Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carney Dodges Question About Obama College Transcripts

This is why the GOP debates must linger longer. The American people desire to have their future president vetted. Hence, the American people don't want to go through another Obama wannabe. It has been 3 years and the president hasn't produce an official college transcript and a live birth certificate.

(RealCearPolitics) White House press secretary Jay Carney is asked why President Obama hasn't released his college transcripts. Carney dodges the question and tells the reporter, Ed Henry of FOX News, to ask the campaign.

Carney then talks about candidates and releasing their tax returns.

Ed Henry, FOX News: "I don't know how many years, maybe you do, George Romney released of his college transcripts, but Republicans like to complain that the President has not released his college transcripts. What is the stated reason for that?"

Jay Carney, White House: "I would refer you to the campaign.

"I think we've answered this a bunch. The tradition of releasing income tax records for serious potential nominees, and nominees of the two parties is well established. It's not a law. But it's well established. It's one this President abided by when he was a Senator. It's one numerous Republicans and Democrats have abided by and we think its a good idea."