Friday, April 30, 2010

North Korea Involved with the Oil Rig Explosion

I can recall the idiot Liberals calling the Katrina hurricane as George Bush fault because of his 2 ½ day delay in responding to the emergency; even though, the federal government was awaiting the call from the state of Louisiana for assistance. To digress, Louisiana had a 5 day warning window that the hurricane was coming; they didn’t notify the towns’ people the dire need to leave the city, the mayor was an idiot not to use the school buses to evacuate, and they blamed it on racism. But like I said, I digress. Now, let’s turn our eye to what is not being mentioned. The explosion from the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which took place a little over a week ago, had been ignored by the media and the federal government. Where was Obama? Why did it take over a week to respond? Why did they send a SWAT team to investigate the accident? Why did Obama dispatch the Justice Department to review the area? Where was Homeland Security? Where was FEMA?

There are so many questions left unanswered to a big cluster f*ck. The media is saying the oil spill will eclipse the infamous Exxon Valdez disaster so long ago. Reports as estimated that 5,000 barrels a day is flowing throughout the Gulf. Therefore, the spill itself was bigger than what people had imagined. The million dollar question is “where is the federal government to the rescue?”

It seems ironic that this disaster occurred around Earth Day 2010. This explosion on the Transocean Deepwater Horizon Drilling rig killed 11 workers. This is probably the worst environmental hazard that will test Obama’s resolve. So far, he sent down a SWAT team to investigate. That means there may be foul play or some sort of espionage at the disaster site. He then sends down a bunch of lawyers to assess the damage before they start filing lawsuit to every single entity tied to the explosion. So, to the conspiracy theorist, do you think there is some foul play involved?

With the sinking of a South Korean ship from North Korean subs, what make you think that this disaster wasn’t a terrorist plot committed by North Korea? Big explosions don’t normally occur on an oil rig. Could it be plausible that a submarine enter in the Gulf waters, hit the rig by torpedo and ram into it suicide style? Did you know the rig was constructed by a South Korean company? Why Obama ordered a complete blackout over North Korea? Why is the feds quiet about this? Does this mean we are going to war with North Korea? What hasn’t anybody say anything about this? Where it the transparency Obama promised us?

So, this is my problem. Why is Obama secretive about this? Why did it take over a week for Obama to respond to the oil spill? Why did he send the SWAT team and the Justice Department to the region first? Why didn’t Obama apologize and admit to this lack of leadership as he once said Bush was lax with Katrina?

Liberals Use Nazism to Describe Arizona Immigration Law

The tone from the Arizona immigration law is quite startling. I would never in my wildest dream to see Nazism shouted out from the mouths from Democrats and a few idiot Republicans. To describe the Arizona immigration law as reminiscent to World War II German Gestapo asking anyone for their documents is extremely laughable.

To use the word “documents” or “papers” as a reminder of what was it like to live in World War II in Nazi Germany has no idea what the hell they are talking about. Except watching old movies of that era, there is no one in the past 50 years would know what that meant. In today’s society, the term “documents” or “papers” should be synonymous to a driver’s license, visa, and passport.

Also, I must resent the stupidity from Democrats that the Arizona immigration law will mandate any police officer the right to stop anybody and ask for proper identification. Let me state that the law will allow law enforcement to stop anyone base on reasonable suspicion (legal profiling) or if the individual has broken the law to find out if they are here in this country legally.

What is the difference when we are asked for our driver’s license, car registration, and car insurance when we are stop by a police officer in a moving violation? Is that illegal? Should we tell them it’s none of their business? Is it okay to tell them there is no need to know if I am here legally or not? It seems pretty stupid, doesn’t it? If we look underage to drink at a bar, we need to show proper “documents.” If we need to cash in a check, we have to show proper identification with the proper “documents.” If we go to another country, we have to show proper “papers.” If we want to go into a club, we have to show proper identification. So, what is the big deal?

In fact, the Arizona immigration law is the mirror image of the Federal immigration law that isn’t being enforced. The governor of Arizona took the Federal Law and made it into a state law since Arizona has become a drug infested gang ridden war zone. The Liberals are scared that the example of Arizona will spark other states to follow same suit. Guess what? Liberals are right. Just like the Attorney General of many states filing law suits against the Federal Government for mandating private citizens to obtain health insurance, there are signs that other states are going to adopt the Arizona immigration law for their own respective state. Good examples are Texas, Utah, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, and Maryland. These states are seizing on Arizona’s hard-line approach to illegal immigration.

Doesn’t the state have the right to defend itself? If the Federal immigration law is the law of the land, why can’t the states adopt it for their own use? Since the Federal government won’t do anything about immigration, should the states ignore the crimes committed by these illegal aliens? Did you know 1 out of 3 criminals in the Federal prisons are illegal aliens? It is true.

Instead of supporting the immigration law of Arizona, Obama wanted to slap a lawsuit against the state. I was amaze by his pathetic display of tyranny. Instead of disagreeing with the law being passed, he goes out and condemns the act. I’m very sorry that the potential voters from these illegal aliens won’t be able to vote in the upcoming elections. Now, it seems Obama and the Liberal Democrats are pushing ahead and try to get some immigration bill pass this year.

I’m so glad to see immigration as the main topic in Washington these days. It is about time to discuss it and do something that should have be done long time ago. I need to thank the governor of Arizona to jump start the debate. I hope many other states jump on the bandwagon. This is real important to the economy, national security, and the sovereignty of this great nation.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The IRS Will Enforce Universal Healthcare

For the past several weeks, it has become official. The IRS will enforce mandatory health insurance. Starting in 2014, the IRS will make sure all American have health insurance. Under the law, any American who refuses to buy health insurance will be fine up to $700 or 2.5% of their income, whichever is higher. Yes, that means if you make $100,000 as you annual salary, you will be subjected to a fine of $2,500. It was assumed the maximum fine to be $700; but thanks to last minute amendment to the bill, the Congress added that 2.5% surtax.

Since the IRS primary enforcement role is to impose liens and levies, seizure, and give jail time against the tax cheat, they can’t take action against taxpayers who ignore the insurance mandate. But to counter that problem, the director of the IRS recommended withholding refunds from taxpayers who decline to pay the penalty. But there is a problem with that too. What happens if you don’t get a refund? Not everybody get a refund on Tax Day. What happens then?

This unwarranted expansion of the IRS is dangerous and may lead to corruptible enforcement of the law. The federal government will be putting $10 billion over the next 10 years to administer the health care law. They are planning to add over 15,000 new IRS agents to enforce the law.

In honesty, I’m not too concern with this. We know how slow and unreliable the IRS is. Have you ever called the IRS with a tax question and never could reach an IRS representative? In fact, an internal audit on telephone calls answered in the IRS has failed to meet it minimal goal. Also, by adding more responsibility into the mix, the IRS will have to cut back on audit they do, which is a good thing for us. To me, it seems stupid for us to call the IRS with health insurance question if they couldn’t answer a simple tax question. Besides, efficiency is not a good way to describe the performance of the IRS. At least they are in between the DMV and the Post Office in relation to productivity.

All in all, I am just glad that the attorneys general of many states are going to sue the federal government to challenge the legislation. In reality, the legislation is unconstitutional to mandate individuals to buy a product or receive a fine. The Constitution nowhere authorizes the United States to mandate that all citizens have to qualify for health care coverage, either directly or under threat of penalty. I am hearing the proponents of the law saying that the Constitution gives the Congress the authority to regulate commerce between states. Yes, I do agree with that, but using the commerce clause does not give the right for the government to force an individual to buy a product, especially when it entails buying insurance for the health of one’s body. If I can recall correctly, just being alive and breathing has no jurisdiction to the interstate commerce. Am I right or wrong?

