Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama and the GOP Establishment Want Romney in November

It should be note that Democrats and GOP establishment want Romney to go head to head with Obama in November. When the enemy supports a candidate, one can expect there is a reason behind it. Democrats understand Romney is weak against Obama. The president has enough ammo to discredit Romney. The GOP establishment will take a chance with Romney. Besides, the establishment doesn't care if Romney win or lose. The GOP establishment wants status quo to stay the same. Newt and the other candidates would alter the status quo.

(Breitbart) Democratic lawmaker sarcastically welcomed struggling Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to Florida Sunday ahead of a critical primary, in a sign the White House is focused on taking him down more than rival Newt Gingrich.

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz welcomed all four Republican candidates to her home state of Florida, which is next in line in the nominating contest, one day after Gingrich thumped longtime frontrunner Romney to win the South Carolina primary.

But she trained her taunts squarely at Romney -- just as her DNC committee has done for months -- belittling the former Massachusetts governor for squandering his lead in South Carolina and saying his campaign's economic themes were "cratering."

Romney is seen as the relative moderate of the four major Republican candidates battling for the right to square off against President Barack Obama in November's election.

While the party's core conservatives view him with suspicion, he has the support of establishment Republicans, and the White House clearly sees Romney as their greatest threat to Obama winning a second term.