Thursday, December 27, 2007

Former PrimeMinister Bhutto Death Shifts Game Plan For The 2008 Election

Democrats still haven't got it right with foreign policy matters. Today in Pakistan, former Prime Minister Bhutto was assassinated. Her death is bringing turmoil in a region that is unsettled. It is a region that has nuclear weapons under a careful eye of a "dictator," who is a friend of the United States. It seems Liberals forgot who was Bhutto and the significant of her death. They see her death as setback to the Liberal agenda. Hillary Clinton evoked stupidity saying that the Pakistani people need to get together and promote democracy. Hillary must have been drinking the Kool Aid because Pakistan has a Constitution and a Supreme Court. It has elections and instills the ideology of a democratic country. Hillary is not a genuine lady that promotes empty promises. Let me shed some light. The leaders of Pakistan are all corrupt. Bhutto was not an angel. She was a pro-Taliban supporter, who backed the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. Her hope was to build a strong ally between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The person we should be supporting is the current leader and President of Pakistan, who can do something about the strife that is occurring in that country.

I would like to ask the Libertarians out there what would they do. Should we ignore what is occurring there? Their non-intervention style would not suit toward this current event. Libertarians would say let them work out their difference. That's what Ron Paul, who is a true Libertarian posing as a Republican, said today after knowledge of the assassination of Bhutto. It is exactly what I said last week. If we allowed Israel to fend for themselves, it would be an all out frenzy of many radical Islamic states. I am not suggesting an all out military action. I would persuade the president of Pakistan that such assassination attempts will continue until the radical Islamic group gets what they want. President Musharraf has already come close to be assassinated several times in the past year. Because the Pakistani people do not want the American military in the region, we could suggest that America can provide pinpoint intelligence where the enemy is hiding and allow the Pakistani army to finish the job, or we can even ask the president of Pakistan for permission if we find the target to allow us to send drones or a small delta force to finish the job. Libertarians and many antiwar loons always think that Republicans have to show the military might when there is a problem around the world. Remember. We have gotten North Korea to comply in disarming their nuclear technology by using multilateral talks.

This turn of events is critical to national security. We cannot afford to have a take over or a coup attempt to occur in Pakistan. We cannot allow radical terrorists to get control of their nuclear weapons. To turn a blind eye will be a grave consequence to all Americans. The ugly path that we are trying to avoid is a nuclear attack. Not only us, but to neighboring India and to Israel will be affected. If America does not intervene, we can see another world war. Remember, WWI occurred by a successful assassination that brought allegiance of countries to fight each another.

Many would think that national security and what happens abroad is not as important that domestic policy. If the world participates in a world war, domestic policy would be a mute idea. Domestic policies are important, but we had problems in Social Security, Healthcare, Medicare, and tax reform for quite some time. We don't have the luxury to postpone a dilemma that may cost a lot of lives. What happens abroad will affect us here in the United states economically and financially.

Not to be cynical, but this is a major setback among the candidates of both parties. It has been the standard domestic policy that both parties are using as their platform themes, but fundamentally, it comes back to immigration and national security/foreign policy that shows more importance. Presently, the economy is resilient in America with 4.7% unemployment, a 3% growth in the GDP, 3% growth in consumer spending, and more than 3% growth in after-tax inflation-adjusted incomes. Let's include in the mix inflation (including food and energy) at 2.5 percent, with only 2 percent core inflation. This economy withstood increase gas prices, housing bubble, sub-prime fiasco, and high oil prices. Why are these candidates making it a big deal that we are going into a recession is beyond me? It is important to look around what's happening in the world. Directly or indirectly, it does affect each of us.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ron Paul Idea Abolishing Income Tax and Bring All Troops Home Foolish

I have received comments and email from my blog titled "The Fair Tax is Unrealistic Like Huckabee" stating that we should do away with the IRS and the dreaded income tax. What shocks me is that many do not want to replace the income tax with anything else. Just abolish it.

I am very sure where they are getting this logic. I was watching this past Sunday Tim Russert’s interview Ron Paul in "Meet the Press." It seems the Libertarian view’s of Ron Paul is swiftly being entertained by open-minded young Libertarians, who are seeking some truth about the world around them. My answer to you is to carry a caveat not to believe everything that a politician is saying.

I am going to dissect the transcript of the conservation between Tim Russert and Ron Paul to shed some light in the mind of a Libertarian. This will be three part piece because the content of the interview is enormous.

Dr. Paul, welcome to MEET THE PRESS.
REP. RON PAUL (R-TX): Thank you. Nice to be here.

MR. RUSSERT: Let's start right at the very top, the issues. This is what you have been saying on the campaign stump, "I'd like to get rid of the IRS. I want to get rid ofthe income tax." Abolish it.

REP. PAUL: That's a good idea. I like that idea.

MR. RUSSERT: What would happen to all those lost revenues? How would we fund our government?

REP. PAUL: We have to cut spending. You can't get rid of the income tax if you don't get rid of some spending. But, you know, if you got rid of the income tax today you'd have about as much revenue as, as we had 10 years ago, and the size of government wasn't all that bad 10 years ago. So there're sources of revenues other than the income tax. You know, you have, you have tariff, excise taxes, user fees, highway fees. So, so there's still a lot of money. But the real problem is spending. But, you know, we lived a long time in this country without an income tax. Up until 1913 we didn't have it.

MR. RUSSERT: But, but you eliminate the income tax, do you know how much lost revenue that would be?

REP. PAUL: A lot. But...

MR. RUSSERT: Over a trillion dollars.

REP. PAUL: That's good. I mean, we--but we could save hundreds of billions of dollars if we had a sensible foreign policy.

MR. RUSSERT: Well...

REP. PAUL: And if you go--if you're going to be the policeman of the world, you need that. You need the income tax to police the world and run the welfare state. I want a constitutional-size government.

MR. RUSSERT: Would you replace the income tax with anything else?

REP. PAUL: Not if I could help it. You know, there are some proposals where probably almost anything would be better than income tax. But there's a lot of shortcomings with the, with the sales tax. But it would probably be slightly better than the income tax--it would be an improvement. But the goal is to cut the spending, get back to a sensible-size government.

MR. RUSSERT: But if you had a flat tax, 30 percent consumption tax, that would be very, very punishing to the poor and middle class.

REP. PAUL: Well, I know. That's why I don't want it.

MR. RUSSERT: So you have nothing?

REP. PAUL: I want to cut spending. I want to get a--use the Constitution as our guide, and you wouldn't need the income tax.

Ron Paul is suggesting that the spending of our government 10 years ago is acceptable. Well, that was during the Republican Majority of the Clinton era. Clinton had nothing to do with control in spending. It was the GOP Congress. They determine the best way to allocate money among the vast number of programs. If Ron Paul was satisfied with spending in the mid-90's, I guess he forgot the gross amount of spending since 2000 was due to 9/11. Homeland security, War in Terrorism, War in Afghanistan and Iraq were a big contributor in our spending. The government budget for the military is 4% of the GDP. If Ron Paul thinks taking the state income of excise taxes, user fees and highway fees to run the country, I truly believe it will not be enough. I would say in confidence that every worker in America would not like living paycheck to paycheck. The problem with Ron Paul suggestion to use the Constitution as our guide would eventually lead to increase taxes (Article 1 of the Constitution giving Congress the power to tax). It is bad enough that we pay $3.00 per gallon at the price pump. Ron Paul’s plan after abolishing the income would be increasing the taxes of the goods and services. Therefore, expect high inflation or stagflation under his administration.

Currently, spending has been kept in check, but it is not the case with the pork barrel spending or earmarks Congress love to take back to their respective states. If you want to control spending, stop Congress in wasting away our money to stupid programs in their respective states. The latest are the 9000 earmarks in an Omnibus bill totaling more than $8 billion. I would like to see more transparencies and a standard operating procedure in place for any Congressman or Senator asking for a hand out of our hard earned money. Just note that every single bill passed in Congress have some earmarks hidden behind politician jargon.

As per Tim Russert, if we took away the income tax, there would be a $1 trillion dollar shortfall. It was suggested by Ron Paul by bringing the troops home and close all the bases around the world would cover such shortfall, but make us impotent to protect our interest abroad. No one seems to get the idea that our military presence abroad is a constant reminder that we can resolve a dangerous situation with deadly force without delay. That wouldn’t help with every single troop returning back home. The world would run amuck. The conflicts around the world would escalate. I rather see us being pro-active than retrospective in preventing a dilemma or a national security threat. Isolationism and protectionism are not the way to go in the 21st century.

This whole blog would cease if Ron Paul accepted the Fair Tax. It seems he leans toward that direction. I don’t think he understands the Fair Tax or a national consumption tax/sales tax. To say we will abolish the income tax and only say we can save by bringing our troops home and closing all our bases abroad is a very foolish idea to entertain. I though slashing the funding of the military under Bill Clinton was stupid. Ron Paul’s solution is not a very comforting alternative.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Fair Tax Plan is Unrealistic Just Like Huckabee

I do have a problem with the hype of the Fair Tax. I fully support it without any reservation, but I'm a realist. There is one major dilemma that many supporters fail to mention. In order to make this work, we have to repeal the 16th Amendment of the Constitution.

Huckabee is the only candidate that is focusing his efforts on revamping the tax system in the United States with a national sales tax. The fair tax, also known as the national sales tax or consumption tax, will eliminate all other form of taxes that we have to pay for one national sale tax. This will generate more revenue than the current system because it will affect everybody, including visitors from abroad. No one will be exempt from paying a sales tax.

Huckabee spewing false hope to the country about the Fair Tax plan will fail just like past presidential candidates Jerry Brown and Steven Forbes and their Flat Tax plan. The biggest difference between Huckabees Fair Tax proposal and Jerry Brown and Steven Forbes Flat Tax is that there will be several major obstacles to overcome before one can implement the Fair Tax.

