Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did Paul Krugman say Death Panels is a Good Thing

How is it when Liberals would “bitchslapped” Republicans for saying the word “death panels” to describe Obamacare, but it is okay for Liberals to say it? Well, that is what a Liberal economist said and no one from the MSM is jumping down his throat.

Paul Krugman, who is an Obama loving minion, is an economist and a columnist for many newspaper outlets. He actually is an advocate for socialize medicine and made mention that death panels will definitely cut cost in healthcare. That idiot admitted that government will decide what treatment is appropriate because it will save money due to the government is footing the bill.

There you go folks! Finally an answer that must been lingering in many peoples mind. The government and not your doctor will decide what medicine and treatment you need. You will have some dim-witted jackass from Washington tell you, “sorry, too expensive, or you don’t need that.”

What is so ironic is that none of our Congressmen or Senators and not even the president will have to take part in Universal Healthcare. They have their own special kind of healthcare. They have their own doctors in Capital Hill and special privileges throughout many hospitals nationwide. I bet you didn’t know that. Likewise, if you have money and have influence, you get bumped all the way to the front of the line. This is ration healthcare that discriminates the common folks. Therefore, if you don’t belong to a family of the Washington bureaucrats, well you are “shit-outta-luck.”

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Obama Broken Promise

I am getting so annoyed by this president that I would be glad to see his sorry ass booted out of office. Blatant broken promise seems to be the norm for this president. Yesterday, Obama signed the Universal Healthcare bill into law and there is one thing I need to ask. Whatever happened to transparency and the 5 days for the American public to review any bill before the president signed it?

I found the exact quote from Obama during his campaign speech laying out his goals for transparency. Obama said, "When there's a bill that ends up on my desk as president, you the public will have five days to look online and find out what's in it before I sign it, so that you know what your government's doing."

I was assuming that Obama would put the copy of the bill on the White House website, but I was duped. Obama last week signed several bills into law just days after Congress passed it, and I haven’t seen anything of the sort on the White House

I remember White House Press Secretary Gibbs saying that the clock will start ticking when the link is posted when the final version is available. Well, I’m still waiting.

But alas, as with other promises like the stimulus bill will not increase unemployment, Obama is full of crap. Haven’t you had enough with his hijinks? He is making a fool of everybody. Why are we giving him a pass? If that was a Republican, I can assure you that the media and the Left would blow a conniption. It is like when Pelosi used religion while giving her last minute begging before the vote for Universal Healthcare. She made reference to praying to St. Joseph during her interview with reporters. Okay, there may be a technicality issue because I wasn’t too sure if she was referring to St. Joseph the saint or the baby aspirin.

But I digress. HAHA.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Reality of Universal Healthcare and What Will Happen Next

For the first time, I was going through the blogosphere via “Google” to see what people are writing on Universal Healthcare, which was just past two days ago, and I want to vomit. All I read is this “touchy-feely” bull-crap rhetoric saying it is the right thing to do. Well, it is the same thing as saying that it is okay to bypass every red light so that you can get to work on time. It is a typical Democrat thinking and that is to be selfish on behest of others. Therefore, it is valid to say Democrats would screw the other person in order they get what they want. Isn’t that what these Democrats want? They want free healthcare and they want the other person to pay it for them.

Well, let me tell you all something. There are always consequences for every decision we make. It may feel right what Obama signed into law today, but the cost and risk to get Universal Healthcare will be felt by all.

We all know taxes must increase to pay for this monstrosity. If you think the rich will pay for it, you are misguided. I don’t think the rich has one trillion dollars to pay this off. For those who doesn’t know who are classified the rich, they are the small and big business that create jobs. This is the sector that makes America great and Obama is here to tear it down. Besides taxing business, they will tax us via Social Security and Medicare. Check your paycheck in couple weeks and you will see what I mean. If you work, you will be tax heavily. Oh, let me not forget to tell you that the government will tax investment income by 4%. Now, Congress is contemplating on a VAT tax. It seems everybody will be affected with these obtrusive taxes and this is during an unstable economy, high unemployment, and coming soon hyperinflation.

