Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romney Looking for a Female Running Mate...PALIN?

Put Palin on the ticket and watch the Liberals run in all different directions. By letting the MSM attack on Palin or another female equivelent, Romney can attack Obama's record. I would say it is a perfect plan.

(CBS)WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney’s wife says her husband is thinking about picking a woman to be on his ticket this fall.

Ann Romney says in an interview, “We’ve been looking at that and I love that option as well.”

She tells CBS News she thinks the person selected for the No. 2 spot should be “someone that obviously can do the job but will be able to carry through with some of the other responsibilities.”

The former Massachusetts governor, who was joined by his wife for the interview, declined to describe the status of the vice presidential search, saying “that’s something I’m keeping close with my team.