The 16th Amendment states, "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

This particular amendment took four years to get it ratified in 1913 and this is the root problem. Books and articles briefly mentioned that this small problem can be easily remedied by making the 16th Amendment null and void. Yeah right, think again! To add or amend the US Constitution is not easy as it may sound. To delete something in the Constitution is almost impossible. The intent of the framers of the Constitution is to make it difficult to change the Constitution, but not stringent enough to render it inflexible instrument of the government. These laws will take precedent over all other laws and it is important to get it right the first time around.

To amend a Constitution, one needs a 2/3 majority vote in both chambers of Congress and a signature of the President of the United States. Before the amendment can be enacted, it needs to get ratified by 3/4 of the states (38 of the 50 states). We are not talking about adding an Amendment to the Constitution, but to delete it. By making void of an Amendment is a daunting task and practically impossible to get a consensus. With special interest groups, corrupt politicians and ill-inform American public, there is no way such plans can come to fruition. The way this Democrat Majority behaved in 2007 and its low approval rating leads me to believe that it will take a miracle from above to get everybody on the same page. If we couldn't get the Flat Tax endorse in the halls of Congress in the 1980's, what makes you think the Fair Tax will do any better?

We do need a change in our tax system. There are 1,700 pages of documents that make our tax code. That is equivalent to a person whose height is 6'1". We can significantly eliminate many pages of the current tax code and file our tax return on a size of a postcard by implementing the Flat Tax. Once enacted, Congress can take their time to make the transition go smother to a national sales tax system.

I support the Flat tax because the current tax code does not work and to implement it will take just weeks than years. I am a realist believing that there are too many corrupt politicians who do not have our best interest. Allowing Congress to support the Fair Tax will strip their control over the American public. I don't think Congress is willing to give that part up.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Democrats Weekly Radio Address Shows Their Impotence

I enjoy listening to the Democrats' weekly radio address. To hear a bunch of grown adolescent men whine and stomp their feet is music to my ears. In Saturdays' weekly broadcast, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) stated the following:

"The Democratic majorities in the House and Senate cut middle-class taxes, raised the minimum wage and took other steps to help working families."

"Democrats tried to do more, but President Bush and his GOP allies in Congress thwarted them while siding with tobacco firms and big oil companies."

"Time after time, when Democrats have fought for change, President Bush and Republicans in Congress have stood in the way. Like you, I am frustrated by the direction of our country."

"But because of President Bush, they remain in Iraq without a clear mission or endgame, and our Armed Forces are stretched to a breaking point."

"And we took steps to secure our country from terrorism, but Bin Laden remains free, al-Qaeda is growing stronger and the president's focus on Iraq has allowed conditions in Afghanistan to deteriorate."

"Despite Congress' efforts to help American families, a possible recession still looms and millions may still lose their homes to foreclosure."

There were more scare tactics the Majority Leader mentioned, but I was unable to jot them down fast enough. Every word made me cringe. To insult the very nature of our intelligence is very revealing. Harry Reid must not read the papers nor understand the power of the information highway called the internet. I am imagining him in his enclosed lair learning how to read a newspaper because everything he said was way off base. Harry Reid said "Bin Laden is a threat and remains free"; "al-Qaeda is growing stronger"; "Republicans siding with tobacco companies and big oil"; " The war in Iraq doesn't have a clear mission," and "Afghanistan is deteriorating. What???

Let me answer: Bin Laden is impotent in power like Reid. Al-Qaeda is on the defense with nowhere to hide. Democrats are also pocketing soft money from these same tobacco companies and big oil they blame on the Republicans. The mission in the war in Iraq is to win. If Afghanistan is deteriorating, why hasn't it been reported by the mainstream media.

To my understanding, Reid and the Democrat party leaders have tempered their accomplishments by putting blame on the Republicans and their veto and filibuster powers to thaw the efforts of many Democrat bills. It's a desperate move to save face for the Democrat party because they lost. They gave in to President Bush. I wonder who is the lame duck now. The only sign of Democrat victory is the 9,000+ earmarks they hid in the omnibus bill totaling more than $8 billion. To say that the Republicans weaken the Democrats' initiatives is laughable. I wonder who holds the Majority in the House and Senate. Last time I remember that the Democrats held the majority of both chambers of Congress.

I think its time for a change in America. Get rid of the Democrat Majority. They had their chance. In the first year of power, the Democrats didn't accomplish anything worth bragging about and they tried so hard to bring this country into a recession so they can blame George W. Bush. Well, look who is laughing now.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Achievements and Failures of the Democrat Majority for 2007

I was being nice about giving the Democrat Majority a "D" grade, but I had to amend my initial thought. I was challenged by several Liberals who emailed me to prove my premise. Their claim was that the Democrat Majority has done more than the last Majority held by the GOP. Then after pondering it for a while and later reading a comment from MySpace friend BRIAN posted on my previous blog, I would have given this Democrat Majority an "F" for a grade.

Let me list you the achievements and failures of the Democrat Majority during 2007.


1. Energy Bill that would increase the motor vehicle mileage standards (Nothing mentioned that we will be less dependent on foreign oil and such technology is years down the road)

2. First minimum-wage hike in a decade (Ok, I have to give them kudos on this, but they had to include it on a separate package bill with other earmarks to get it pass through the back door.)

3. Ethics and lobbing reform (Something that they haven't endorsed nor followed. The Democrats will love putting pork or earmarks in many bills. Just ask John Murtha.)

4. Gun control to deter people with a history of mental illness from obtaining fire arms (There are existing laws that prevent the mentally ill and criminals to obtain a gun license and firearms. It would be nice if they enforce it)

5. More meaningless investigations for consumer safety (a.k.a. Congressional witch hunts. The latest being the destruction of the CIA video tapes of terrorist interrogations)

6. Renamed several National Parks and Federal Buildings and post office (Believe it or not, this took that long to enact)

7. Got rid or pressured resignations from top cabinet members of the Bush Administration (Just when Democrats got the last laugh, they confirmed General Petraeus)


1. Unable to get the Democrat Majority to bring a timetable for troop withdrawal and couldn't have the guts to defund the war. (They tried six times to bring the troops home and failed. After three defeats, I would have gotten the point)

2. Immigration reform (The omnibus package passed by Congress got rid of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 and the border fence all together. Democrats never understood national security and they never will)

3. Expansion of the children's health care coverage (VETOED by President Bush. Democrats wanted to include adults in this coverage)

4. Stem cell research (VETOED. Japanese research found promising results in alternative ways beside using stem cells of an embryo.)

5. Extended the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) for one year. (That is about $60 billion of lost revenues that the Democrats can squander.)

6. Unable to pass a clean Federal Budget on a timely manner.

7. Unable to make the Bush Tax-Cuts permanent.

8. The Democrat Majority unable to maintain their unity (Democrats are bickering with one another and unable to get all their specific caucuses on the same page)

9. The Democrat Majority unable to extend the FISA Act. (Wiretapping terrorists is a national security matter that the Democrats do not understand)

10. They were unable to impeach President George W. Bush.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Democrat Majority Gets Low Grade For 2007

Its winding down for 2007, and if I had to grade the new Democrat Majority, I would give them a "D." I can still remember when they won the majority back in November 2006. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gloated about the Democratic win and promise for a new change and direction and to listen to the will of the America public. It is so typical of the Democratic party with a half-ass game plan. They worked so hard to win the 2006 Senatorial and Congressional races, but did not foresee how to implement their promises.

The overall game plan of the Democratic party is to promise to bring the troops home. I mentioned way back in December 2006 that there is no way that this Democrat Majority could muster enough votes to get it done. I have to say the failure of the Democrat Majority is vast. They couldn't get the vote to bring the troops home. They waited to the last minute to pass an omnibus package containing the appropriations needed to run the Federal Government. The Democrat Majority allowed 9,000 pork spending projects or earmarks in the omnibus package worth $8 billion. The Democrat Majority took the Secure Fence Act of 2006 off the table and ignored renewing the FISA Act, which expires Feb 1, 2008. They didn't fix the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and reneged their promise not to increase the federal debt. The Democrat Majority gave in to the President and gave him the resource and money to maintain the war in terrorism. This whole year was full of meaningless Congressional hearings and Senate investigations and I can see more of the same in 2008. I can remember Congressional hearings on General Petraeus and the surge and on Rush and his "phoney soldiers"story to the Senate investigations on Senator Craig and AG Alberto Gonzalez.

Overall, Bush won and Democrats lost. Bush's support of General Petraeus' surge and a positive change of the war is giving headaches to the Democrat Majority and the mainstream media. There is no need for proof. Just ask yourself "Have you heard anything about the war in Iraq lately?" The Democrats enjoy using the latest event of the day to distract the American public and to sidestep their responsibilities.

The Democrat Majority has a long way to go to bring up their dismal approval rating. So far, the Democrats only recourse is to "stay open" during the winter recess to prevent President Bush in appointing certain positions in his Administration without approval of the Congress. Man, talking about being a bad sport. At least the Democrats can be proud of getting the minimum wage increase and increasing the fuel-economy standards. That is a very big accomplishment for them in 2007.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stop The Huckabee Express

I want everybody to stand up and derail the Huckabee express because he doesn't have the experience or the honesty to represent the greatest nation on earth. The media may make him a darling, but he is really a poster child for wannabe politicians. Mike Huckabee doesn't understand that any comments will be scrutinized to the last letter.