I keep hearing about this will bring growth in jobs and I have to laugh. This new law will be taxing any employer who has anybody uninsured by $2000.00 for businesses with 50 employees (full time and part time) and more. If 50 is the magic number for companies, how the hell can they expand and grow without being punished. Employers can easily start cutting payroll or freeze hiring in order they show a profit. That means people will lose their jobs and that will complicate the unemployment rate. So, it would be wise for any start-up company stay under the threshold in order that they don’t get penalized.

Now, the next problem with this bill is that small provision for insurance companies not to deny coverage for pre-existing condition. That means anybody doesn’t need to buy health insurance until you really become sick. Since the law extended health insurance under the parent coverage till the kid turns 26, I can see more of these kids not getting insurance at all after they turn 27. The problem lies with the rest of the population. Since obesity is the problem with most Americans, which leads to Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments, I can see insurance companies will be force to payout more of these benefits. This will result in higher premiums because insurance companies won’t be able to survive with all these claims. What happens to those who get free health insurance? I can see these moochers heading to the emergency room or their doctor more frequently. Hey, do you blame them? It’s free! When something is free what do you think will happen next? We will see doctors hanging up their practice, or stop taking in new patients. Therefore a demand of patient service will lead to sloppy and ration care from our healthcare professionals. Also, this will trigger the federal government to impose the option plan as their next agenda. They will say insurance companies can’t hand the workload and pay these claims. So, here comes the federal government to the rescue. This is another scam in the making. The government will get into the insurance business. Yes, it will be another stab to our freedom.

So, before you get happy and giddy that a Democrat has transformed a sector that will take up 20% of our economy, just know every decision has consequences. If you don’t believe me, just witness how your life will be in the next couple years. The process has already started. You better hold on for dear life because it is going to suck!

Romneycare and Obamacare are the Same Thing

If you don’t understand what Universal Healthcare means to you, then you should look what happen to Massachusetts under then Governor Mitt Romney. Romneycare is almost identical to Obamacare. They both promise to cover all of the uninsured, penalize those who aren’t cover by a health insurance plan, reduce cost for insurance premiums, make health coverage more affordable, and lessen the burden on the budget.

Guess what? Romneycare failed and so will Obamacare. Under two years of Romneycare, insurance premium went up double digits in the state of Massachusetts while the rest of the country has gone up at half the speed. Because of a monopoly of large insurers, insurance premiums have gone through the roof. Under Obamacare, no one knows who will be the insurer of his healthcare plan. Heck, it could be Jessie Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton opening an insurance business together. Because of the high premiums, government intervention made matters worst. Yes, anytime a government sticks their nose into something, it is usually bad. Now, I’m only taking about Massachusetts. Imagine what it will be like for the whole country.

Don’t even believe in the cost to administer the program. Romney miss his projection by a huge margin and with the printing press running in overdrive, I can see Obamacare will be more costly than what pundits are predicting. They say Obamacare will run $1 trillion in 10 years. I say it will be much more. Since Massachusetts can’t print their own money, they are dependent on federal subsidies to help offset the cost. I’m so glad the federal government won’t have that problem (sarcasm). Besides getting funds from the federal government, Romney had to increase taxes indirectly by putting heavy levies on everything from soda/candy to alcohol/cigarettes. Under Obamacare, Obama will have no option, but to tax us till we bleed. Obamacare will end up like Romneycare by forcing affordable insurance down our throats, which will lead to ration care and deteriorating quality of care.

Look what has happen with Romneycare. The wait time to make an appoint to see a doctor rose and the waiting times in the emergency room also rose dramatically. This is what will happen under Obamacare on a grand level. We will see doctors leaving their practice, doctors not taking in new patient, doctors being limited in how they practice, pharmacies will stop taking in new insurance plans (Walgreens/Medicaid), and you will finally understand what ration care really mean. To top that off, Obamacare will punish anyone who won’t purchase insurance coverage. It will cripple the insurance companies to go bankrupt when the public option is still in play. It’s not over yet. Obama is on a roll to cripple this country into submission

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where are my Liberal Democrat Friends

Where are my Liberal opponents now-a-days? You got your idiotic president in and I don’t seem to hear much from you. I came back full time writing as many blogs to piss you people off and I don’t hear a peep.

