Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Obama Would Jail Dissidents Like China Is Doing

Do not give any ideas to the White House. The Obama Administration is trying to find way to stifle free speech and the Constitution. With a corrupt US Attorney General and Homeland Security, Obama has the means to detain any US citizen without due process, if suspected as a terrorist. When "big brother" wants to put his foot down our throat, he will without mercy.

(Guardian) A Chinese court has handed down a 10-year jail sentence to Chen Xi, the second dissident in four days to be convicted of inciting subversion through online essays.

Another democracy campaigner, Chen Wei, was sentenced to nine years on 23 December. The two men are not related.

It is one of the heaviest sentences for inciting subversion since the Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo was jailed for 11 years on Christmas Day 2009.

Arrests and detentions have gathered pace this year as the Communist party reacted to online calls for protests like those that have toppled dictators across the Middle East. The calls, however, have drawn little response and no large-scale protests have taken place in China.'

Twitter is banned in China but lively debate, cynical jokes and criticisms of official corruption spread rapidly on home-grown services such as Sina Weibo. The decision applies to new users from Monday, and will eventually cover all users. The new real-name registration rules were first applied in Beijing on 16 December, then expanded to Guangzhou and Shenzhen.