Huckabee is a typical rookie with no sense of direction. He may have the lead in Iowa and maintaining as a second tier candidate next to Rudy Giuliani, but his latest comment ranting he understands the threat of Islamofascism.than any of the Republican candidate is bogus. Huckabee's proclamation to have such expertise in the matter because he has a theology degree is with no merit. I wouldn't call it a lie, but in the height of his popularity, the hype got the best of him. Actually, Huckabee earned a degree in religion and not theology. Doing only 46 hours toward a master, which he did not finish, doesn't not qualify him as an expert as a theologian.

It seems that Huckabee is learning a very valuable hard lesson. This is not an election for candidates running for City Council, but for President of the United States. Huckabee might get a pass from Iowa voters, but I don't think he can last from the other states primaries.

If we allow the media to control our thought or manipulate the decision of an event, we are doomed to allow the government to do the same exact thing. It is funny when one gets all the attention that their past resurfaces to haunt them. But in this case, the media, the DNC, and the Hillary campaign wants those reports to be ignored. The whole Democrat party knows that Huckabee can be easily defeated if he gets the nomination. Huckabee's policies on immigration, taxes, and his decisions as governor are the tools needed for the Democrats to pounce on him. That is why the Democrat National Committee (DNC) wants a hands off policy and not to attack Huckabee until he gets the nomination.

If such a plan is public knowledge, when then are we blinded to jump onto the Huckabee bandwagon. We are foolish to be apathetic and concede in accepting a false presidential candidate. Huckabee's one liners will not get him in the White House. Not to bash the compassionate Christian conservative group, but it seems that America doesn't want another strong Christian conservative in the White House. Huckabee is not a George W. Bush. Huckabee does not have an MBA to understand the economy and make those right decisions. I am more inclined to believe that the similarities between Bush and Huckabee wearing their religion on their sleeves don't sit well among the general population. That is the polarization the DNC wants the Republicans to believe to break them apart.

The smoking gun the Democrats will use against Huckabee is the former governor inept decision to allow a known convicted rapist pardon to continue his trade. Huckabee blinded decision based on his compassionate religious belief to forgive our fellow man allowed this criminal to rape and murder another victim in another state. Just because a criminal is castrated doesn't mean he is harmless. It's commonsense. I can assure everybody that this piece of information will be the downfall of Mike Huckabee.

Don't let that happen. Do not jump onto the Huckabee bandwagon. Complacency is the death of moral intelligence.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Obama Is A Drug User and A Drug Dealer

From the Hillary Clinton's camp, a campaign support named William Shaheen and went out and done major damage on Obama's campaign. It's already publicized that Obama admitted that he did cocaine and drugs as a teenager, but the smoking gun coming out of the Clinton campaign is that Obama sold and dealt drugs too.

That is the smoking gun that Hillary stated she had to put Obama away. Journalist Bob Novak wrote an article on the subject and there are many blogs and articles out in the internet from both sides mentioning that Obama is a drug dealer.

If the mantra of society is to accept the smoking pot but didn't inhale issue of Bill Clinton, and the wild hey-days of being young and stupid in reference to George W. Bush, I really believe doing crack or any form of hard illicit drugs and dealing them is going over the top. The position of commander-in-chief is a sacred position that should not be taken for granted nor to be tainted.

William Shaheen stated that Republicans will exploit Obama's past use of cocaine as a teenager and to expose Obama dealing of illegal distribution of drugs. It is quite ironic how the Hillary camp made him resign. It was Hillary that sent emails to journalists and supporters to go ahead and expose the weakness of the other candidates. This is the same Clinton camp that sent emails about remarks of Obama and being a Muslim. That shows the professionalism of a mean spirited machine of the Clinton camp.

But it leaves me to ponder, why doesn't Obama defend his position and condemn those accusations? Probably it is the truth. He already got one strike on him and his drug use. I wouldn't be surprise that these accusations are true. He needs to defend his position. Silence can be a sign of weakness and resemble that the statement had some truth in it.

It is so nice to see the Democrats implode. It's a beautiful thing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Huckabee Might As Well Give Up and Go Home

How ironic how ones surge in popularity bring criticism. Huckabee surge in the polls is a manipulation and concocted by the mainstream media. It's quite obvious. In the debates, I hardly doubt that Huckabee one liners catapult him to stardom. It's the media under guidance of CNN (Clinton News Network) and the DNC that gave the former governor from Arkansas notoriety. To an astute individual, Huckabee can be easily defeated by any of the Democrat candidates.

Huckabee might as well pack up and go home. He has too many baggage that he is ashamed to explain. From raising taxes as governor in Arkansas, his weak position on immigration as governor, his unethical practice with finances, his ignorant stance to isolate all AIDS patients from society, and his 700 pardons as governor, Huckabee has a lot to explain. Most notable, he allowed a castrated rapist free to continue his trade to rape and kill an innocent victim in another state. That will be Huckabee downfall. It is reminiscent and similiar to Mike Dukakis and Willie Horton.

Whether you like it or not, in the next couple weeks, the GOP presidential candidates will expose Huckabee for what he really is. It is no time to pretend to be presidential. We can not afford to have a Democrat in the Oval Office. It seems that Huckabee only success is that he lost 100 pounds. Now, that's impressive.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

From The Omaha Mall Shooting to Security Guard Killing a Gunman, Justice is Served

From the Omaha mall shooting tragedy, there comes justice for all pro-gun advocates. The tragedy from the Omaha mall brought anti-gun advocates raising arms to "why" and "how" did it happened. Honestly, that is the most idiotic thought one can imagine. We should be saying "what" should we do to prevent this from occurring again. We need to be proactive than to be retrospective and such acts of being proactive occurred in a small town in Colorado. A security guard, who carries a concealed gun license, killed the gunman at a church foyer at a New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This gunman went on a shooting spree killing innocent person at two locations. The first occurred at an evangelical missionary training center in Arvada, Colorado and then New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It irritates me that Liberals blast at pro-gun activists. Anti-gun loons must realize that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will make us helpless to criminals that obtain their guns illegally. I am a pro-gun advocate and a member of the NRA. It will be a cold day in hell if anybody takes away my Constitutional right to own a gun.
Haven't we learned from Columbine and the Virginia Tech Massacre? Didn't we learn from the Omaha mall shooting? Most universities, schools, and malls are off limits to guns, but tell that to the gunman. I am glad that a private citizen used the necessary step to halt the gunman from further killings. If everybody takes the responsibility to protect themselves and those around them, this country would be a better place to live in. The criminal court system is so corrupt and weak that it allows criminals out of jail and onto the streets to continue their trade. There are too many shooting of innocents from criminals and the mentally unstable. You don't hear of responsibly emotionally stable individual committing such heinous acts. To take in the notion that people with guns kill people is absurd. Rather, mentally unstable individuals and criminals with guns kill innocent citizens. That should be the thought of the day.

I really don't care what the Liberal loons has to say about gun control. This security guard taking matter in his own hands alleviated any further senseless killing. Why should we be sympathetic to the killer or criminal? Whatever happened to the victim and their families. Who is suffering the most? To side the criminals is a moral crime. Hollywood enjoys siding with the criminals like "Tookie" Williams. Why do the privileged who have everything act like idiots? I guess people with a lot of money ignores moral commonsense values. It's a shame that they don't represent the role model that each one of us desperately yearns for. Instead, they show us how American can be really stupid.

This is a perfect example that responsible people carrying a concealed weapon license is not out there just to kill other people for the hell of it. We need justice. The police are overwhelmed and not there 24/7.

For those who say that they are anti-gun and anti-capital punishment, I just hope that the unthinkable happen to your family. You would be embracing the pro-gun and capital punishment mentality. I promise you that. Such harsh provoking images would change ones mind in a heart beat.

America wake up. Protect yourself. If you expect the police and law enforcement to come to your immediate aid, you be dead before they arrive. Fight back. It will one less criminal on the street to worry about.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Huckabee's Flaw That Will Undo His Popularity

I am a Fred Thompson supporter. If you were to ask anybody, the only fault that Fred Thompson may have been his persona. Words reflecting laid back, unenthusiastic, and boring are the norms to describe Fred Thompson. Last time I checked, Fred is an actor and being himself in front of people is something he does well. Since when he should be counted out because he gives bad speeches. I’m not going to dwell on talking about Fred, but to shed some light about Huckabee.

Have you notice after the YouTube debate, Huckabee’s rise to stardom was off the chart. Why? He wasn’t near to the top of the polls for many weeks. The possible explanation is coming from the DNC. CNN (Clinton News Network) gave Huckabee a pass and didn’t exploit his weakness than the other Republican candidates. It seems that in Guliani, Thompson, and Romney, Huckabee can be easily be defeated by Hillary Clinton or any of the Democratic candidates.

Huckabee is a religious Christian conservative like George Bush and that will polarize many voters. That is the secret weapon by the DNC to exploit that to the American public after Huckabee wins the nomination. It seems unfair that Huckabee’s shortcoming is not being discussed. The Liberals are putting him on a pedestal and it seems Huckabee believes that he is leading the polls because of his policies. I guess he doesn’t realize that his is being taken for a ride.

The talk now is about Huckabee allowing to pardon a known criminal. Unlike Bill Clinton, Huckabee’s pardon allowed this known rapist to continue his trade and kill another victim. Such reports are not being broadcasted by the mainstream media. Why? It is because they want to see a Huckabee winning the nomination. If Huckabee wins the Republican nomination, every media outlet will make the comparison with him and Bush and the entire laundry list will be very apparent for all of us to see.