Is it because I am right about this moron who thinks the world revolves around him? Have you changed you tune and joined the Independent party? I am getting bored writing the obvious and without an opposition, it tells me one thing. That you people have no freaking idea what you are talking about. You are a bunch of cowards. Blurting talking points from the left without backing up with facts is disingenuous. I am appalled that Liberals and Democrats continue with the tirade of hope and change while we are experiencing double digit unemployment, a recession, high taxes, a global warming hoax, and a government takeover of our private sector.

Am I assuming you are embarrassed that it took the majority of Congress, who are all Democrats, and a confused president to wake you up from a coma? Democrats are a pitiful bunch of cry babies. While you enjoy blasting at Republicans, keep in mind there are more Republican presidents we can be proud of and not be embarrassed, unlike Democrat presidents. I can go back as far to FDR to prove my point. While I am grateful FDR had the foresight to see America as a superpower, he was a dictator. He imposed a socialist agenda to the American people. In fact, one of his socialist ideas was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court that he controlled. We can continue to Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, then Bill Clinton, and your current president. All of them I consider FAILURES. Each of these bozos is an embarrassment to this country. Let me repeat again. There are more Republican presidents that we can be proud of than any Democrat president.

So, don’t go telling me about sex scandals and corruptions among some Republicans. Giving a pass to corrupt Democrats because they have no scruples or moral turpitude should not be an excuse. It seems unjust to put Republican on a pedestal of honor and a standard of excellence and any mistakes to the contrary should be crucified? But alas, it is a standard we must upkeep. I understand and stand proud to be a Conservative Republican. It is the standard that I must burden with others like me.

I will never understand Democrats and I never want to entertain the thought. I am embarrassed when people bold say they are Democrats. The idea of thinking of the “little people” may be noble, but wouldn’t it be grander to think of the whole than the sum of its parts? Why pit one group over the other? Shouldn’t it be a win-win situation for all? Democrats are chiefly concern to suit their own needs and like to side a position if it is selfishly expedient. It seems any position Democrats takes need to ram-rod down our throats. Something like that tends to be a bit painful to swallow (no pun intended) and can destroy the overall continuity of the group as a whole.

But I hate to digress. Where are my Liberal friends as of late? It’s getting boring to read comments from my blogs who agree with me. I want to debate and others to debate with you. It is the only way you can understand reality.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obamacare Will Destroy the Patient Doctor Relationship

To those idiot Democrats, you know who you are, spewing Liberal rhetoric talking points, let me tell you a piece of reality.

This Universal Healthcare bill that was just passed will not be enacted anytime soon. Revenues need to be established before implementing this obtrusive entitlement program. The Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of this year and more taxes will burden us for the next 4 years before any benefits can be seen. It is like your employer telling you that you will not be paid for the next four years and will promise your first paycheck with a nice bonus in the fifth years of employment. This is exactly what we will see once this unconstitutional bill is implemented.

What we will see initially is the backlash from doctors, employers, and drug stores. The bill will force employers to insure every employee or be penalized. That means more job loss. It would be easier for the employer not to hire any new employee and possibly let some go; in order that it would be easier on payroll. We have many pharmacies, including Walgreens, will be turning away Medicaid patient because of federal cuts in payment. Talking about cutting insurance payments, physicians and hospitals will be burdened the most. Besides cut in payments (Obamacare will cut $500 billion to Medicare), they will be practicing more defensive medicine and having more government involvement in patient care.

