Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama Unable to Get a Break

Obama’s finger pointing to everybody except for himself got many people angry. But recently, he finally stated that he is taking full responsibility for the oil spill. It is Day 43 and no improvement can be seen. The oil spill is growing in size like New York State. This lackadaisical approach by the president is hurting his approval rating. Currently, his approval rating dropped to 42 percent. The American people are upset about his handling on the oil spill, the Arizona immigration law, and his support in bailing out Greece.

If the president kept his mouth shut and curb his sarcasm, his poll numbers wouldn’t be this pathetic. When the oil started to drift into the Gulf of Mexico, Obama took that opportunity and blamed Republicans who chanted, “Drill, baby, drill.” Then Obama went on a tirade and blamed the chaos on BP. But complaining about the oil spill will not stop the oil leak. This president is acting like a little child. We need to see action and less posturing rhetoric. The inaction of this president is deafening. So far, there is no presidential action to stop the spill, even though Obama said he is taking full responsibility. The oil spill is seeping into the beaches of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. There are experimental models showing that the oil spill will follow the current around The Keys and flow northward and affect the coastline states of the Atlantic.

Besides the oil spill, Obama made a stupid unfounded comment about the Arizona Immigration Law. It is unbecoming because the president never read the 10 page law. Like the comments he made on the Cambridge cops in Boston, Obama again put his foot in his mouth.

The poll numbers are also reflective on the dismal performance of the stock market. During the stock market crash in 2008, Obama blamed the bank and greedy big businesses, but took credit for averting a global collapse with his obtrusive spending. Now, as the US bailed out Greece, it is taking a huge toll to our stock market. The presidents thirst for spending and borrowing will take us in the same direction like Greece. And if we end up like Greece, there is no other country on this planet that can bail us out.

What a big difference when Obama got 52 percent of the votes in the 2008 Presidential Elections. Currently, at 42 percent, it shows a lot of buyer’s voter remorse. During this crisis, Obama supporters concede their mistakes and are asking to stop the bleeding. If Obama thinks that time will cause people to forget his blunders, many would think otherwise, especially if the oil keeps spreading, the success to the Arizona Immigration Law, and the continual economy depression.

Obama is an Utter Failure as President

This was the quote Obama said when he won the Democratic Presidential nomination on June 3, 2008, in St. Paul, Minnesota:

“Generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation.”

That statement truly defines the word ‘irony.’ The BP oil spill is now on Day 43 without a solution, and has reached the size of the entire state of New York. It seems “Team Obama” apparently hiding on the sidelines. Since Obama stated the Feds are in charge, they have not done one thing to end the spill and carnage.

The only thing that seems to be getting smaller is Obama’s approval rating. The United States has had numerous terrorist attacks on its soil since Obama took office - the most recent attempt in NY’s Time Square. In fact, one of the few steps to secure our borders, taken by the state of Arizona, has essentially been declared unconstitutional by t he Obama administration. It seems the narrative from this president is to blame BUSH. If such stupidity resonates to the masses, then we truly deserve this president.

Hope and Change is a One Hit Wonder

Like an annoying tune you can't get out of your head, Barack Obama keeps using his ''rock star'' aura to campaign for Democrat candidates...and they keep on losing. So much for star power and presidential ''coat tails.''

First in Virginia and New Jersey, then Massachusetts and now Pennsylvania just this week, Barack Obama's endorsement has led to election flop after flop. Now you can ensure the Democrats' 2008 overnight sensation and his ''Hope & Change'' theme turn out to be a one-hit wonder. It seems like just yesterday that the leftist Democrats and their fawning mainstream media fans were raving about their can't miss idol, and his ''tingle down my leg'' charm.

But after wasting trillions of dollars of Americans' hard-earned incomes on a series of chart-busting flops like ''Stimulus'' and ''Obamacare'' with no sign of lowering unemployment or changing his Big-Government-Is-Better tune, Obama's popularity is dropping like a stone.

No matter how his damage-control team tries to sell ''anti-incumbency'' or blame poor performance on BUSH, Barack Obama has Democrat candidates running for the exits. Barack Obama and his Democrat allies don't realize that their big-spending, bloated government, liberty-crushing act is going nowhere fast with the American people, but the voters have had enough of their left-wing schtick and have let them know with four straight election defeats of Obama-endorsed candidates .

