Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gingrich was Speechless By Young Voter’s Stupid Question

My recommendation for the young man, who asked Gingrich the most idiotic and ignorant question, is to stay in school. Thus, I believed that we need school voucher program. It proves my point that responsible people should be allowed to vote. If there is an age limit to consume alcohol, then there should be an age limit to vote. A good example of it occurred in 2008. The youth in America thought it would be nice to vote someone who is not qualified to be president. And thus, they did. However, there is a consequence to his/her stupidity. Hence, only responsible people should be able to vote.

(CBS) MEREDITH, N.H.– It’s not easy leaving Newt Gingrich at a loss for words, but it happened Thursday night.

He went up to Meredith, New Hampshire to try to convince a few hundred Tea Party members that he’s their candidate in Tuesday’s GOP Presidential Primary.

At one point, a young man asked Gingrich what he would do for the future of the younger generation.

But the man took a unique way of asking the question.

“I noticed that in my age bracket no one cares about politics because it is something for old people, I say that respectfully,” the man continued, “because it seems like a lot of the issues are catered to them.”

Then he got to his question.

“I would like to know what hope I have as a hard-working, young individual, what change will you actually accomplish in Washington? What can be done in eight years that will affect the life that I have yet to live, that you have already lived?”

That drew more laughter and applause from the crowd.

“You know, there are moments in this business where I’m just left speechless,” Gingrich said.