There will be at least 170 new government agencies created by Obamacare. I have mentioned death panels, which are a bunch of bureaucratic non-practicing physicians, in the past and I have to reiterate that the government involvement in patient care will worsen the quality of medical care. It will restrict doctors from using their best judgment in treating their patients for fear of a backlash from government.
While Liberals bash the medical system in the United States and saying it is broken is disingenuous. It is not broken. There is a problem and it can be fixed. I would challenge anybody to explain to me why many throughout the world would come to the US for medical treatment if we had a broken system. Well? I didn’t think so. There are more people from outside the USA coming here for medical treatment than the other way around.

Obamacare is a violation of patient rights because it will take away the right of the individual to make the best decision about their own healthcare with their doctor. I can talk in behalf of America to say that the individual is far better served when health care decisions are informed by their doctor and not by the Federal Government. This is the beginning of the end of our freedom and these idiots from Washington need to be thrown out- NOW!

We Got Universal Healthcare

I have to say, “Screw the president and his idiot friends in Congress!” It seems at the moment I write this blog, Congress will pass Universal Healthcare. This unconstitutional bill will force every American to purchase health insurance. While I can never understand why people are so adamant that everybody needs to get insurance, it seems most are missing the point. To have the right to have something is something inherent and not to be obtrusive to the right of others. The Right to Vote, the Right to Own Firearms, and the Right to Religion are basic fundamentals that do not infringe the right of others. The Right to Healthcare is not. In other words, to have the inherent right to something, it should not be subsidized by others. It is infringing that person’s right.

While I will stand by the Tenth Amendment, which says “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states,” there are 40 states currently that have seek to limit or oppose Universal Healthcare in their respective states by suing the Federal Government, through imposing state laws, or state constitutional amendments.

We may have lost this fight, but don’t deter your efforts to have your voice heard. We got the November election this year to oust these idiots out of office. Also, we have set precedence in the books of the Supreme Court to prove that they support state rights over the federal government. Keep in mind that there are 14 states are allowing its use for medical purpose despite the ban by the federal government and it has been upheld by the US Supreme Court. I am a Federalist and I will defend the Tenth Amendment to the best of my ability. The growth of the Federal Government is exponentially getting out of hand. This country isn’t broken. We do have problems that need to be fixed. We need to get rid of that idiot behind the chair in the Oval Office and those morons in Congress.

Don’t give up hope. The law of the land will prevail. The people voice will be heard.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Second Term is Very Possible

I had dinner with a friend who is a conservative, like me, and we were discussing how Obama can’t be that stupid. I was saying that I am not surprise to see how Obama keeps throwing people under that bus that he wouldn’t do it to the whole Democratic Party because they are stalling his healthcare bill. Well, he did throw his own grandmother under the bus during his presidential campaign bid.

Then the idea of perpetual wisdom illuminated and a lighted bulb was sitting on top of my friends head. He said that it happen to Bill Clinton and the Democratic Majority in the early 90’s. They tried to push for Universal Healthcare back then and many other stupid Liberal agenda, and it brought a severe backlash that it took the Democrat Majority back to the Minority. My friend told me can it happen to Barack Obama?

To be honest and thinking long and hard, the answer is YES! Not only will it destroy the Democrat Majority in November, it may preserve a second term for this lame duck president. In regards to Clinton, he just stayed centrist and followed the lead of the Republicans in the House and Senate. And since the Republican Party is currently non-existent in many legislative talks, Obama needed a patsy to take blame for his idiotic ideas. Keep in mind that Obama has no experience to be in the White House. He is learning through trial and error, which is somewhat dangerous as president.

Obama realize that America is not ready to take on his Marxist ideas and needs a way to save face. His only saving grace is to throw the Democrats under that bus and follow the lead of Bill Clinton to earn that second term.

Do you think I’m right or am I stretching it a bit?

ACORN Filing Bankruptcy

ACORN (Association of Community Organization for Reform Now) will be filing bankruptcy. Well, it is about time. In the past several years, ACORN abusive corruption and practice has lead to its demise.