It is a clever plan, but there is one thing the Liberal forgot to do. Huckabee’s finances are dwindling and there is a chance that he will go broke before the completion of the primaries. It’s so unfair to bring a Bill Clinton stardom on Huckabee and then outcast him later like a George Bush. It’s time to get serious and pick a true candidate that has a game plan. That is why I’m supporting Fred Thompson. I haven’t heard any criticism about Fred Thompson’s policies as of late. If the American people want a conservative to run this country, vote for Fred Thompson. If the American people want to pick the lesser of two Liberal moderates, you got Romney and Guliani to choose from.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bad Parenting Lead To The Omaha Mall Shooting

I wrote a blog sometime back about how our children are being spoiled brats. It seems to be the norm to see children doing violence. This Omaha mall shooting is one of many similar incidences that are too far common in today's society. Not only the act, but there are similar preliminary buttons that led up to this atrocity.

This particular event started with a disturbed, unloved child being abandoned by his parents and then by the state of Nebraska. He was orphaned to fend for himself. After finding a place to stay, he gets a job at McDonalds and finds a girlfriend. Because he was battling bouts of depression and drugs, this 19-year-old boy went on to lose his job and his girlfriend and then went on a shooting spree. The only justice to end the nightmare ended with one self-inflicted shot.

The plot is very similar to what can be found in tv or at the movies. Similar events of past history resemble his horrifying cowardly act. Before over analyzing the "why" and "how," it is important to realize that this child was abandoned by his parents. There was no guidance to tell his what is right and what is wrong, no love to feel accepted and a sense of belonging, and no discipline to provide the means of limitations. These are the roles of good parenting. Without parenting, the child will develop social, mental, and self-esteem problems. It saddens me that we are losing the skills to become good parents for substitutes like television and video games. If parenting is something one cannot do, then don't have children. It is very logical and a valid statement. It is not fair to the child to start life with a hindrance. Drugging our children is not the solution. When I was growing up, Prozac wasn't the drug of choice to treat depression in our education system. Parents use harsh tough-love discipline to rear their child to become normal law-abiding citizens.

Behavioral modification was the norm. Drugs are cop outs in parenting. I was a hyperactive child and my parents always said that I was a poster child for Ritalin, but behavioral changes help me change my life around. That is what parents should do. Perseverance and tough-love are the secrets in rasing a child.

I have said in my blog back in November 17 that this society is heading in the wrong direction. The poison that is on television and the violence in video games are creating a problem child. I said that we need to instil traditional family values and not take the easy path in rasing a child. There are no short cuts in parenting. If one is not ready to be a parent, don't have a child. Save everybody the grief or we will see more of these atrocities created by our children. It is our responsibility as parents, mentors, and role models to provide a path for our children to live a productive normal life.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

National Intelligence Estimated Created By A Liberal Left Wing Democrat

I just don't understand how the National Intelligence Estimate Report can make such a claim that Iran gave up their nuclear ambition back in 2003. The Iranian president must be in glee and surprised to find out this new fact-finding report favors him. I guess he was amazed by it too.

No matter how you see it, the media has not mentioned that in 2003 as the US launched its attack on Saddam, Libya and Iran showed intent to give up their nuclear ambition or cleverly hid it from the international community. The NIE report is skewed by one unreliable foreign rogue source that admitted Iran does not have a nuclear capability. In addition, the NIE report was prepared by a liberal Democrat plant that is pushing all efforts to embarrass and derail President Bush and the GOP. This is the same NIE that stated Saddam had WMD prior our attack on Iraq.

No denying that Saddam had WMD, but Democrats back then used it against the President and his agenda on using military force to rid of Saddam. Now, Democrats are embracing a cherry pick report to suit their current needs to prevent Bush to launch military attack on Iran. Can someone tell me where was it said that US will attack Iran before Bush leaves office? I didn't know we were going to attack Iran. That was the media making up fantasy to get the American people upset.

The National Intelligence Estimate is produced by Thomas Fingar. He heads the National Intelligence Council and a key conspirator with the Democrat party to derail the confirmation of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Fingar took his liberal ideology and fired many analysts who challenged the chairman's politically-correct views. The other idiots joining Thomas Fingar's support group are Kenneth Brill, Vann H. Van Diepen, and Christian Westermann. This particular group has too many flaws that represent the liberal minded ideology of the Democrat party. They all supported Thomas Fingars final NIE Report.

One cannot deny Iran is enriching materials to produce nuclear energy. The NIE report stated that Iran halted its nuclear program, but did not say it destroyed nor dismantled its nuclear ambition. They can easily restart it at any time or they never stopped it in the first place. Iran is still a threat. They want to annihilate Israel off the face of the map. Iran has a history that is unfavorable with the United States. Whom would you believe? The National Intelligence Estimate and Iran or the USA? What say you?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Distraction Is The Cause of Congress' 11% Approval Rating

It's the first week of December and it seems that the priorities of Congress are all over the place. For the past week on talk radio, I heard about fair tax, Huckabee rock-star popularity, Democrat's plant in the Youtube Republican debate, Murtha admitting that the surge is working, and the latest report from the NIE about Iran not possessing nuclear weapons. Who cares at this present time? These distractions do not hide the fact that the media is not focusing on more important things. This current do-nothing Congress has not done much of anything since they took control of the majority this year.

If these top issues are not address before the end of the year, every other story out there will be insignificant. I'm talking about the war funding, Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), federal spending appropriation bill, wiretapping, and the Children's Health Insurance (SCHIP program).

Of the five issues presented, I am most concerned if the AMT aren't fixed by December 31, 2007, a good many of us will be affected on tax day. I am afraid to say that Congress will not touch this issue until next year, which means a good portion of the population will not see a refund check when they file their tax return.

Then there is a war funding bill currently having too much pork for us to accept. That is why President Bush vetoed it recently. Majority Leader Senator Reid (D-NV) says that the military has enough funds til February 2008, but Secretary Gates has been juggling and shifting funds within the military, which may compromise the safety of our servicemen and servicewomen.

The failure of Congress can be seen in reflection that they haven't presented President Bush a clean federal spending budget bill. Of the 12 appropriation bills needed for the government to run, only the Defense spending bill was signed. It's the responsibility for the House and Senate to create and submit a clean bill to the president in order that the government can run efficiently. We have already seen what happens when government doesn't pass a budget. A good example of this happened to New Jersey this year. The government had to shut down the majority of state agencies because they didn't have proper funds to run their organization. That shut down cost NJ millions of dollars in revenue because of an inept state legislator in Trenton, New Jersey.

In the national security front, both parties want to approve permanent revisions to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), but they are stuck on two issues: "how much court review should be required when foreign targets call or e-mail Americans," and "whether companies that helped the government eavesdrop on such calls should be given immunity from lawsuits." I must be missing something. The issues of Congress not able to rectify and make the revisions permanent is quite pathetic. If the current law allows airline passengers to report suspicious activity of another airline passenger without fear of a lawsuit, I don't see a big difference. Make it into law and move on. It is not that hard. Laws are made to protect the innocent. Whether or not they have validity that is up to interpretation.

Finally, there is the Children's Health Insurance that needs to get pass as soon as possible. The Democrat Congress wants to add 10 million more middle-class families into the mix, but as the title dictates, it's for the children. Not adults, but the poorest of the poor children in America. If the Democrats get what they want, then they have initiated the foundation to get this country into socialized universal healthcare.

It seems that the Democrat Majority is reverting back to their old ways. It seems that we haven't learned from our past. Such reminders have costly effects.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hillary Missed A Golden Opportunity To Cinch The Democrat Presidential Nomination

In the past week, I was wondering what was Hilary Clinton doing. It seems that her husband was in the lime light more often than her. In fact, reporters swarm around Bill Clinton wherever he goes. I always wonder who was running for the Democratic Presidential nomination- Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton.

I seem that Bill is trying to steal the air time that was suppose to be for his wife. The Clinton machine tried to use the gender card to gain more Hilary supporters, but the American people won't accept it. Hillary seems to maintain a low profile in order to avoid any further scrutiny. Presently, Hillary is running second in the polls while Obama commands the lead in Iowa.

I wonder if Bill Clinton really cares if Hillary gets the nomination. After hearing him talk, Bill Clinton is trying to rewrite his past presidency, but the media couldn't help themselves to remind Bill Clinton that he was wrong. For Bill to say that he was against the war in Iraq from the very beginning is very insulting to the intelligence of the American people. I call it a desperate move to try to change the embarrassing legacy that he purposely left. I see the Clintons as an opportunistic parasite with the only goal to achieve lasting power.
I'm glad Bill Clinton is not running in 2008. Hillary has a major problem and that is with Bill, who enjoys listening to himself talk. Bill has already contradicted his positions against Hillary's game plan, but both husband and wife has a knack of supporting both sides of a debate.

It's quite sad that Hillary missed a golden opportunity to seal the Democrats' nomination. She had cancelled her speech in Virginia and watched the latest news about her New Hampshire headquarters being assaulted by a terrorist. It seems that a mentally unstable man with a concealed bomb strapped around his body entered (turns out to be several emergency highway flares) into the Hillary campaign headquarters demanding to speak with the former first lady. He took six people in the campaign headquarters as hostage for five hours. Since Hillary cancelled her speech, she should have shown her leadership and flown the two-hour trip and spoke to the man to give up the hostages. If she had done so, she would have cinched the nomination. But alas, another missed opportunity. She has already been suspected of showing no leadership skills, nor shown any accomplishments as a public servant. Her would be heroic act would at least diffuse some of the critics.
I was quite surprise that Bill Clinton didn't decide to fly up from a cancelled NYC speech to be the hero of the day at New Hampshire. I wonder if something or somebody kept him preoccupied during the ordeal. Hmmmm . . .

It seems that the Clintons are transparent and selfish. They care not for the American people. Hillary is starving for power and will say anything to get it. Bill is on a power trip and will use his position to satiate his own physical needs.

Monday, November 26, 2007

If American Are Antiwar, Why Did Antiwar Movies Flopped?