All White People and Christians Must Vote Obama and the Democrats Out of Office

In a YouTube video, Obama goes and tell a particular group to support the Democrats and vote this coming November. It seems funny that he is targeting the Blacks, college students, younger Americans, the Hispanics, and women. Obama claims that they are the group that propelled him into the presidency; even though, the true fact of the matter is the independent voters actually put him into the White House. And it is the independent voters who are unanimously in disagreement with this president.

Obama says, “This year the stakes will be higher than ever and it will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again."

It is extremely despicable to separate voters into groups because it creates such divisiveness that will stir strife and resentment. So, if Obama wants to play with fire, I would say, “What the hell.” I wonder what the media and the Liberals would say if I would recommend for all White people, Christians, pro-life supporters, gun lovers, and the educated vote all these has-beens from Capitol Hill this coming November and to vote out that space cadet impersonating as our president in 2012? I can see a major spanking and retribution against the Democrat Majority this coming November. When the leaders of America can’t lead; the people will take lead for America.

Obama Say There is a Point When You Make Too Much Money

Take Obama away from his Teleprompter, his true aspired admission to speak from his gut is very revealing. We first heard it during his campaign trail when he talked to Joe the Plumber. Obama said that spreading the wealth is good for America. Well, that is a red flag for a socialist agenda. Another great moment was in the Jay Leno show when Obama made a crack about the disabled and his bowling magnificence (sarcasm).

But as past dictates tell us, he isn’t that intelligent at all. During his presidential campaign trail he didn’t know there were 50 states. He adamant there is 57. In more than one occasion, he stands in front of big audience of a particular huge city and thanks the wrong state. Also, he didn’t know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. This man is an absolute buffoon.

Now, in front of a Wall Street audience he say, "Now, what we’re doing, I want to be clear, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that's fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money."

Just that statement alone tells me he is a socialist. The gall to tell us there is a certain point how much we can make is utter Marxist. Obama is an anti-capitalist. He hates Wall Street and he hates all forms of businesses except the taxes they reap. Obama is in the position to have the government take over the private sector. Obama has not yet realize that capitalism is the only economic system that works in getting the impoverished to see “the promise land.” I bet anybody to disprove me otherwise. So yeah, if there is certain point when we made enough money, the $5 million Obama made last year was just enough?

Congress Pushing Puerto Rico as the 51st State

In the next several hours the House of Representatives will be voting on HT 2499, which is a bill to make Puerto Rico as the 51st state. It’s a very sneaky and stealthy legislation that many didn’t know about. I saw this news on Fox News and I’m surprise no one has taken the time to speak up on this topic.

I know the people of Puerto Rico has adamantly decline to be a state of the US in 1967, 1993, and 1998, and I do not see that sentiment changing anytime soon. But with the Democrats in Congress pushing legislation to make it otherwise, it gives a backdoor way to put a new spin in keeping Hispanics in the deep pockets of the Democrat Majority. Congress has no right in putting a gun to Puerto Rico and makes it into statehood. The people of Puerto Rico have made it loud and clear since 1967.

Let me put this in a most concise way I know possible. The US would become a bilingual nation because most Puerto Ricans don’t care to speak English. It isn’t taught in school except as an elective in high school. It is the same here how many high school students have to take a two year language elective (Spanish, German, French) as a requirement for graduation. If US main language is English, how will it reflect by adding Puerto Rico as part of the union?

Since Puerto Rico lives well below the US poverty line, they would be one of our poorest states. It would be a big cluster f*ck to see how the federal government would resolve that particular issue. If Puerto Rico becomes part of the United States, they would be part of a higher American standard of living and that may be a burden for the sovereignty of this nation.

Since Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, it enjoys the protection and support from us; but as typical Democrats have a lack of, Congress doesn’t understand the implications of pushing this measure. Democrats always creates crisis where is not warranted. They also don’t think far down the road. There mentality is vote it now and we can debate it later. Look at the Universal Healthcare and the $787 billion stimulus plan to understand what I mean. In this case, Congress didn’t figure out that Puerto Rico will have more congressmen than half of the current 50 states. I think Puerto Rico will add 8 additional Congressmen to Congress. Also, since by statute, the House of Representative has a limit to 435 seats in Congress. That means someone will be screwed out from 7 states of at least one congressman. I can imagine the fiasco of a law suit from the general public for being disenfranchise.

The worst part that many people of Puerto Rico will have to endure is the stupid laws set forth by Obama and his clowns in Congress. I can’t see any benefit of Puerto Rico becoming a state of this nation. They are better set as being part of the commonwealth of the United States enjoying the protection and support provided by us. If the main question is to have the right to vote in our elections, then an amendment to the US Constitution may be needed to satisfy their concern. This is one of the main reasons what many people of Puerto Rico wanted and that is to be part of the political system of the United States. It would be much easier to debate in amending the Constitution than making a radical concept into reality. Typical Democrats, to fix a headache, they would cure it by cutting off the head.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Book of Genesis Bonds Israel and America

If Israel falls, I can assure that America will soon follow. I have written in the past why Israel is important to America; and still, many are asking why I strongly feel a strong bond with them. Well, that bond has its beginnings rooted to the Book of Genesis in the Bible. As I believe in the message in the Bible to be valid and true, Book of Genesis mentioned that God said to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”

That one statement would explain why this country, which has stood by Israel for many decades, has prospered for so long. We are a young country compared to the rest of the world, but yet, we are considered a major superpower among nations. It explains why America is blessed by the promise God gave to Abraham, who is considered as the father of the people of Israel, and cursed the Arab world who have curse Israel.

This prediction as shared my others should be a testament to the wonders of the powerful message of the Bible. But with this Administration, the relationship between America and Israel is strained. Obama is very insistent to cower to the Muslim states. To call us arrogant and to admit that the ills of the world stemmed from America, Obama is taking this country into a slippery slope in abandoning Israel. Any such foolishness would take us into the destruction of this great country.

It is important to note that Israel doesn’t need to rely heavily on us; but on the other hand, we would be screwed if we lost their support. Keep in mind that the Jewish people have suffered longer than any living race or class. They have been alone and been self sustaining for generations. Even though their historic enemies are gone, Israel is still around. The Jewish people have endured for so long and still maintain being very viable to its existence because they are survivors.

I know I’m putting a religious stance to this blog, but I want to show another angle why Israel is important to us to remain as allies. We both have very similar values such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and women’s right. The Muslim nations don’t share these basic rights. It doesn’t matter what Muslim say here in America. We are a Judeo-Christian nation and will remain so. Therefore, we will remain steadfast with Israel.

This is why I fear about Obama. I am afraid he will try to placate with Israel and the Muslim nations. Obama will fail miserably sucking up to the Muslim world and trying to be nice to Israel. He will not be able to have his cake and eat it too. To shun Israel will bring our demise. Weakening our position with Israel will strengthen radial Islamist against America because they want us dead. They don’t care if we are allies with Israel. They don’t like the westernized lifestyle we live by. We cannot take on Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and the like without Israel’s help. They have the technological know-how and intelligence to assist us on the war in terrorism. If Obama continues to spoil our relationship with Israel, he will achieve a dream what many radical Islamist want and that is to create a world of Islamic nations. And that my friend will never happen.

Belated Happy Birthday Israel

Belated Happy Birthday Israel

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Israel warns Syria over Hezbollah attacks - Times Online

It nice to hear that Israel knows who their enemies are. I wish Obama knew who is his friends and enemies. At times, he tends to get it mixed up.