For a time when ACORN was huge and popular as a community organization, its liberal practice has stemmed from fixing election to registering dead voters. I can’t believe it survived this long. I think the organization was established back in 1970. At first, it had a noble cause to fight for the “little man.” They were the champions for increasing the minimum wage, registering new voters, going after corrupt banking institutions, and expanding affordable housing. But since the advent of the prostitution video, ACORN has exposed itself as a dirty organization. More and more people understand what this organization represents.

I think it started back in 2008 with the embezzlement of ACORN funds by the brother of the organization’s founder. From there, we have seen stories of fraudulent voting registration by its workers. That is why the Census Bureau will be ending its partnership with ACORN after this year’s census. The IRS has dropped ACORN from its Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program. And just recently, under the pressures of the constituents, Congress voted to cut off all grants to the organization.

With the backlash from the 2008 election, many people are blaming ACORN and linking them with the Obama presidency. I am certain that the termination of ACORN will be good for the country. The people have spoken. It’s time to take over this country and make it prosperous like our forefathers wanted.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Screw Obama, Impreach Him

For the past several presidents that served this country, I have heard the word impeachment used as normal everyday talk. Of course, it is all talk; and every time the word “impeachment” is being used, that individual is being looked as an idiot. But as things have change in this environment; the role of impeachment has purpose with this president in the oval office.

Barack Hussein Obama needs to be IMPEACHED!

Before anyone starts rolling their eyes, I will quantify my statement. Ever since that phony was elected to the White House, Obama went on a rampage to destroy the very fabric that we call “The Constitution.” Obama’s sole intention is to rupture the very pillars that we call democracy. At first, I was not too concern what occurs in Congress because I believe in the political process to pass a bill to be fair and just, but until now. Obama is so adamant to pass his Marxist view that he will do anything to achieve it. He knows once his political agenda is passed it will be very difficult to reverse it. You can look at Medicare and Social Security as good examples. The intent of circumventing a traditional constitutional process to pass a bad bill is treasonous and lecherous. This is what Obama wants and is pushing members of the Democrat Congress to do the same. The idea of supporting a plan to bypass a vote in either House and say that the bill is “deemed to be passed” is a direct violation of our democratic process. As stated, Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution stipulates that for any bill to become a law, it MUST pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The plan of this Democrat Congress is not to pass the Senate version of the healthcare bill, but rather vote on a series of amendments to fix the things the House doesn’t like. That means the House could leave the Senate “Nebraska Medicaid Kickback,” and the “Louisiana Purchase” Amendment alone. This is call “reconciliation.” Doing this will bypass everything so that the president can sign a bad bill as law. For those who are inept in the legislative process, before a bill is signed by the president and become a legitimate law, the bill MUST have the exact same language in both chambers.

This is one of many reasons why Obama needs to be impeached. Not defending the Constitution and imposing a leftist revolution is not what our forefathers wanted. Obama snubbed the presidency and went on a power trip by expanding the role of the federal government. He has brought “Big Brother” in every person’s life with nationalization of big banks, car industry, financial institution, “Cap-and-Trade,” college loans, and expanding the IRS as the police watch dog for health insurance. Obama wants to take one-sixth of our economy to expand his Marxist view with Universal Healthcare. He wants to make every illegal alien in America as citizens. There are talks of removing a provision on term limits for president so that Obama can be a long term dictator like Chavez or Saddam Hussein.

By allowing any bills go through Congress without a vote and have the president sign it to law guarantees it is illegitimate, illegal, and unconstitutional. It would be a crime against the American people and a direct insult to the foundation what this country is founded on – The Constitution. My premise allowing procedural rules to be replace by a one-party rule meets the threshold of “high crimes and misdemeanor,” which is an impeachable offense. We are witnessing the demise of our freedom and democracy. The very essence of what our ancestors had created is being chipped away piece by piece by morons who think they know what is best for the American people.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bloody Sunday Will Decide on Universal Healthcare

This Sunday will be the day we shall know if we will get Universal Healthcare. The bill is now online for us to read and it is full of disturbing news. While there are many troubling issues, I want to point out only two. First, the bill will fine any American who refuses to obtain health insurance up to $2300.00 or 2.5% of their annual income, whichever is greater. It may also include imprisonment if we refuse. The second issue I have with the bill is that the Federal government will expand the roll of the IRS, who will administer the bill.