In 2007, Hollywood presented four antiwar movies. The left wing liberal-minded pundits in Hollywood wants to mischaracterize the military and exploit the war. The agenda is obvious. To interject into the minds of the American people a platform that war in general is wrong. Appeasing our enemies and leading this country toward Isolationism is the route that our government should follow by these left wing nuts.

The only four movies that I can recall were "Rendition," "Lions for Lambs," "In the valley of Elah," and the latest movie to come out "Redacted." The first three movies mentioned had a similar theme, but in the movie "Redacted" had a "Shock and awe" temperament. In the De Palma's picture "Redacted," it depicts a story line about US soldiers who rape a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, then kill her and her family. Just that premise alone is enough for anyone to walk out of the movie theater.

Based on a poll conducted by CNN, 78% of the American people want our troops home and 68% of the American people feel that invading Iraq wasn't worth it. You would make an assumption that these supporters against the war would enjoy these movies. Ironically, the opposite was the consensus of the American people. The four movies mentioned were considered flops. They didn't generate enough ticket revenue during opening week to meet the total cost of the production of the movie. That's very pathetic. The De Palma film "Redacted" opened this past weekend in 15 theaters throughout the USA and it only generated $25,628, which means approximately 2,500 people saw it in the entire country.

So, if the American people are so gung-ho against the war, why then are the antiwar movies flopped? Would it suggest that the drive-by media are steering the emotions of the American people to be antiwar? Probably, yes! Well, base on this, one can conclude that majority of America does support our military and our war efforts. Polls and biased surveys do not reflect what majority of Americans currently feel.

Whatever happened of those days in the era of WWII where movies were all pro-American, pro-military, and pro-USA? I guess the liberal politically correct ideology has really taken us deep into the realm of stupidity.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Myths and Lies About Our Economy

It's so annoying how the media redefines recession, bloviated lies about the economy, and keeping hiding the fact that the Bush Administration is successful in creating a healthy economy. It pisses me off that the media are making the economy as the main issue for this election season. Just because they lost all hope in a surge failure, they are manufacturing myths and lies about the economy to the Amerian people.

The media was wrong again when they speculated that this holiday season will go bust due to high gas prices, and the credit crunch. Well, a report yesterday stated that "Black Friday" produced good retail receipts and we should see strong buying by the consumer during the holiday season.

These myths that the media conjures up are quite upsetting. Let me debunk some of these myths. Exposing these myths will set you free and a better understanding where we stand in this current economy.

Myth: Continued Stagnant Earnings.
Hogwash! Currently, real wage rose 1.8% last year, faster than the average rate during 90's of the Clinton Administration. This increase equates, on average, an extra $1,030 for the typical family of four with two wage earners.

Myth: The Bush Administration is giving big business a "pass" and not paying their fair share of taxes
This is a blatant lie. Businesses are paying more in taxes than in any time in history. Even during the 1990's, taxes collected from businesses don't come close. Corporate income tax receipts in 2006 totaled $360 billion, which are 15% of the total federal tax receipts.

Myth: Good jobs are disappearing to outsourcing jobs overseas.
This is a farce. The media will never admit those outsourcing jobs' oversea increase jobs here. Outsourced jobs will free up money to create more jobs. Duh! This present US economy continues to turn our new jobs. We have a 4.7% unemployment rate, which is considered full employment. Since Bush tax cuts took hold in 2003, the economy has created more than 8.5 million jobs.

Myth: The Federal Budget Deficit is soaring out of control because of the spending crazed drunken sailors in Congress and the Bush tax cuts.
Since Republican lost control of both chambers of Congress in 2006, the people gave a mandate that they want spending kept under control. Bush took heed and made sure discretionary spending or entitlement programs/pork spending kept under check. Keeping spending under control and the Bush tax cut brought the deficit down by 35% to $161 billion in this current fiscal year. Credit must be given to the Bush tax cuts that produced increase tax revenues, which brought down the deficit.

Myth: The rich and the wealthy benefitted from the Bush tax cuts.
Let's get this one straight. The rich are paying more in taxes than they did in 2000. The latest IRS data show that the top 1% (a.k.a. Hollywood elites and business mongers) of all households paid more than 38% of total federal income tax liabilities. The top 10% paid nearly 70% of federal income taxes; The top 25% paid more than 85%. To say that the rich pay less in taxes compared to the middle and low income earners are one of the most mischaracterized myths by Congress and the liberal economic pundits. Actually, the top 20% of all households that represent the middle class paid more than 25% of their income in taxes. The lowest percentile had an effected tax rate less than 5%. Of course, majority of the lower income class doesn't pay any tax at all. You can look at these figures from the congressional Budget Office website.

It's important to realize not to be duped by corrupted liberal Senators and Congressmen with their lies about the economy. Likewise, their counterpart with media isn't helping much giving us the truth. Their mischaracterization of the economy is only a power trip to maintain a Democrat Majority in Washington, D.C. With the elections only less than one year away, you can be certain more proliferation of lies and myths will be zooming throughout the media and by liberals in general. It's important that you know the truth.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Watch Out For Forreclosure Scammers. They Aim To Steal Your Home

These scammers will skip over foreclosure notices on newer homes with subprime loans and mortgages with low down payments and seek out foreclosure on homes with loans that are at least a decade old. In other words, they are seeing foreclosure on people who have built a handsome equity on their homes.

Of course, there are many legitimate profit and nonprofit organization that help homeowners in distress, but there is an equal amount of criminals that are seething on the opportunity to bounce on these unsuspecting victims.

These scumbags get their leads from sites such as and These legit sites compile public records to provide leads for legit investors, but anyone can access them. People on the list say they receive letters daily that offer to help them avoid foreclosure.

This is what my friend told me how this scam works. The scammers say they will refinance through a designated investor or arrange a lease-to-own plan that will allow the homeowners to buy their homes back. Somewhere in the paper shuffle, there is a quit claims or deed of gift in which homeowners sign their house over to the investor.

At that point, the scammers charges the former owners rent high enough to ensure they can evict them and pocket the equity built up in the property. Typically, since the ownership is deeded to the scammer, they probably would take out a first or a secondary mortgage on the property. If the former owners do get the property back, what they owe on it could be more than the house is worth.

Therefore, never entertain the thought when you see those signs on the median of the road saying "buy house for cash" or "cash for foreclosure" and of the like. They are all scams. Never deed over your house to someone that you don't know. Once you deed your house to someone, it's no longer yours.

Be careful. This sub-prime mess and credit crunch will cause anyone to become desperate. Seek professional help to remedy your situation.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Don't Fall Prey To The Falling Dollar Rhetoric

It is idiotic to perceive that because of the good news from the surge and less bad news coming out from Iraq, we have to find another topic for discussion. It seems that the liberal pundits have finally a focus on another category that isn't broke in despair. Their assertion that the economy is falling apart is another lunacy that is causing a stir from Main Street to Wall Street. It seems that everybody believes we are heading into a recession or crossing their fingers to allow it to happen. Main Street believes that this bull market economy has to end one day. Wall Street is embracing a recession because it promises a new expansion of growth. I call it stupidity. There isn't any factors that will lead us into a recession unless we psychologically manufacture it. But alas, I succumbed to the liberal belief that the sky is falling. I had to get my head slapped around from my broker who gave his valuable conservative insights.

The liberal pundits are focusing on the obvious and that is the falling dollar. To see a sustained weak dollar is for many a sign that the US economic supremacy is at an end. Granted the US dollar is down 30% and 40% respectively to the UK's pound and the euro. No need to remind us that a weak dollar now buys a fraction of what it used to. The US have been living on borrowing for years. The world has finally woken up to America's addiction to debt. Liberal pundits believe that the credit crisis, the sub-prime woes, and the depressed housing market are the downfalls of the dollar. All of a sudden, they believe the economic power will be shifting from the US and toward Europe and Emerging Asia. Overall, so what. Don't vacation abroad on a the weak dollar. Spend your money here and expand the economy. Hence if you want to vacation abroad, stop whining when you see things are expensive. The falling dollar crisis is just another exaggeration from the liberal loons.

Let me make this very clear. English will be the national business language and the secondary language that will be spoken throughout the world and the dollar will never be knocked off by a rival currency like the powerful sterling of years past. The US interest rates are on a downward trend, while European rates are on a rise (strike-torn, productivity-challenged, recession). The weak dollar is useful to bring down the trade deficit and making our exports very inexpensive to buy. China is presently doing this. Why is it bad for the US to do the same thing? Bringing down the trade deficit will expand our GDP. By expanding the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we can weather all types of unexpected turbulence. For example, we have rebounded from 9/11, dot-boom bust, series of destructive hurricanes, the sub-prime mess, and $98.00 barrel of oil.

For the historically inept, let's remember we have been here before. Between 1985 and 1995, the dollar declined by 43% against the world's big currencies. That is more than it has in the past six years. Back then, the same rhetoric that the US economic power is finished was mentioned back than as is today. But it turned out that in those years the foundations were laid for the strongest period of US economic growth in the past 35 years.

The level of borrowing from the public sector in the US is very small. The budget deficit is about 1% of the GDP and it is smaller than in most major European countries. Because of our emerging elderly population in the US, it will be a fiscal challenge, but it's a smaller challenge compared to most European and Asian countries. Okay, in the private sector, the American people spend more than save, but focusing on this doesn't express the balance sheet of a typical American household. Portions of the income American earn is put into investments. Why save when the value of the investments that an American individual owns is increasing at a rapid rate? It is a fact that our credit card debt and mortgage have increased to $5 trillion since 2000. But what liberal pundits are not telling you is that during the past seven-year span our total home value alone has increase $8 trillion. Also, during last seven-year stretch, the value of our ownership of individual stocks, mutual funds, 401k, Roth-IRA, IRA, and 403b has risen dramatically around $8 trillion. On average, that is an increase in the total net wealth of American households of $12 trillion.