I hope Israel destroys Syria. It will be one less country to worry about supplying terrorist with WMD.

Israel warns Syria over Hezbollah attacks - Times Online

Ariz House: Check Obama's Citizenship - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

Finally! If Obama wants to run in 2012, he better show documents!

Ariz House: Check Obama's Citizenship - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix

Its Bill Clinton Fault For The Economic Trouble We Are In

Do you wonder why former President Bill Clinton is vigorously giving speeches throughout the country? It is because he is trying to legitimize his presidency. He is just above Jimmy Carter as one of the most aloof presidents we had in this country. In fact, he hasn’t done anything worth mentioning. He lived under the success from the Ronald Reagan legacy. In fact, I think Bill Clinton’s main talking points at these speaking engagements is to blame the economic ills on various people; but in reality, Clinton is the one who should be blamed for the economic woes we are currently in.

When President Clinton was president his terms was characterized by economic prosperity and financial deregulation, which in many ways set the stage for the excesses of recent years. Among his biggest strokes of free-wheeling capitalism was the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, a cornerstone of Depression-era regulation. The repeal enabled commercial lenders such as Citigroup, which was in 1999 then the largest U.S. bank by assets, to underwrite and trade instruments such as mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations and establish so-called structured investment vehicles that bought those securities. It is therefore seen that the repeal of this act is directly responsible for the Global financial crisis.

That was not enough for former President Clinton. He also signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which exempted credit-default swaps from regulation. The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 has received criticism for the so-called "Enron loophole," which exempts most over-the-counter energy trades and trading on electronic energy commodity markets. This was one of the big reasons for the collapse of Enron.

Not convinced yet? In 1995 Clinton loosened housing rules by rewriting the Community Reinvestment Act, which put added pressure on banks to lend in low-income neighborhoods. All these rules changes played a role in creating a permissive lending environment. This in turn led to more loans being given to people who really could not afford them, leading to defaults today.

I will also fault Clinton for retaining Alan Greenspan. The financial crisis has many origins - among consumers, among banks, and in government. But Greenspan kept rates low, and financial institutions sought any sort of instrument that would pay more than the low interest rates. This created an enormous market for mortgage-backed securities. Nobody cared about loan underwriting any more, since it would be immediately sold to some investor somewhere.

After all of this, do you believe our former president when he says to the media, "I am not at fault for any of this financial mess? Do you believe if my economic team was in place that any of this would have happened?"

My answer is yes I do - after reading about all the things he did in great detail; I put part of the blame squarely on his broad shoulders. To deny he had nothing to do with it seems like he is trying to rewrite history. What do you think?

Did Obama Raise Taxes for Those Making Over $250,000

I need to stress one important, but yet, one of the biggest lies Obama hasn’t let up. Obama’s audacity to live a lie and trying to convince himself that he kept his promise not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 needs to stop. If he keeps repeating this same statement over and over, Obama will believe it to be true.

I can remember the exact quote during the presidential campaign trail couple years ago. Obama said, "Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."

We all know that the current policies set forth by the Obama Administration are a big tax increase and it will affect everyone. So, he did break his promise and his delusional rant is proven to be false. From the very first day he took office, Obama and the Democrat Majority passed $670 billion in tax increases. Of that, $320 billion will hit the middle class families. Did you know that the total spending by Obama in his first year in office is 25 percent of GDP? Did you know Obama’s tax increases will make every America pay an additional $2,100 of their hard earned income?

As Democrats spend like drunken sailors, it will mean we will continue to accrue a massive debt. Before Obama took office, it took a little over 200 years to accumulate $8.5 trillion debt. With Obama’s thirst to bailout the private sector, that national debt will soar to $20 trillion in 2020. That is an unsustainable path toward irreversible recovery.

Let me point out to Obama some significant information. Base on the NYT/CBS Poll, 52 percent of American believe Obama is taking us into full-out Socialism. 80 percent of those polled don’t trust Obama and the federal government. Also, one out of three American believe the Federal government is viable threat to us. Because we are fearful of the direction Obama is taking us, it gave birth to the Tea Party Movement. It doesn’t matter how the left wing Media belittles us, or calls us racist for not supporting Obama. This democratic society is run under mob rule. And by November, the voice of the American people will dictate where this country should follow.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Obama is Preparing for the Perfect Storm

Obama better embrace the perfect storm. This phony president has awakened the sleeping giant- the American people. The demonstration on the street and the protests throughout this land is the representation of democracy (mob rule). Its pertinent nature describes how this country is run. It is not run by one man or one body; but rather, it is run by the voting public. Whether right or wrong, we elect those to represent us and this country. If they abuse their elected position, there is recourse. The predominant action is via the voting booth.

In the latest Pew Survey, they describe a very irate American public likely to cause a major stir and headache to the Democrat party. Already we have voters feeling buyer’s remorse by electing this idiot as our president. I have stressed for several years what to expect if Obama was elected into office and now, you are getting the full physical exposure of his liberal ideology. This survey brilliantly describes this environment as “a perfect storm of conditions associated with distrust of government -- a dismal economy, an unhappy public, bitter partisan-based backlash, and epic discontent with Congress and elected officials.”

Since you cannot blame Republican at this juncture because they are silenced by the Democratic Majority, it is the Democrats that own this current botched-up mess we are in right now. Many have said why the Republican Party isn’t voicing their frustration on Capitol Hill? Well, they are, in a way, but not many media outlets are reporting it. On the other hand, many Republican strategists are allowing the Democrats to hang themselves to bolster the anger till November. I have to concur with the idea. If the American people are so hopeful that the Democrats can improve America, then it would be ideal to show them how corrupt and disingenuous they are in reality. I still cannot find in our American history a known Democrat that made a positive and lasting impact to this country. While labeling the stereotype that Republicans are corrupt, I wonder what label stereotype we can place on Democrats?

While the survey showed the American people have a 17 percent approval rating to Congress, only 40 percent of Democrats have a favorable impression of the Democratic Majority. That is pretty significant when Democrats view their own party as dismal and pathetic. There are other polls and survey to back the Pew Survey. No matter how the Democrat Majority and Obama are down playing this, one this is certain. There will be a severe backlash to the Democrat Majority this coming November. It is sad that it takes physical proof that Democrats cannot run this country. How we the people forget so easily? I guess suffering is a great motivator to get people off their ass; even though the damage has been already done.

Bill Clinton and Obama are Responsible for the Derivative Fallout

Bill Clinton says he takes part responsibility for the Derivative fiasco that took the financial market in deep trouble. Clinton says he had bad advice on Derivatives by his top economic advisers. But ironically, Obama and Clinton are blaming all this on George Bush for contributing to the financial crisis with lax regulation. This is very typical of Democrats. Never take responsibility; and if they become at fault, blame the problem on someone else.

The Derivative Market fiasco can be blamed on Bill Clinton himself as he signed into the law the removal of the Glass-Steagall Act. This Act was designed after The Great Depression when there were huge widespread bank failures. In 1933, Congress enacted this new law to prevent banks from inappropriate securities actives that harmed investors. In particular, critics charged that if a bank had a bad loan to a failing company, it would sell securities to pay off the loan and leave investors with the poor investment. So, this federal legislation was passed to separate between investment and commercial banking firms and prohibit banks from owning corporate stock.

