wanting to be dog will get more attention from Barack. Since Barack loves Bo the dog, I can see why Michelle is envied.

(Politico) Who needs the perks of being first lady when you can be pampered like the first pooch? That was Michelle Obama’s thinking when she told Barbara Walters that she’d like to come back as Bo the dog.

"He's got a great life," FLOTUS told Walters during an ABC News interview.

Bo, the Obama family's Portuguese water dog, does seem to be living the good life lately. On Wednesday, he went on a little shopping trip with the president and nabbed $41 in toys from PetSmart.

As for President Obama, he didn’t name one person or canine he would like to come back as.