It was a real eye-opener when I spoke to my broker about my concerns about the falling dollar and the health of the economy. He told me that to make money; you need to use money.

I am planning to talk to my broker some more about the reason why the dollar will not be outstripped by a rival currency. I will follow up with another blog to educate you all not to succumb to the liberal media and the economic liberal pundits.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flying Imams Get Their Court Case. Hope It Back Fires On Them

Back in November 2006, six Muslim imams were arrested for suspicious behavior at a Minneapolis Airport. The suspicious behavior started from praying loudly in front of their gate to strategically position themselves throughout the airplane. Concerned citizens notified flight attendant that one was on his cell phone after it was prohibited when the doors close and question why most of them asked for extension belts. If you were in a right frame of mind, you can make an assertion that something is not right.

Well, it didn’t seem so with U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery’s opinion and rejected the defendants’ claim and allowed the trail to proceed against the U.S. Airways and the Metropolitan Airport Commission of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She said the imams had a valid claim that the airport police have "seized plaintiffs in violation of their Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures."

This frivolous lawsuit is based on opportunistic seething lawyers trying to make a fast buck. One of the imams' attorneys praised the judge's decision by saying, "This has always been a straightforward civil rights case. You had six individuals . . . doing absolutely nothing wrong. They prayed in the airport and got arrested. That's unconstitutional, and they deserve redress."

So the claim is based on religious and ethnic discrimination. Like the lawyers, these imams are geniuses. Either way, it’s damn if you do and damn if you don’t. If they are unable to use the plane for their personal twisted intent, they can use the discrimination card to get money for a botched job. Since when does the minority have a large voice then the majority. This is not democracy. This is true liberalism at its best.

Let’s review back in time. Citizens on the same flight as the imams saw them prayed very loudly chanting "Allah, Allah, Allah" right before the flight and made anti-American statements and criticized the Bush Administration involvement with Iraq. Many of these non-obese imams request seat belt extension, and were seated in strategic position throughout the airplane (two in front, two in the middle, two in the back). If the Federal government wants us to be dubious in reporting any suspicious activity in an airport, would you think as a reasonable person to conclude that these imams were up to something. It was determined later that three of the six imams had one-way tickets and no checked baggage, and refused pilot requests to submit to additional screening.

Personally, I feel that these imams were trying to provoke a confrontation so they can make a fast buck. If this trial goes to their favor, then they have won and would make every passenger and airport employee more reluctant to report suspicious behavior out of fear of a frivolous lawsuit. But all I can say, "BRING IT." It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s probably more costly to inflict another 9/11 nightmare that would affect hundreds of lives than to be reluctant from using commonsense. Instead of protecting what we hold dear, political correctness will be the downfall of our society.

The idiocies of all this will make room for others to take advantage of the situation. It may be wrong to arrest these men, but I would think the airline would compensate them for their troubles. Instead of going through with the lawsuit, I would think the US Airways could have given them a "forever-pass" or free ticket on their airline. That would be a cost-effective plan than to waste taxpayers’ money on this trail. I hope that information found in the discovery process will reveal the true intent of these imams.

By the way, U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery, who rule in favor for the imams to proceed to trail, is a Bill Clinton-appointed judge. Her liberal minded ruling is bent on making foolish decisions. That is a problem with liberal judges. They tend to deliberately misread the laws of the land, especially the US Constitution, legislate from the bench, and make new "shit" up out of thing air.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Price of Oil Tops $98.00. Who Profits From It?

Before we panic of the price of oil hitting over $98.00, remember this. Look who benefits from the increase of a barrel of oil. They are the same people who aren't making a big deal of the problem. The media and Congress haven't jumped the gun since it's not an election year. The last time the media and Congress made a big deal of the high price of oil was right before the 2006 elections. They were the one who caused the panic. I am so looking forward to seeing the barrel of oil break $100.00/barrel. I want to see the price of gas go more than $5.00/gallon. That will be the time when the public will demand ANWR drilling, silence the EPA and its terrorist supporters, and build another refinery.

Looking at the breakdown below, it is the government that gets a nice piece of the pie with the taxes collected on a gallon of gas. In comparison, oil companies are getting a small portion of the pie. So before one bloviates of oil companies windfall or price gouging of gasoline retailer, think who is laughing all the way to the bank- our government.

Based upon a $3.00 gallon of gasoline, the average break-down is as follows.

Gasoline Retailer $.01 cents per gallon
Oil Company $.07 cents per gallon
Refining $.29 cents per gallonMarketing/Distribution $.32 cents per gallon
Taxes $.60 cents per gallon (state and federal)
Cost of crude $1.71 per gallon (delivered)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Our Children Are Bunch Of Spoiled Brats!

I will not identify my age, but I do have the wisdom and experience in what I am planning to express in this essay. The children of this generation are bunch of spoil brats. The adults sharing my experience and wisdom are failing and abandoning their core beliefs in raising their children. I would like to challenge those adults to admit their denial that their own upbringing does not reflect the way they rise their own children. Instead of a spanking, these parents use soft-spoken reasoning. There is no physical contact in the form of punishment because society frowns upon it. This era has accumulated the belief of political correctness and liberalism. It has made this society more confused than ever. Our children have shown disrespect to authority. Our children are deviating from their comfortable path in life to try something extraordinary like atheism or experimenting in destructive tendencies.

Why? One good reason is that these children are not raised by a mom and dad, but rather substitute parents like television and video games. The proliferation of liberalism incorporated into television and video games are poisoning our children now, and they take into adulthood. When they reach adulthood, they contribute to the demented society as irresponsible and selfish individuals. I blame the breakdown of the family structure and straying toward atheism. Granted one would say that the divorce rate has decreased, but no one will admit that more people are not getting married. These couples rather co-habitat in the same household instead. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I have seen in the past decade children killing other children, children divorcing their own parents, children killing their parents and other adults, children abandoning their parents to nursing homes, and children committing suicide. I can assure you that these weren't a severe problem 40 years ago as we have witness today.I want everybody to heed to my warning. This society is headed in the wrong direction. The media has changed the mindset of today. At this rate, the morals of society will die in favor of atheism as the new religion, and decay of the institution of traditional family values.It is time to get back to basics. The root cause is to fix the way parents raise their children. I am not a parent, but I have the experience to make the comparison of how I was raised to how the children of today are raised. You do not need to read the book Communist Manifesto to know that Communism is wrong, nor not reading Mein Kampf to know that Nazism is wrong. It's just common sense.

We need to adopt the idea "Honor thy father and mother" as the main fundamental base that each one of us needs to incorporate in our daily lives. There has been a breakdown of the parent and child's relationship that led to the destruction of the family unit. We have seen destructive behavior of the child due to child abuse, verbal abuse, and neglect. We need to be better stewards to direct our children to the right path of life. We need to adopt three major aspects to honor our parents. Doing so strengthens a family unit and instills better values in our children. The first aspect is that a child needs structure when they are growing up in the household, which means the child needs to be taught how to obey their parents. That will eventually teach the child to honor their parents through obedience. The second aspect occurs when the child becomes a young adult. They are still dependent on their parents, but they do show some independence. They no longer obey, but instead respect their parents. This particular relationship will linger the longest. The third aspect of honoring our parents is caring for them when they are no longer able to care for themselves. This is the toughest transition for the child to become parents to their parents. It is only fair and a small price to pay to give that honor to our parents since they have given everything to us.

Obedience, respect, and care are the laws of honoring our parents. The importance of maintaining the welfare of the family is only dependent on us in obeying God's command. By following these rules will only strength the vital core that this present society have forgotten.

Friday, November 16, 2007

If John McCain Won't Say It, I Will. Hillary Clinton Is A Bitch!

In a South Carolina political town hall event, Senator John McCain was taken surprise by a question by a woman who said, "How do we beat the bitch?" Of course that was in reference to Hillary Clinton. Taking in the moment, the Senator went on to say he respects her. The level of respect can be of question, but none the less, the media went wild and spun this particular news. The media is saying that McCain was making light of the situation and his example as a candidate for presidency is very disrespectful.

He did not say anything that can be construed as disrespectful. He said this after the lady asked her question, "That is an excellent question. I respect Senator Clinton. I respect anyone who gets the nomination of the Democrat Party." I cannot believe how the media took this and made the senator as a bad guy. Honestly, Hillary Clinton is a "Bitch." I base on the accounts from books written about her and her actions-more like inactions- that lead her throughout public office.

The other day I watched CNN (Clinton News Network) Rick Sanchez's show "Out in the Open" which what he claims that the McCain's irrational behavior is relevant and newsworthy. Sanchez was so vicious on his tirade that I had to collect myself. The CNN media tool made assumptions and speculations about McCain's campaign being dead in the water. It's very apparent that Rick Sanchez is on Clinton's damage control team, but I would like to expose something about Rich Sanchez.

In 1990, Rich Sanchez worked as an anchor newsman in Miami, Florida for a local television station WSVN-Channel 7. In early December 1990, Rick Sanchez struck a pedestrian, Jeffrey Smuzinick, with his car near Dolphin Stadium. Rick Sanchez came out from an NFL football game intoxicated. With a blood alcohol level exceeding Florida intoxication level, Rick Sanchez decides to drive himself home. Few yards away on a residential street not far from the stadium, Jeffery Smuzinick was crossing an intersection; the inebriated Rick collided his car on top of him. The impact left Jeffrey Smuzinick in a coma. Years later, Jeffrey died of his complication. Doing some damage control, Rick Sanchez used his media popularity and pleaded like a little bitch as he is to the public. He did the same with the police that fateful night. The travesty is that he was not charged in causing the accident, but was charged with and pleaded no contest to DUI. While Rich Sanchez used the media to clear his name, there was a dead person whose life was taken away so early.

