Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fox News Forced to Remove Obama's Hope and Change Video

Fox News executives took down a damning video as they are comparing the “Hope and Change” hype of Barack Obama. Fox decided to compare what it was like before Obama took office and after completing 3 and ½ years in office. Without prior consent to upper level management, the video was taken down because Fox is afraid of an Obama backlash.

The promises Obama made before he became president did not meet the expectation of the American people. During his campaign, Obama promise he won’t increase the debt for our children to pay. However, Obama increased the national debt to 15.7 trillion from 10 trillion.

Obama promised that creating jobs are the number one priority. Before he took office, unemployment rate was 7.8%. Currently, it is 8.3% and climbing. Also,Obama said that he would take more people out of poverty. However, the Obama Administration believed that a food stamp program will stimulate the economy, which brought 46.2 million people into the program from 28.2 million.

Obama promised a rescue plan for the middle class, which was absolutely absurd. Obama’s rescue plan increase the price of gas to $3.68/gal from $2.50/gal, price of beef to $3.01/lb from $2.35/lb, price of pork to $3.75/lb from $4.60/lb, and price of bread to $2.05 from $1.97.

Obama promised that his policy would help more families to save for the future. However, the failed policy made housing market, spending, jobs, and consumer confidence worst. Thus, the American family with no saving jumped to 23.4% from 18.5%.

Ironically, this is what Obama said as he will continue with his “Hope and Change” motto in this election.