But when Clinton signed the law in 1999 to remove this Act, guess what happened? It allowed the banking system to completely spin out of control with fraud and corruption. It lined the pockets of bank CEO, the politicians, and of course, Bill Clinton. So, the collapse of the banking and financial system in 2008 was due to Clinton’s greed and he blames this on his top economic advisors for making the wrong decision for him.

We cannot blame all this on Clinton. We need to add Obama into the mix because he took in many people who served under Clinton that contributed to this mess. Clinton blames his top economic advisor Larry Summers for the Derivative fiasco and Obama bring Larry Summers in as his chief economic policy guru. Yeah, that makes sense. Then you have the tax cheat Tim Geithner who was part of the Clinton Administration. And of course we cannot forget SEC Chief Mary Shapiro, who was a Clinton crony responsible for derailing Derivative legislation.

If Obama had to bring in many old members of the Clinton Administration back to the White House, what does it say about the judgment and character of our current president? If failed policies of the Clinton era were a disaster, what makes you think it will work with another Democrat president? So, before you put blame on Bush, you need to see the whole story before making that determination. Obama needs to fix the problem and not putting a band-aid on it. You don’t fix the financial mess by allowing the government to take over. Oh yeah, that will work (sarcasm)!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poland Mourns While Obama Goes Golfing

Here is the scenario. An important leader who is an ally to the United States tragically died. You are unable to attend the funeral due to unforeseen inclement weather. What do you do? Go golfing? Well, that is what our space cadet president did yesterday.

It is understandable that because of the massive volcanic eruption in Iceland cause many flights around Europe had to be cancelled. I do understand that it would be difficult for Obama to take a flight to attend the funeral of the late Polish president. But wouldn’t it be in good taste to show some respect during this time of mourning not to go out and have a grand ole time at the links with buddies? Wouldn’t be more tasteful for Obama to go to the Polish embassy and send his sincere condolences to the Polish people instead? If Obama had any common sense, he would at least show some refrain for an ally who is a good friend to the United States.

This is Obama’s 32nd time he played golf during his year in office. Did you know Bush only played 24 times during his 8 years in office? Did you know Bush stop playing golf after the Iraq war began? Do you know why? It is because Bush wanted to show respect to the families of our armed services. I wish Obama followed Bush’s example. Instead of bowing to foreign leaders, embracing our enemies, and thumbing his nose to our allies, I wish Obama stops his stupidity and learn some etiquette. Besides, it doesn’t matter how many times he plays golf, he still sucks at the game. So, give it up already, Mr. President.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obama is Synonymous to Higher Taxes

When we talk about Obama, his name is synonymous to higher taxes. Obama is projecting that the economy has stabilized and the recession is almost over. I really beg to differ. These rosy picture painted by the president is disingenuous and a full out utter lie. The other day he criticized about the Tea Party movement saying that he has lowered taxes instead of increasing it. Of course, he is full of crap. The audacity to think we are bunch of idiots. This space cadet of a president has promoted massive federal spending, expanding entitlement programs, and over-regulation in the private sector that caused an unstable economy. The worst part is that we have to borrow money from other countries at an absorbent pace. The thirst of this government is overwhelming. It is bad enough we have to work a total of 3 months just to pay our share of the national tax burden, but add that to the hidden taxes on the goods we buy, and taxes on gasoline, I would think we are being taxed around 60%.

We must be leery what this government is promoting. When they talk about “green jobs”, Obama is really trying to tell us that for every green job created by government at least 2.2 jobs are destroyed. For one thing, government does not create permanent job. It expands the size of government. When Congress wants to reform the financial sector with regulation we must be very cautious. They have talked about another TARP II and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to disguise it as a reform memorandum. This will be another bailout program.

The national debt is currently around $13 trillion. Obama 2011 budget will add another $2.5 trillion to the federal deficit. With the government expanding at an enormous rate and abusing its authority via interventions in the private sector, we are losing our freedom bit by bit. The first mistake of this space cadet of a president was the first $787 billion stimulus bill, which fail miserably. Obama said that it was suppose to create 3.5 million shove ready jobs and prevent the unemployment rate to go over 8 percent. Actually, it caused 3.3 million people to lose their jobs and unemployment jumped near 10 percent.

If you think that is bad, I must remind everybody that the Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of this year. Obama is willing to let it expire and revert the tax changes to the time of the Clinton era. That means capital gains and dividend taxes will increase, the death tax will come back, and the AMT will come back in play. So, if you hear Obama gloating that he will save this country from any further deficits, you need to tune him out. He lied to us about Universal Healthcare. It is going to be a huge tax burden to every single American in this country. With “Cap and Trade” on the docket in Congress, it will be another mess we have to stand up and fight and win!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Want to Know What Our Tax Dollars are Funding

As the 2009 Tax season come to a close, many have wondered just where all our tax dollars are going. I have found out that the Federal Government will be spending an obscene amount of our money this year. It will be the highest in American history. For 2010, our gracious omnipotent presidential savior decided to spend close to $32,000 per household to cover Social Security/Medicare, national security, welfare, unemployment benefits, veterans’ benefits, education, roads/highway, and pay the interest from our national debt.

The government will collect approximately $18,000 per household in taxes. The remaining $14,000 will be borrowed as a budget deficit per household. This means we will be borrowing from countries to fund the rest of our entitlement programs and thirst. It will also mean that we will be dumping all this massive debt on the laps of our children and grandchildren. It has been mentioned many times in the past year that this type of spending is unsustainable for this economy.

To break it down even further, our gracious government will be taking $10,000 per household to fund Social Security/Medicare. And since as many as 80 million baby boomers are retiring, there will be not enough workers to support all these retirees. Currently, the ratio between workers to each retiree is 3 to 1. When the bulk of the baby boomers are beginning their retirement, that ratio will be 2 to 1. Since Democrats vilified George W. Bush attempt in fixing Social Security, I can see nothing in a way in solving this mess with this current space cadet president. In regards to the welfare program, under Obama, he increased this intrusive entitlement program by 32 percent. We are paying $5,500 per household in suppressing these welfare recipients from getting out from the gutter. The America taxpayer is paying for food stamps, housing subside, childcare subsidies, and low income tax credit. This free money for these impoverish individuals is the only way to control the Democrat vote. Like drug addicts hooked on crack, by giving free money is like bribing for the votes. I have seen this being done in third world and corrupt countries, but I would have never guessed that I can also happen in America.

Each household will be giving an extra $1700 to fund unemployment benefits. But such figure does not include those emergency funds like the bill they have passed couple days ago. Did you know unemployment cost surged by 411% during this recession? Instead of fixing the problem to stimulate the economy and therefore, the creation of jobs, this Congress would rather spend our money (and not theirs) to solve this problem. A Band-Aid measure Democrats believe is a permanent solution. I must include that the government will take another $1600 of our hard-earned dollars to pay down the interest accumulated to the national debt. And that is only interest! The government owes $13 trillion in debt. It owes $9 trillion to public bond owners. The other $4 trillion is owed by the Congress, which they stole annually from the Social Security Trust Fund (Lock Box) to fund their pet projects. To add salt to injury, Obama has his mind set to double our debt in ten years. It is estimated that we are all going to be paying $6,000 per household in 2020.

What comes down is this? As the debt grows out of control, the taxes to sustain the thirst of this government will be a burden to our next generation. They will be paying nearly half of the bill. I don’t think it is our best interest to stick them with an enormous debt. Since I fear more people are living longer and more baby boomers retiring, we are all going to suffer the consequences if the government doesn’t get their priorities in the right place.