Probably, that explains why he got the job with CNN, who condones his criminal past. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of a Rich Sanchez and his assault on Senator John McCain, who is a hero and a veteran. For Rick Sanchez to attack Senator McCain character is the same as a person calling the kettle black.

The whole incident was not newsworthy. The media was too hypercritical with the statement made. Stop wasting our time and report on something worthwhile.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Troops Will Be Coming Home By Christmas. Please Give The Memo To Senator Reid

Since the drive-by media won't report anything good from the military on the War in Iraq, let me shed some light to new development. I need to say that this Congress is at it again. The Democrats are pushing another withdrawal plan to bring our troops home. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) blurted the same rhetoric from last year by saying 75% of American doesn't support the war and want the troops home. I guess he forgot General Petraeus Senate hearing last September and the success of the "surge." First of all, talks among military brass are on going and troop withdrawal will happen sooner due to the positive achievements of the "surge." In fact, some troops are already coming home. Let me clarify more clearly. When portions of the troops returns home, it will be base on the military commanders and not from assumptions that Sen. Reid has something to do with it. Remember, Democrats and the Liberal Media are portraying the war is lost and George Bush is getting his kicks sending our boys and girls over there to get killed. For the left-wing morons to stoop that low is unthinkable. You should have listened to Keith Olbermann rant the other day that vilified the President and the war. Disgusting.

Anyway, yesterday, Coalition forces detained sixteen suspects, including three wanted individuals. A small US infantry brigade assisted with the Iraqi National Police to recover weapons' cache in eastern Baghdad. To note, this finding was the sixth time in recent weeks that the Iraqi National Security force has recovered caches in eastern Baghdad. Most of the citizens in Iraq are fed up with al-Qaeda and are fighting back. Major progress is taking form for Iraq to take on full responsibility in their own security.

It has been reported yesterday and confirmed by the US military that approximately 3,000 soldiers from the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, will not be replace and will be back home for Christmas in Fort Hood, Texas. As I stated earlier, do not give any credit to Senator Reid because he has nothing to do with this new development. To continue, in the first six months of 2008, we will see a shrinkage of troops from 19 brigades to 15. The troop level will drop from 170,000 to 140,000 by the end of July. I am not saying that Iraq is considered safe. The government has a lot of work to be accomplished. At least, the surge has worked. Civilian and US military deaths have dropped considerably and the Iraqi people now feel empowered to take out al-Qaeda and the insurgents and bring democracy back to Iraq. Read story here

In the local setting all around Iraq, newly refurbished school opened up for business to teach eager students a higher form of education. In addition, school materials were also distributed for each child. In the Najaf province, a successful completion of an electrical substation in southern Iraq brought many citizens to celebrate. 30,000 residences will now enjoy the use of this newly created electricity, which is now in control to Iraqi authorities. In Iraqi neighborhoods, residence develops a "Neighborhood Watch Program" called Concerned Local Citizens (CLC). Specially trained Iraqi Army personal and assisted by a small US squadron meet with the leader of the CLC on some regular bases to help quell any disturbances. So far, the program is working well and the residences are in full support of it. It's worth to note that this program help gets rid of many anti-Iraqi forces living among its residences. Overall, there has been major improvement in the lives of these Iraqi citizens. More work is to be done, but the progress and the direction are very promising.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Mainstream Media Does More Harm Than Good. The Hell With Them

Because we honor this Veterans Day to remember all those who are serving or served in the military, I would like to point out that I haven't heard in quite a while about the progress of the surge coming from Iraq. The biased mainstream media is known to report news that is negative or bad. Therefore, it must be excellent news to hear nothing being reported by the mainstream media about Iraq.

I have noticed the blatant deceit of reporting a dating back in 2000 when President Bush "stole the election' from Al Gore. Of course, that piece of reporting has been proven as false by an independent study. Then it happened again in 2004 with John Kerry. The media tried to discredit the president and it turned out that the media lied by making false accusation to the president, which led a termination of a well-known journalist. Then came the war in Iraq and the Liberal slogan "Bush lied, people died." Again, that was already debunked, but that didn't stop the rhetoric. Then media decides to get their hands into Wall Street. It seems that they want to create a false impression that we are heading into a recession. Another false bases lies. It seems one can only conclude that negative journalism carried more weight over positive news, which is considered boring and not worth reporting.

It is important for me to examine the success of the surge and the economy. That is because both points are worth mentioning to dispel any rhetoric that may surface from the far left wing Liberals.

In the War in Iraq, the media recently reported that 2007 is the deadliest year for the US in Iraq. I have to say that the media has got a lot of guts to make that statement. The media reported on the Iraq debate for the first six months grabbed significant coverage in every media outlet. Since General Petraeus Senate hearing in September, reports of the success of the surge became nonexistent. As stated earlier, the better the news has gotten out of Iraq, the less it's been reported by the mainstream media. Many military analysts, including those who don't support the war, have unofficially concluded that we are on the verge of winning in the war in Iraq. The media seem uninterested to continue with the news on Abu Ghraib, US using water boarding as torture, and the Patriot Act as unconstitutional because the media would have to report Iraqi civilian death has dropped sharply, US troops deaths plunged, suicides bombing fallen to new lows, and road side bombing dramatically reduce.

Since then, the media turned toward the economy to cause a public panic. The media lost with the war in Iraq and were fortunate to take advantage of high oil prices, the housing slump, the falling dollar, credit crisis, and the sub-prime fiasco as their next focus of attention. The media wants a recession. Ironically, when there is a recession, it is followed by an upturn in the market, but that wouldn't stop the media to cause a major sell off in the stock market from emotionally disturbed investors.
It's absolutely idiotic that the media never stressed that the economy grew 4% in the third quarter and productivity rose close to 5%. That in itself debunks any effort of a recession this year. Let's also include that Bush's economy created 1.3 million jobs in 2007 and 8.5 million since the Bush's tax cuts were put in place in 2003. Because President Bush earned an MBA and ran this country as a business, he grew the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to 19% since the start of his presidency. Keep in mind that this growth included a downturn from 9/11. In October, the expansion of the economy created 166,000 more jobs and the unemployment rate remained at a healthy 4.7%, which is considered full employment. You will hear constant rhetoric of the trade deficit and uncontrolled spending. HOGWASH! The trade deficit has shrunk considerably (12% increase in export while imports have gone up by 4.3%) and the current government budget deficit has fallen to 1% of the GDP. Just to note that this level is considered by most economists as negligible in an economy $14 trillion in size. In addition, the falling dollar has improved our exports, lessens the trade gap, and made our products desirable to other countries. Of course we shouldn't lose sight that there is a problem that can't be ignored, but to say that we are heading into a downward spiral on the economy is absolutely false.

My main concern is to spread the truth and expose the lies of the mainstream media. Educate yourself is the only power to overcome the lies and rhetoric by deceitful people from the left.

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Simple Commonsense Advice

A simple life's lesson that we should aim to be followed. With politicians saying anything to get elected, we all should heed not to go down that treacherous road of deceit. We all should follow these simple rules:

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

If we just follow these simple rules, we would become a better society

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top 10 Stories of the Week Ending 11/11/2007

Hillary Has Hit A Pothole-Mortimer Zuckerman, US News & World Report

Bill Is Hurting Hillarys Candidacy-John Brummett, Las Vegas R-J

On Man Hillary Clintons Got Guy Trouble-Michael Goodwin, New York Daily News

Fred Thompson Sets Social Security View-WSJ

Democratic Congress: A Failure To Lead-Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

The Sliver Lining To The Sub-Prime Cloud-Shultz & Taylor, Financial Times

Hillarys Been Wounded and the GOP Knows It-Jim Pinkerton, Newsday

Debates Proves You Can Hit A Girl-Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg

Despite the Gloom, More Bush Boom-Lawrence Kudlow, RealClearPolitics

Democrat Presidential Candidates And Their Wasteful Pork Projects

I have a problem with people who doesn’t keep their end of the bargain. When the Republicans lost in the 2006 Congressional and Senatorial elections, the newly appointed Democrats Majority promised to change the practice in Capitol Hill. One of their promises is to decrease in pork spending projects by members of Congress. It seems that a few of the candidates for the 2008 Presidential election didn’t receive that memo.

Pork projects are provided by tax payers money that is used to bring back to an individual’s respective state. It was a practice that should have ended when the Democrats became the Majority, but that is not apparent. Not surprised by their dismal approval rating, Senators Clinton (D-NY), Obama (D-Ill), Biden(D- Del), and Dodd (D-Conn) has got their hands caught in the cookie jar. On the Republican presidential candidate side, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) did not have any wasteful pork or federal earmarks in 2007.

Honesty and integrity are a main component in becoming a leader of this great nation. If a candidate says that they will abide to will of the people, and the people who voted the Democrats as the new Majority because the people were tired of wasteful spending, wouldn’t you agree that it becomes a major conflict of interest among the Democrat presidential candidates with money that does not belong to them?

The List of Pork Spending Presidential Candidates in 2007:
1. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)- $530 million in earmarks
2. Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill)- $40.6 million in earmarks
3. Senator Joe Biden (D-Del)- $67 million in earmarks
4. Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn)- $100 million in earmarks
5. Senator John McCain (R-AZ)- $0

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007 Is Veterans Day Not Monday

I received a phone call from a dear friend who just retired from the the military. My friend, Radar, is a wise man, who is disgusted by the fact that many Americans always view Veterans Day as a long three day weekend. I am ashamed that we tend to forget what Veterans Day means to us and we tend to take our military men and women for granted. It is almost the same we take our parents for granted. Radar was right to say that Monday people will recognize that day as Veterans Day. It will mark major sales in our department stores, a day off for our public schools; and also, a nice get away from many families.

