Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nader and Democrats Want Primary Opponent for Obama

Obama rules his house with an iron fist. Because Obama's minions are on top of any news of a primary challenge, they use Chicago politics to discourage them. The Democratic base is unhinging. The liberals want a challenger to take on Obama, who have failed them. Liberals claim they want to force Obama to pay more attention to the liberal base, but it is false. One would not create this stunt 10 months to the presidential election. The liberal base want change. For the past year, Democrats wanted a primary challenger to take on Obama in the primaries. Even though, historically, a primary challenger would weaken Obama in the primary, the liberals are scared of their own political lives.

(The Hill) Ralph Nader is accusing the White House of applying political pressure to stop Democrats who were considering a primary challenge against the president.

The consumer activist and former presidential candidate, who had been searching for a prominent Democrat to challenge President Obama, told The Hill he has given up his effort.

“I hate to say but it’s over,” Nader told The Hill.

Last year, Nader said there was an almost 100 percent chance Obama would face a primary challenge.

Nader explained that he had planned to organize a slate of six candidates to primary Obama on a variety of issues. The plan didn’t work out though, Nader said, partially blaming those who are working to get Obama reelected.

“The minute any name was mentioned ... they made the calls,” Nader said of the White House’s efforts. “They jumped like a cat.”

For example, he said if former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) had opted to run against Obama, his future in the Democratic Party would be finished.

Nader said the goal of a primary challenge would not have been to defeat Obama. Instead, it would have forced Obama to pay more attention to his liberal base, he maintains.