Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ALOT Americans Didnt Know or Didnt Care Obama Inauguration

(Gallup) PRINCETON, NJ -- Thirty-eight percent of Americans interviewed Monday night said they watched or listened to the inauguration ceremonies as they happened; another 27% saw, read, or heard news coverage of the events. That is down considerably from 2009, when a combined 80% watched the ceremonies live (60%) or saw news coverage of them (20%). Reported viewership of Monday's ceremonies is similar to what Gallup measured for George W. Bush's second inauguration eight years ago.

Since Gallup do not fully disclose the complete meaning of their surveys, let me give one very important insight. Gallup says that viewership is comparable to George W. Bush second inauguration. However, Gallup failed to report that total viewership for Bush was 73%. Obama received 65% viewership. 26% did not care to watch the inauguration for Bush. But under Obama, 33% did not give a rats a**. Thus, Gallup was incorrect to say Obama had similar polling to Bush's second inauguration.