Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gas Prices Now A Big Factor In Presidential Election

There is a fine line that every car owner will tolerate. As the price of gas affects our driving lifestyle, our priorities immediately change. In past presidential elections, high gas price became a national issue. With rumors that gas price may reach $5.00/gallon, American believe Washington has a role to fix the problem. Democrats want high gas prices to force us to go with alternative energy. With nobody wanting to buy the Chevy Volt and alternative energy is decades away to perfection, Americans do not have the patience to wait. Republicans want the obvious. They want to drill for oil. It doesn't take a brain child to figure out the correct answer. DRILL DRILL DRILL!

(CBS) MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It might be one of the biggest issues in the upcoming presidential election. Last night, CBS News exit polls found 77 percent of those voting in seven Super Tuesday states say rising gas prices were the most important factor in their vote.

The poll reflects growing consumer anxiety as gas prices have risen nearly 50 cents a gallon in just over two months.

Consumers have been telling us they are cutting corners because for most driving is a necessity.

On Wednesday in Washington D.C., there was a hearing where Republicans and Democrats offered very different views of how to deal with this issue from a policy perspective: Democrats are urging conservation and tax breaks for electric vehicles with Republicans urging a dramatic expansion of drilling.

So, according to the exit polls, that division will be a key factor in elections this fall.