Jews are Still Blinded by a Muslim President

What’s wrong with the Jewish people living in America? In 2008, 78% of the American Jews voted for Obama. Currently, a little more than 50% gives two thumbs up on his job approval. I just don’t get it. You are people really misguided by your lack of understanding that this president is throwing Israel under the bus for his own political gain? You people need to wake up because a modern day holocaust is only footsteps away.

Don’t you understand that the reputation Obama needs to maintain as a transformational leader is the only important thing he is concerned. He cares less about the consequences of his actions. He wants to maintain and image of being omnipotent with the help of the media. Even with Bill Clinton and his embarrassing moments during his second term with the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, the media portrayed him as a great president. But we all know that Billy was a big flop.

Obama is so adamant to prove that he has some foreign policy experience by forcing to broker a historic formation of a Palestinian state. In the process, he condemns Israel over its plans to build apartment buildings in East Jerusalem. Someone needs to remind Obama that East Jerusalem is a territory won by Israel during the 1967 Mideast war. I have been attacked from idiots of my support that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. It should not be exchanged, broken off, or shared with any other nation. Heck, when we won the Mexican-American war and gain territories along the western coast of the United States, do you think Obama should give the land back to Mexico? I don’t think so. This is why I don’t believe Israel should give up Jerusalem.

Israel has for many years tried to appease America and other nations that peace can be brokered by giving up some of its sovereignty, and look what happened. Israel got a spit in the face. Israel withdrew from Lebanon in the interest of peace and got war instead. Israel withdrew from the West Bank and it cost many Israelis to die under the hands of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. The same happened when Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip. As we all know that appeasing to terrorist will never work, Obama is still adamant that making a few more concessions from Israel will make things okay. The idea to make concession for the sake for peace doesn’t seem right. While there are hostile countries like Syria and Iran vowing for Israel extinction, I can’t accept giving up some pieces of land will solve the conflict. I cannot understand the thinking process of Obama. If Obama is so irate with Israel’s construction in East Jerusalem, why isn’t he irate with Iran coming ever so close in obtaining their nuclear ambition for war? I guess Obama doesn’t know which side the good guys are on.

There are two main purposes for a government and that is to maintain the security of its people and the sovereignty of its borders. That was what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asking for during his recent talks with Obama, which he completely ignored. Doesn’t Israel have the right to exist? By removing strategic parameters to avoid annihilation, does Israel have any chance to avoid another Holocaust? I can remember a phrase recited from a prayer book during Passover Seder saying, “May we be spared sorrow and adversity, and may we never suffer shame or humiliation.” If the Jewish people adhere to this message, there will no appeasement to terrorist, there will be no giving up any land, and that Israel has a right to exist! If the American Jews support in the annihilation of Israel, then I won’t get in the way for the extinction of Jews living in America.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Congress Will Be Using Obamacare

We are finding out more and more surprises in Obamacare and it is really scary. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously stated, “We must pass this bill so that we can find out what is in it.” Well, the bill was passed and we are noticing the devastating effect from it. This bill was hastily slapped together without a genuine concern of its consequences.

Did you know Obamacare doesn’t require State Governments any guarantee payments for indigent patients under Medicaid? But yet, under Obamacare, it requires states to guarantee treatment to the poor. With the influx of new Medicaid patients into the healthcare system, I am concerned how it will affect doctors and hospitals. There is a shortage of healthcare professionals and I don’t think the short supply of them will meet the ever demanding need from these patients. I guess it was an oversight from Obama and the idiotic Congress. We will be seeing doctors refusing Medicaid patient because Obamacare doesn’t pay enough for them to break even. Yes, the law says there will be an increase in Medicaid payments to doctors, but keep in mind that the current payment from Medicaid is very small. The slight increase under Obamacare is still crap in comparison.

I can see doctors suing the state if they are force to accept Medicaid patient. Either way, the state will have to pay absurd prices to doctors and hospital if they are force to accept new and existing Medicaid patients. And guess who will be most affected by this? We the American taxpayer! As Medicaid cost increase, we will be screwed to pay for 90 percent of the new patient expenses. So, when you hear the rhetoric that Obamacare will reduce the deficit, they are full of it!

Also, if you are going to believe that Obamacare won’t raise you taxes, you are an idiot. This Democratic Congress would throw their own mother under the bus to squeeze out a few extra dollars to fund this huge entitlement program. Prior to Obamacare, if ones medical expenses exceed more than 7.5 percent of their income, they can tax deduct them on their taxes. But since this bill became law, the new threshold goes up to 10 percent in 2013 for younger taxpayers and in 2017 for older ones. That means this sheath tax hike will amount to $16 billion coming from 15 million very sick people, which 99 percent makes less than $200,000 per year. Therefore, the main campaign promises from Obama was a smoke screen to destroy a system that was never broken.

But there is some solace to this madness. This new law will affect all members of Congress and their staff because they will be taken out of their current federal employees’ health care plan and will be part of the Obama plan. The law states “The only health plan that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff” are plans created under Obamacare. Since I don’t trust Congress, I am not fully confident these Congressmen and Senators will be under the umbrella of Obamacare. There must be some loophole that will exempt them from participating. I feel sorry for the new aides and new congressman being hired after the bill is signed because they will be definitely affected. Whatever the case, this new law will give a chance for every Congressmen and Senators to feel the burden that we are enduring. Hopefully, they will finally admit that Universal Healthcare sucks!

Illegal Aliens Having the Same Right Under the US Constitution

If you think immigration isn’t important, let me tell you a story that will irate the American people.

What would be a consensus if I were to tell you that any illegal alien can win a lawsuit in our American court system? Well, that’s what happened today when the State Supreme Court of Washington ruled 7-2 saying illegal aliens should have the same access to civil courts and be given the same outcome and decision as provided to US citizen.

Alex Salas is an illegal alien since 1994. He is married and has three children born in America illegally. He worked illegally by lying about his social security to a contractor Hi-Tech Erectors. Salas sued his employer for injuries suffered from falling off a ladder to a sum of $1 million in damages. Salas says the ladder didn’t meet safety codes, but forgot to say he slipped and fell in wet conditions. Yes, that is right. That dumbass blames the company because he slipped off the ladder while it was raining that day. What ever happen to personal responsibility? So, am I going to assume that if you screw up, you have the right to blame someone else? Have we become a nanny state where we have to find recourse for our stupidity? Has common sense thrown out the window?

Even though they found the contractor was negligent, Salas was not awarded the $1 million judgment. I think it is due that it was revealed that he is an illegal alien. Now, with this stupid ruling, we are opening Pandora box. It means any illegal alien may sue any employer, hospital, doctors, and any private citizens and win judgment. Can you imagine the influx of lawsuits entering the court system? These illegal aliens can join the other millions of happy –go-lucky sue-happy idiots who are jamming the court system with frivolous lawsuits.

You may ask, how is going to affect me? Well, most of these trials taking place in our courtrooms will be paid from US tax dollars. Being inundated with lawsuits, it may take years to bring a trial to court. Most of the time, the accused will be out on bail and may disappear or commit other crimes when given the opportunity. If we are nation of laws, why are we bending over to these illegal aliens? Since when are they so important to protect? I should expect more illegal aliens coming into this country knowing they are protect under our Constitution. This is why I truly believe in border security and kick these free-loaders back to where they come from.

This is what Liberals do. They love to deface the laws that have been written and interpret laws how they feel at the moment. It will be impossible to change the way how law schools teach these potential naïve lawyers. It is the blind leading the blind. The only way to solve this is by conditioning our children at home the conservative values and traditions set forth by our ancestors. As the famed talk show personality Michael Savage would say, “Liberalism is a true mental disorder.”