Please do not lose sight what this day represents. Complacency is one of our major downfalls and being consumed in our self interest is down-right selfish.

Many of us do not understand how fighting wars provide us with freedom. It's a very ignorant statement, but not many are able to answer that without difficulty. Freedom cannot be given to you on a silver platter without a fight. The cost for freedom is paid with the price of blood.We have severed our ties from the motherland of the UK by declaring our independence, which led to the Revolutionary war. The Civil War was to bring peace and freedom from a disorganized union. Indirectly, the war itself gave the slaves their freedom. WWII protected our freedom from tyranny of Japan and Germany. The present War of Terrorism is necessary to maintain the freedom that we endured since our founding father created the Declaration of Independence, Article of Confederation, and the US Constitution.

November 11, 2007 is Veterans Day, but Monday, November 12, 2007 , is the day that many people will be saying "Happy Veterans Day," For those people who thinks Veterans Days is on a Monday, please remind them that Veterans Day was on Sunday, and let them know that the cost for Freedom should not be taken for granted. That is because there is a special breed of individuals who see something noble for a position that not many are willing to embrace.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FBI Reports Terrorist Will Use WMD To Attack Americans

Today, the FBI released a report that demonstrated Radical Islamists are prepared to utilize chemical and biological weapons on "soft targets" (malls, market places, subways, restaurants) throughout America. The 68 page report called "Terrorism 2002-2005" offered information of the newest trend of terrorism.

We have already seen law enforcement stymied the efforts of Radical Islamists in the past year. I hope this is a wake up call to remind us that Terrorism should be top the list of concerns that must take precedence in the 2008 elections.

The report states that there are two specific trends terrorism is leaning toward.

The report says, "First is a preference for high-casualty, high-profile attacks directed against lower-risk, unofficial, so-called soft targets, as traditional military and diplomatic targets become increasingly hardened. Second, the dissolution of much of Al Qaeda's structure by international military and law enforcement efforts has resulted in the dispersal of its multi national trainees to pursue their own regional agendas."

For those who think terrorism is only an isolated concern, think again. They have tried to enter in our country to cause havoc. We had already experience the anthrax and ricin scare. This is the new biological weapon of choice for them to be used against us.

Not to jump the gun, if terrorism is not quelled, you can forget your freedom because terrorists are willing to die in order that we lose the entity that makes us great.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Want To See $5.00 per gallon For The Price of Gas

As I was driving back home to my home in Orlando, Florida, I saw that the price of gas just hit $3.00 per gallon. Actually, the price was exactly $3.02 per gallon at a local Shell gas station. I am just recalling back no too long ago when the media frenzy went nuts and exploited that price of gas. Well, where are they now? I haven't heard anybody spin on the current price of gas.

I just saw that the price of crude oil is heading to break the $100.00 per barrel threshold. Today, the national average price of a gallon of gas rose 1.5 cents to $3.004. According to AAA, the price of gas jumps 25 cents in three weeks. Rumors are escalating that if the price of oil doesn't retreat, expect that gas prices could reach $3.50 or $4.00 a gallon by next summer.

I am guessing that these prices were pressured by an uncertainty of tensions abroad. It is noted that there are concerns about whether Turkey will launch attacks on guerrilla bases in northern Iraq. Escalating tensions in the Middle East could disrupt oil supplies out of the region. In addition, I just spoke with a friend, who is a financial broker, stating that many analysts are hedging many traders and investors will try to push the price of oil to the psychological $100 threshold. Ironically, if we compared the crude price of oil adjusted to inflation from $38 per barrel in 1980, the price would be $96 to $104 today.

My friend suggested that this high price is as volatile as the current stock market. People are trying to money by selling high and buying low. He was adamant that we are in the face of an increase oil production by OPEC, a calm hurricane season, a warmer winter (thanks global warming), and a slowdown in the economy. All of which are favorable in bringing down the price of oil.

But those mentioned may have too many unknown elements that may cause an adverse effect on the market and economy. I only see one resolution to solve all this mess. The price of oil is due to not only our consumption, but it's the demand that every growing country desires. China and India are the two countries that are consuming a lot of oil from the Middle East. If we started to tap the oil in our own backyard (ANWR), then the price of oil would be a mute issue. Here is the problem that we face. The hypocrites of Washington are in bed with the Saudis and the kickbacks that our public officials receives is astounding. It would be easier to build another refinery to convert the oil to something we can readily use. These two suggestions will eliminate our dependency on foreign oil and it would change the over all economic dynamics to the entire market that would be favorable to us.

I just don't know what will it take for every American to see this. That is why I want to see the price of gas go to $5.00 per gallon to motivate us from our complacency.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Special Ceremony To Honor 3 Muslim-American WWII Vets on Veterans Day. WTF?!?!?!

I was told Muslim Veterans from the Muslim American Veterans Association(MAVA), a.k.a. "CAIR," will be laying a wreath at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. In the Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR) website, the organization (MAVA), a.k.a. "CAIR," gave the time and place for their members to attend and honor their fellow brothers. Not only the laying of a wreath at the WWII Memorial, the Muslim American Veterans Association (MAVA), a.k.a. "CAIR," will do the same at the Korean and Vietman Memorial.

In regards to the WWII Memorial, MAVA, a.k.a. "CAIR," will be honoring a Muslim-American soldier-named Sgt. Nazeem Abdul Hakeem, who fought on the beaches of Normandy, and two other Muslim-American soldiers that also served during WWII. I have googled and research information of soldiers who fought on the beaches of Normandy, but were unable to gain access to view such records. I will give the benefit of the doubt that Sgt. Hakeem and the other two Muslim-American soldiers did served and did fought for the USA, but I must present dissent and suspicion as during WWII there was a strong alliance between the Muslim Middle East and Hitler's Nazi Germany.

This whole event is extremely political in nature. Why after six decades, we have to recognize this particular Muslim Sargent and the other two unnamed soldiers all of a sudden and rank them above the everyday soldier that does his/her job? This publicity stunt by MAVA, a.k.a. "CAIR," is playing politics and rewriting history with the memories of those served this country bravely. I resent how MAVA, a.k.a. "CAIR," is creating a whole memorial service for three soldiers who did not perform any significant acts. If they did serve, BRAVO! AWESOME! FANTASTIC! Then join the ranks of every other soldier that served that does not have a special ceremony dedicated to just them. Looking through the books, I cannot find any reference of any Muslim-American soldiers doing anything beyond the call of duty during WWII that would get major kudos. It better not be due to that as a Muslim serving for the US military itself is an act worth of such designation. Good Grief.
If you are a citizen of the United States and your nationality or race is Muslim, Italian, Filipino, Japanese, Indian, or Spanish, when you serve in the US Military, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN SOLDIER!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Arab TV Shows The Right Way For Arab Men To Properly Beat Their Wives

I have always question the religion of Islam and whether or not it's a cult than a religion. I am very sorry if I have offended those who practice the religion, but common sense needs to prevail. I was watching cable news and there was a report on Saudi television that an American version of Dr. Phil was promoting the right way for Arab men to beat their wives.

It was something I just couldn't pass up to write a blog on. Unlike other religions, I question how Islam promotes disciplining a wife almost the same way how it was done by Japanese men generations ago. At least the role of women in Japan generations ago was considered a culture and not a religion. Islam actually promotes it and that makes me wonder how Islam can be called a religion of peace.

If the premise of Islam is to change the world and have non-Muslim believers bow to it, the women who practice Islam will be the first to revolt and fight back. It's incredible that any religion puts women as insignificant creatures. If Islam was derived from the Bible, then one would think the Bible would give the "thumbs-up" and condone such actions. Actually, the Bible does not support that claim and the women in the Bible does have a vital role. Nowhere in the Bible says that it condones to beat ones wives. In fact, I don't think any other religions support it.

Anyway, this Saudi television relationship expert, Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi counseled young Muslim men on how to treat- more like beat- their wives. The Dr. Phil wannabe said that after the tenth time you warn them do not allow them to share the bed. If that doesn't work, beat the crap outta her. To be politically correct, the tv host Dr. Al-Arifi said that punching or slapping the wives face is a no-no. He compares of such action as wrong same as with slapping the face of a camel or donkey.

My mouth dropped. I couldn't believe when I watch the actual video segment. It seems that Islam puts higher emphasis to a beast of burden (camel, cow, donkey, horse) than a woman. That is very appalling. In fact, if the wife actually does something wrong more than four times, she is either a bad wife or an idiot. So, I question that motive in the teachings of Islam. I cannot even imagine a child doing the same wrong thing ten times. That would suggest that the parents aren't capable in raising the kid right or the parents really sucks at parenting.

Ok, let's get back on the rules for Arab men to beat their wives (or women in general). The so-called relationship expert says that the beating must not leave a mark. Therefore, it can be anywhere on the body that can be easily covered by clothing, which is all over since Arab women must cover from head to foot. It was suggested that the beating must be light and must not make her face ugly. (LOL. I'm not going to touch that). It's recommended that the man should not beat her that may cause any damage. If anatomy serves me right, the force of a punch of a man can do major harm on any part of a woman body. Dr. Al-Arifi says not to beat her like an animal or child. That is the most idiotic statement one can make. It leaves room for loose interpretation for the Arab man to beat the crap of their wife.

The best quote and recommendation for Dr. Al-Arifi gave to his young male guest, " . . . many husbands beat their wives only when they get mad; and when they start beating, it as if they are punching a wall- they beat with their hand right and left, and sometimes use their feet. Brother, it's a human being you are beating. This is forbidden. He must not do this."

Oh my goodness, no kidding, the woman is a human being, and not only it is wrong to hit a woman, its so wrong to be an Arab man following the teachings of Islam. Talking about repressed people. Good grief.

Click here to watch the video