I cannot believe the IRS will police every America if they have health insurance or not. That is unprecedented. This is not the role historically the IRS should do. I know that the IRS is despised by the American public. If they get more power, I can boldly say that we will not stand for it. Ironically, the IRS is under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department and guess what idiot is in charge of the Treasury Department? Yes, that tax cheat, Tim Geithner. So, we will be followed and harass by a person who tried to cheat the Federal Government. Isn’t Geithner a great example?

Honestly, I think Sunday will favor the will of the American people. Why would I think so? Well, Obama decided to cut this trip again to Asia because many Liberal say he wants to be here when they pass the bill. I must disagree. I feel Obama has to be here because there aren’t enough votes to pass it. I guess he is going to bully the lawmakers via his Chicago politics.

It will be historical mark this Sunday. It will determine if the government will drain 1/6th of the GDP to healthcare and destroy this economy or the will of the people have the finally say how this country should be governed.

Force Universal Healthcare and We Will Sue

If the Federal Government force mandatory healthcare to everybody, we will sue! The State of Idaho started the fight nationwide against Universal Healthcare and there are 37 other states putting similar pending legislation on their docket.

While the president tried to state that it is the right thing to do, Obama doesn’t really get it that most of every American is in utter revolt. The mentality to pass it and worry about the detail later is what typical Liberals believe. It is fact that the true cost to cover all 40 million uninsured people will be $3 trillion, it will require all American to get coverage or face hefty fines, and ration healthcare will be under the guidance of death panels.

In am so glad people are starting to wake up and see that this country is following a philosophy that does not jive to most Americans. This is the true Democracy that America represents. It is run by mob rule! Stand up and make you voice heard!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The World Hates Us

It is a given to say that the approval rating for Obama is tanking at an exponential rate. Poll after poll is consistently showing Obama in the mid-40’s on his job approval. While domestic policies are important to us, we should not neglect our national security. Did you know that majority of Americans view us as less respected to other nations now with Obama than with President Bush?

Yes it is true. A new poll conducted by “The Democracy Corps Third Way” this week demonstrated that Obama and the Democrat loons in Capitol Hill fall short of Republicans on national security issues. And it is not just falling short to say the least, but by a 10-point margin. Americans have the impression that the United States standing to the world has fallen into the abyss during the first year Obama took office.

Well, after the Texas massacre at Fort Hood and the Christmas Day terrorist attempt, I can honestly say that we are not safe under this president. Obama is weakening our military by not having a distinct plan with the war in Afghanistan and breaking the military morale by politicizing the policy “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Then we have the confusion in prosecuting those detained terrorist in NYC, who are involved in bombing the World Trade Center, in a civil court or a military tribunal. And let’s not forget the proliferation in a nuclear Iran and North Korea that’s causing the Obama Administration headaches.

And this is coming from a president who just won the Nobel peace prize. This is no coincidence. Our president has no idea what the heck he is doing. Well, it’s a little late for “I’m sorry.”

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lone Senator Says Screw You Liberals

How ironic is this scenario? The Democrats are up in arms because Senator Jim Bunning (R-Ky) filibuster a bill that would extend unemployment and health benefits, and also, the highway program. I just don’t understand why the Democrats need 100 votes in the Senate to agree on the extension, but would settle a reconciliation of the healthcare bill of 51 votes.

I would contend such actions may be cruel to allow the current bill to expire so that thousand of federal highway workers are unemployed with jobless benefits. But as a conservative, nothing was mentioned how this measure will be paid for. Enough is enough and excessive government spending needs to come to halt. We are spending money that we don’t have. What would happen if we all had a printing press to make money? Exactly! What ever happened to transparency? What ever happen to personal responsibility?

If the Democrats what the damn bill so bad, they should put it up for a vote on the Senate floor. Why are they so afraid? They got the votes and more with some Republicans siding with them.

Can someone explain that to me?