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IRS Will Take Our Tax Refund

The IRS is the sworn enemy to the American public. And since they are the Gestapo for Obama to seek out people who don’t have health insurance, the IRS found a way to collect the fines for those who don’t support Obamacare.

IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said that anybody who doesn’t purchase health insurance will lose their tax refund. He said that it is the best way to penalize individuals that don’t comply with King Obama. But this idiot went further to add that the IRS will not aggressively target individuals who don’t purchase coverage. It is a fact when Universal Healthcare bill with became law of the land, it expressly forbids the IRS from freezing banks accounts, seizure of assets, and purse criminal charges, but it didn’t say they won’t take your tax refund. That is such an underhanded means to take something that belongs to us.

The only saving grace we have is the implementation of this horrible policy. This won’t happen anytime soon. Starting 2015, the bill states that any person who doesn’t purchase insurance will be subject to a fine of $325 and that sum will increase to $695 in 2016. Well, I hope by next year with a new Congress, this stupid bill will be repealed. But still, the audacity for the IRS and Obama to force us to have health insurance and the idea to take away our tax refund seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Obama is a FUBAR! HOOAH!

Have you ever wondered why we are a super power nation? Have you ever wondered why no one wants to take us on one-on-one? It is because we have the technology, the military might, and nuclear weapons to deter other nations from screwing us. Yes, deterrence is what kept this country safe. It was last tested back on September 11, 2001, and I bet these idiotic terrorist would like to take it back because they have done something that was irreversible. These terrorist woke up a sleeping giant. From that dark period in history, America has not let down our guard and continued to be aggressive against terrorism, until now.

First, this idiot president of ours offered an apology to every single Muslim country for our arrogance. In my eyes, we just told them we are weak. Then Obama supports to change the definition from the war on terror to some man-made disaster. In my eyes, they know we are weak. Now, this president took the final piece of safety by telling the world we will not show our nuclear power under any circumstances. In my eyes, it is the end of the sovereignty of the United States.

Obama is mandating a policy to reduce the number of potential American nuclear targets. Ok, I will be apprehensive to accept that, but he continued to say he will not necessarily use nuclear weapons in response to attacks upon us by weapons of mass destruction. That is something I will NEVER accept.

It is bad enough for Obama to change the very fabric in America by mandating a Universal Healthcare, but to drastically change our national security, it proves my point that this president wants to see this country resemble like the fall of Rome. Just like not knowing what is in the healthcare bill until it is passed, this idiot president of ours wants to disassemble our only barrier for deterrence first before tackling other rogue nation’s nuclear ambition (Iran and North Korea). Can someone tell me if that logic make sense?

Am I going to assume that if we hold hands and sing “Kumbaya,” the other nations like North Korea, Russia, and Iran will put down their nuclear ambitions? Yeah, right! America should not be thinking of downgrading our nuclear capacity at any time when there is a nuclear threat around the world. We are the policeman of the world, and since we are responsible for the safety of other nations, it would be our best interest to show who is boss. Reagan did it magnificently when he took down the Berlin Wall and went to win the Cold War without firing a single shot. Reagan developed our military might and made the Soviet Union succumb to our will.

This Marxist president that we have currently doesn’t believe in negotiating through strength. He believes like any Liberal and that is through appeasement. This president is such a pansy. In order to have leverage, your enemy needs to be afraid of you and to be second guessing our intentions. That’s how to show ones superiority. In army jargon, this president needs more retaining because he is an ODF (Out Dare Flappin) or has no fucking clue! Honestly, Obama is dumber than a box of rocks! As stated earlier, this president doesn’t know how to handle terrorism. This president is a FUBAR (Fucked UP Beyond All Recognition). Besides being dumber than a box of rocks and a big time dead wood, this president needs to SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) for answers. Mr. President, and I use the term loosely, this a major SNAFU you have gotten us into and it is dire time to step down so others can lead us from annihilation.

Our military is high speed; do not let this butter bar in the White House tell you otherwise. Understand Obama is a Newbie and this is all new to him. Yeah, he’s “all ate up with it!” You guys and girls over there are doing fine, DRIVE ON! HOOAH!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Obama Takes 17 Minutes to Answer One Simple Question

If you are Obama, there is only one way to answer a question- bore them to death. I thought a community organizer would have some organization skills to put thought into words, but I was wrong. Not only I am perplexed by his lack of intellect, I am starting to wonder if his higher form of education he received was enough. I thought Obama was well versed in public speaking; but again, I was sadly wrong.

The other day at a town hall meeting at an advance battery technology manufacturing plant, a concerned citizen ask Obama if it was wise to add more taxes with the healthcare package.

I would accept any answer like “I will get back to you on that,” or “I just don’t know.” I would even go so far and take the bull-crap talking point rhetoric from the MSM, but not his president. He had to be different. I was surprise that Obama was stumped on a simple question regarding his healthcare bill.

Did you know he stuttered and went off in tangents to give an answer? The most embarrassing part of it is that he spent 17 minutes and 2,500 words to give an “answer.” The crowd was dumbfounded in utter disbelief. Obama wandered from topic to topic to find an answer that would stick. He went into a tirade of gibberish on the deficit, CBO reports on Medicare waste, COBRA coverage, eliminating foreign aid, Warren Buffett, earmarks, and increasing FICA to fund Medicare.

That didn’t end there. He went on a bullet train of randomness to find the answer suitable for the questioner. He said:

"Number one is that we are the only -- we have been, up until last week, the only advanced country that allows 50 million of its citizens to not have any health insurance."

"Number two, you don't know who might end up being in that situation."

"Point number three is that the way insurance companies have been operating, even if you've got health insurance you don't always know what you got, because what has been increasingly the practice is that if you're not lucky enough to work for a big company that is a big pool, that essentially is almost a self-insurer, then what's happening is, is you're going out on the marketplace, you may be buying insurance, you think you're covered, but then when you get sick they decide to drop the insurance right when you need it."

Then this idiot president started to realize he was losing his audience because many were starting to yawn. So, Obama went on that bullet train and blurted out 3 more points. After realizing he was going all over the place, he actually apologized for his long winded answer. Then the real kicker came out from his mouth. He said, "I hope I answered your question."

I wonder if Obama knew that he was making a fool of himself. For a president who never read the bill, I really don’t think he should be the one jet setting all over the country trying to get support for Universal Healthcare. I think he did himself an injustice to parade himself as Commander-in-Chief to get public support on a bad bill. It was one of the most embarrassing moments that I actually felt for him, Nah, I was overjoyed with glee. HAHA

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Big Headline News from MSNBC Obama is Black

This is how bad MSNBC is getting desperate to report the news. The big headline “It’s Official: Obama is Black” just says it all. Isn’t that surprising? Jeez, I didn’t notice. Probably why MSNBC’s rating is sinking quite fast.

Check it out:

Defending George Bush Spending

While I will try to tolerate ignorance and pure stupidity, I want to annoy Obama supporters and to educate anti-Bush supporters who constantly attack former President Bush and his legacy. The complacency of the American people who wanted to see the Bush leave office seems unwarranted. While many would use the MSM talking points to describe the out-of-control spending under the Bush Administration, I bet no one can defend their position because many are lazy to find the answer. I call it being politically expedient.

It may seem late for me to write this since Bush had left office over a year ago, but I am coming across idiots from far and wide showing angst when they hear his name mentioned. Why? I am not afraid to say that I am grateful for the former president. He was the right choice to lead this country after the embarrassment we had witness from the Clinton Administration.

