Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obama is Habitually Late and That is Disrespectful

Obama has never been serious of the presidency. He was only after the perks that came with the job. The POTUS is a POS! To be habitually late is a sign of disrespect. To say it is a sign of being disorganized is being too polite.

(Whitehouse Dossier) President Obama this afternoon arrived in the White House Briefing Room at 2:10 pm ET, fully 40 minutes later than his scheduled 1:30 pm appearance time.

Obama is habitually late, but it is rare his tardiness exceeds 15 or 20 minutes.

The president, who showed up to attack Republicans for their stance on taxes, didn’t apologize for being late. I’d have thought he’d be eager to come to the briefing room and get started.

Late means two things: It means disrespect, and it means disorganization. It’s a shame to find both in the White House.

One time as a student, many years ago, I was privileged to be in the briefing room one day when Ronald Reagan came down to make remarks that, like today’s, were scheduled soon before the appearance.

Reagan was to appear at 9:00 am, as I remember. At 9:00 am sharp, not a minute before or after, Reagan materialized. I was so impressed. I thought, “Wow, that’s how they do things at the White House.”

Not anymore.