While people would jump Bush for his spending thirst, I need to remind many that the bulk of its discretionary and non discretionary spending was building our national defense and homeland security post 9/11. Reagan did it during his term in office and the result from that was the end of the Cold War without a single shot fired. How we tend to forget history. Besides beefing up our national security, Bush extended his hand to this nation and abroad for a better humanity. Bush’s commitment to tackle one specific disease has not been demonstrated by any president. In 2003, Bush said he will commit $15 billion and lead other nations to fight against AIDS in afflicted nations like Africa. That humanitarian cause was a success. It didn’t cure AIDS but it prevented the spread of it and save millions of lives. Besides AIDS, Bush went on to spend $2 billion to combat malaria and other plagues of nature.

Beside quadrupling US aid to Africa to $5 billion in 2008 and doubling foreign aid worldwide in his two terms in office, Bush revolutionized the way aid will be distributed by creating a partnership with a private corporation to oversee accountability and transparency. This is something Obama lacks. But I digress.

Let’s not forget how Bush dealt with a touchy subject Medicare. Bush provided the 45 million seniors who did not have affordable access to prescription drugs a way to have better access to obtain their medication. I heard it all from both sides. The conservatives on the right would say it is too expensive and the Liberals bitched that it would affect the markets and competition. But with overwhelming support from the seniors, there are more seniors living healthier lives. Also, Medicare drug spending was well below what others predicted, but I don’t think no one would have told you that.

If you want to discuss spending, I can’t tolerate the ignorance when people criticize “No Child Left Behind.” While it is determined that education here in America has been ignored, the ramification of the lack there of is unprecedented. Did you know that infant mortality is two times greater for a woman who never finishes high school when compared with one who has a college degree? Bush took that stand to improve elementary, middle, and high school education by demanding transparency, accountability, and lifting expectations. Is there a problem with that? The US is so far behind the eight ball when compared against the world in regards to science and math. We failed miserably. Bush took education and poured tax dollars into education as a moral issue to give our children a chance in life.

So, for those naïve who fall prey to the MSM suggestion that Bush’s excessive spending was too much, you need to look at the moral compass of the man. I find nothing wrong how Bush performed while in the White House. He protected the country from future attacks after 9/11 by beefing up our security. While many would say he didn’t create any jobs, he kept the country at full employment with his tax cuts. I think unemployment under Bush was 5%. Bush’s compassion for his fellow man here and aboard is without question. He cares for the children of this nation and did what was best to give them a head start and to be able to compete with other children from other nations. While Obama is criticizing Bush’s Medicare Part D, Bush had a moral responsibility to provide the best possible care for our seniors.

Please be honest with me. From the stance I have positioned, do you find what Bush did was wrong? There is no comparison to brag about when we talk about our current president. While Bush’s spending was morally and ethically appropriate, I find the spending under Obama to be corrupt, underhanded, and deceitful. You spend to get a result that benefits everybody. You don’t spend your way to destroy the very foundation which this country is founded on. You don’t spend your way out of a recession. You don’t dramatically change a system that hasn’t worked in other countries (Universal Healthcare). You don’t spend tax dollar money to create jobs. Government doesn’t create jobs; but rather, expanding the size of government. You don’t destroy capitalism for a system that has never been tried in this country (full-blown socialism). You can’t lead a country if you feel the need to apologies to every country because we are arrogant. For the problems I see with this current president, I really miss President Bush!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obama and Hitler Similarities Are Uncanny

You need to humor me while I write this satire for my Liberal friends. Now that the Obama presidency is now into the second year, can we tell the idiot Liberals to stop calling Bush a Hitler-like craze lunatic? I can never understand the comparison between Bush and Hitler. But now the shoe is on the other foot how does it feel that your current president is being used as a comparison? It seems so unfair to Bush supporters for generalizing a blatant lie because you currently have one sitting in the Oval Office. Hey, don’t blame me. You can see it throughout the internet. It seems who we have right now leading this country is a better representation to that generalization.
Shall we compare similarities?

I found this on the internet and I hope we can end the similarities between Bush and Hitler because there was never anything similar between the two men. But with Obama, it’s a whole new ball game!

Click the link and you be very surprise!

Obama vs Hitler Similarities Are Uncanny. The List; Anything else?

I Hope Obama Prediction Comes True

I hope the statement by Obama at a DNC fundraiser in Boston will transpire into reality.

Quote: "These November elections will be hard. Partly because this country is still divided, and after 2006 and 2008 we hit a very high-water mark in terms of Democratic representation in Congress and governorships, and we're in the midst of what is still a very difficult time."

In other words, Democrats cannot blame the Republican since they took over the majority. Republicans are insignificant when comes to a say on any piece of legislation. Therefore, since 2006, the Democrats have been making a mess to the economic welfare and security of this country. And I sit here laughing to myself to look back for all the blame Liberals and the like they gave to Republicans for being as evil and corrupt. Democrats are worst. We have seen it before during the Clinton Administration, but people are so complacent and ignorant to remember it. Now, I hope you realize the devastation America is in with Democrats in power. We got a recession 2 years running, high unemployment, a very weak dollar, unsustainable national debt, overblown budget, weaken national security, continue high oil price, a bogus global warming, a national takeover to our private sector, a spend happy Congress, and soon to happen, hyperinflation. Yes, we can give all the credit to the Democrats who hijacked Congress since 2006.

It is our turn to turn back the pages to 1994, when the GOP took over and made America prosperous again. It’s our responsibility to pick the right candidate that shares our empathy and not some used car salesman pushing empty promises. We were duped once. Don’t let it happen again. We live in dire times. Our very existence is hanging by a thread. To experiment a theory upon us (socialism/communism/Leninism) without testing it out on a model is a detriment to the American people. We are not guinea pigs. Besides, capitalism and democracy has worked in this country for so long, why change?

Tell Obama Israel is our Friend

During this special season of Passover and Easter, I have not once heard anything about it being mentioned from this president. It is bad enough that our idiot president decides to snub Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, but to denounce the Judeo/Christian faith is rather remarkable. This president has not even joined a church. Obama said he like the services that were offered at Camp David, but I was wondering if he wasn’t worshiping himself at the service offered there.

This country has always been a friend to Israel and will remain so. I knew that the Muslim side of Obama will stand out and it was blatant when he walked out of a meeting with Netanyahu at the White House. The audacity to invite the PM of Israel to stay at the White House, but not invite him to dinner was really embarrassing. The arrogance was unprecedented when Obama tells PM Netanyahu just before walking out from their meeting that he will be around and call him if he reconsiders the Obama ultimatum. There were reports that Obama dined alone while the Prime Minister seems befuddled by the treatment given by this obnoxious president.

This president when he won the election went campaigning throughout the Muslim world offering apologies of America’s arrogance, but gave the middle finger to Netanyahu and the Israelites. Obama would rather side with Iran, North Korea, and Syria than side with the only best friend in the Middle East- Israel. Obama’s argument against Israel is the additional construction in east Jerusalem, which will inflame any further discussion with the Palestinians. Obama is demanding that Netanyahu halt further construction and settlement in east Jerusalem.

Here is where I need to correct the lack of intelligence Obama seems to display. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and has been the capital of Israel since 1967. I just don’t understand why it needs to be split to appease the Palestinian terrorist regime of Hamas. In fact, I can’t believe this argument is about appeasing the Palestinians. I feel it is not a crime for Israel to build homes in the capital that was granted to them in which their citizens could live. It is an outrage to see the stupidity from president Obama. I have seen other countries creating a “Jewish-free zone,” but not in Israel’s own capital. It is like Iran telling Obama they want Rhode Island as their extended country. It is an outrageous demand for any president to suggest.

I really believe Obama is making Israel into a pariah and is willing to throw them under the bus to appease the Muslim world. I have been telling you from day one. Obama is not the first black president, but rather, he is the first Muslim president. I feel sorry for the Jewish people who were duped by this president. We have warned you about Obama and his radical ways. Just because Jewish people votes Democrat majority of the time, they should not compromise common sense. I know deep down that every single Jewish person in America still hold the values and traditions of Judaism. Keep in mind that this president is destroying the very essence of your existence. If you keep letting him damage US/Israel relation, you are committing your own holocaust because without United States, Israel would be alone defending against a pack of wolves. Don’t let this Hitler we have commit genocide!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Job Figures Looks Good But Unemployment Unchanged

While Obama is gloating on the latest data showing employers created 162,000 jobs in March, let me tell you the real truth. Of the 162,000 jobs created, more than a quarter of that was the expansion of government jobs. Mostly, the jobs created by the government were the result of temporary census workers to do the census. Let’s not kid ourselves. The current unemployment figures are still in the ballpark figure of 10 percent.

Heavens forbid you would hear the real truth from Obama and the media. These temporary jobs to do the census are just that, temporary. When government expands it will increase the budget deficit, and more notably, the nation debt. Please keep in mind that government does not create jobs. It is the private sector, which is the steam engine that made this country great. Obama pushed a $787 billion stimulus bill and just past the jobs bill and what do we see? Obama promise that the unemployment won’t go past 8 percent. That failed. It jumped to the 10 percent range and will be in that ballpark figure for the rest of the year. Instead of bringing down unemployment, we are racking up the national debt.

In reality, the American people only care what affects their wallets and that is jobs. The unemployment rate is the only benchmark most American can relate. So far, Obama has not lived up to expectation in the eyes of the general public. His economic policies are worst than former President Jimmy Carter. At the current pace, Obama’s policies will cause deficits to be unsustainable and threaten the solvency of our entire economy.

Timetable Highlights for Universal Healthcare

•States and Federal officials review premium increases
•Medicare payments to physicians in primarily rural areas increase (2 years)
•Impose 10% tax on indoor UV tanning (7/1/10)
•Medicare cuts to inpatient psych hospitals (7/1/10)
•Requires plans to cover, at no charge, most preventive care (plan years beginning
•Allows dependents to stay on parents’ policies through age 26 (plan years
beginning 9/23/10)
•Provides limited protections to children with pre‐existing conditions (plan years
beginning 9/23/10)
•Hospitals in "Frontier States" (ND, MT, WY, SD, UT ) receive higher Medicare
payments (FY11)
•Hospitals in “low‐cost” areas receive higher Medicare payments for 2 yrs ($400
million, FY11)

•Medicare Advantage cuts begin
•Medicare cuts to home health begin
•Wealthier seniors ($85k/$170k) begin paying higher Part D premiums (not indexed
for inflation in Parts B/D)
•Medicare reimbursement cuts when seniors use diagnostic imaging like MRIs, CT
scans, etc.
•Medicare cuts begin to ambulance services, ASCs, diagnostic labs, and durable
medical equipment
•Americans begin paying premiums for federal long‐term care insurance (CLASS Act)
•Physicians in "Frontier States" (ND, MT, WY, SD, UT ) receive higher Medicare
•Seniors prohibited from purchasing power wheelchairs unless they first rent for 13
•Brand name drug companies begin providing 50% discount in the Part D “donut
•Seniors who hit Part D “donut hole "in 2010 receive $250 check (3/15/11)
•New Medicare cuts to long‐term care hospitals begin (7/1/11)
•Additional Medicare cuts to hospitals and cuts to nursing homes and inpatient
rehab facilities begin (FY12)

•Medicare cuts to dialysis treatment begins
•New Medicare cuts to inpatient psych hospitals (7/1/12)
•Medicare cuts to hospitals with high readmission rates begin (FY13)
•Medicare cuts to hospice begin (FY13)

•Impose $2,500 annual cap on FSA contributions (indexed to CPI)
•Increase Medicare wage tax by 0.9% and impose a new 3.8% tax on unearned , nonactive
business income for those earning over $200k/$250k (not indexed to inflation)
•Generally increases (7.5% to 10%) threshold at which medical expenses, as a % of
income, can be deductible
•Eliminate deduction for Part D retiree drug subsidy employers receive
•Impose 2.3% excise tax on medical devices
•Medicare cuts to hospitals who treat low‐income seniors begin
•Part D “donut hole” reduction begins, reaching a 25% reduction by 2020

•Individuals without gov't‐approved coverage are subject to a tax of the greater of
$695 or 2.5% of income
•Employers who fail to offer "affordable" coverage would pay a $3,000 penalty for
every employee that receives a subsidy through the Exchange
•Employers who do not offer insurance must pay a tax penalty of $2,000 for every fulltime
•More Medicare cuts to home health begin
•Employers with more than 200 employees can auto‐enroll employees in health
coverage, with opt‐out
•States must cover parents /childless adults up to 138% of poverty on Medicaid,
receive increased FMAP
•Tax credits available for Exchange‐based coverage, amount varies by income up to
400% of poverty
•Insurers cannot impose any coverage restrictions on pre‐existing conditions
(guaranteed issue/renewability)
•Insurers must offer coverage to anyone wanting a policy and every policy has to be
•Government board (IPAB) begins submitting proposals to cut Medicare
•Impose tax on nearly all private health insurance plans
•Medicare payment cuts for hospital‐acquired infections begin (FY15)

More Medicare cuts to home health begin

•States can form interstate insurance compacts if the coverage with HHS approval (2016)

•Impose "Cadillac tax on “high cost” plans, 40% tax on the benefit value above a certain
threshold: ($10,200 individual coverage, $27,500 family or self‐only union multiemployer

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama Prefers To Be On The Left

This country is in disarray. The American people are upset how Washington is making a mockery of this economy and how it is dealing with problems abroad. While Obama thinks everything is okay and feels everybody still loves him, he had the audacity to say that the vast majority of American knows that Washington is trying hard and he knows what is best for the country. That last statement that he knows what is best for the country bothers me.

Obama actually said this to Harry Smith from CBS “Early Show” this morning. Obama is starting to hint that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and many talk show conservatives are pile driving his agenda and I wouldn’t be surprise that Obama will try to stifle talk radio.

I cannot take the arrogance of this leaderless so-called president. Obama said that he can’t get too worried when things aren’t going as well because he knows that things will turn positive over time. I had to laugh when he said both Democrats and Republicans need to tone down the rhetoric. By mentioning Democrats to that sentence, we can determine that Democrats are scared for their political lives by siding with the president. In other words, the president policy is far too radical to swallow among Democrats.

Toning down the rhetoric? Please! Get a life! The American people are bitter that this mini-dictator has ramrod policy after policy down our throats. Obama is actually telling the people to “go to hell” and that his motive is what America needs. Well, we don’t need someone with no experience to experiment his ideology onto us. It has not worked in Europe and other socialist nations. In fact, the EU has changed their ideology slowly towards what made America great; while Obama is taking this country 500 years back to the stone-age.

While watching the interview I heard something that made me chuckle. During the interview with Harry Smith, Obama was on the basketball court shooting some baskets. We know that Obama is left handed and Harry Smith asked if he can ever go to his right. Obama said, “I can go to my right, but I prefer my left.” Well, there is no need to hide your true ideology. We all know you are a leftist leaning Marxist.