It is time to show Washington who really runs this country.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama Leading Us to a Greece Economic Collapse

Since Obama took office, the United States is experiencing a continuing unstable economy. The highs and lows of the DOW can make one’s head spin. The false sense of security that the economy is getting stronger is rampant. To believe we are getting out of this recession is all folly. Not only has our situation looked bleak, it has affected our neighbors outside our coastline borders. It seems that the international community looks even more dismal with the euro ready to crumble itself.

Greece has demonstrated that a socialist platform of entitlement programs doesn’t work. Ironically, since the size of Greece can fit in the size of Los Angeles, our country is facing the same fate as Greece. So far, our president has not done anything to solve the problem we face. The American people are stressed out. It is not just the high unemployment and the meager paycheck, but it is the devalued dollar causing a hidden economic collapse.

Since Obama took office, the federal budget deficit rose to $1.4 trillion and counting. Also, the national debt is at $13 trillion and rising. Congress has raped our “lock-box’ with unfunded liabilities and IOU’s. Those IOU’s were intended to fund our Social Security. Currently, Congress took $100 trillion of our money, and sadly, it is unpayable. Obama extravagant spending took the total debt to 95% of GDP. Spain debt totals 59% of their GDP and their long-term credit rating was downgraded last month. I am waiting for the US long-term credit rating downgraded too. Since Obama took office, the federal deficit of the federal government is at 11% of GDP. It is alarming because it is just slightly less than that of Greece.

I hope that Obama changes his tune. We need to stabilize the dollar and make it stronger like Reagan did 20 years ago. We need to trim the spending and fix the real problem we face, Social Security, Medicare, and Immigration. Of course, it won’t be a cure-all, but it is a step in the right direction.

Greece May Get Out of the Euro

Obama had supported to a one world currency. But by putting all your eggs in one basket, it will eventually cause a colossal mess. By having a one world currency, there is more room for manipulation and corruption. If one country falls, then everybody suffers. A good example is with Greece. There are reports that Greece is contemplating of getting out of the euro and default on its 300 billion euro debt to save its economy.

It seems a proper thing to do. At this current pace, Greece can’t sustain the virtual inevitable. Greece is not the only country that is in economic turmoil. Spain, Portugal, and to some extent Italy are seeing the same economic conditions that Greece is facing. For Greece, leaving the euro would mean the new currency will be devalued by 15%, but would raise their national debt astronomically overnight.

If Greece departs the euro, other countries will be affected, but at this current pace, taking the lost now may prevent a cataclysmic event in the future. Having a one world currency does not work. If every single country followed the same currency system, we will be seeing more bailouts to countries that follow a poor economical philosophy. The problem is not the currency, but rather, it is the anti-capitalist ideology (communism, socialism) that brings down a nation to ruins.

Day 40, Oil Spill Continues and Obama Goes on Vacation

Obama said that the federal government has taken over and providing the direction to BP during the Gulf oil spill. It is now day forty and there is no end to this madness. The federal government is not doing anything to contain the situation. There are the requests for support from States, but it’s being ignored by the White House. For example, Governor Jindal from Louisiana wanted to put barrier around the shore line, but his request have been ignored. Other governors of coast-line states in the Gulf have done the same thing too with the same results. If Obama believe not let a good crisis go to waste, then I can see how this president can manipulate it toward his favor. Obama has the power to give clean-up contracts to those who kiss-up to him. That is one way not letting a good crisis go to waste.

So far, nothing is going right. Obama makes an obvious statement by stating plug the damn hole. I wonder if BP took note of it. Instead of Obama taking action, he rather skips the Memorial Day service in Arlington National Cemetery and goes back to Chicago for vacation, and then he will come back and watch the Paul McCartney concert. Overall, running away from a problem will not go away. If BP is unable to stop the spill, what direction can the White House do if the president is on vacation? This is really an Obama’s Katrina and will pay a heavy political price later. Meanwhile, as Pelosi and her Liberal friends pointing the blame on Bush, the environment is suffering a heavy lost. The only solution that I have heard is that the president will halt all off-shore drilling for one year. I guess that is the best solution from this space cadet of a president. We need a Quarterback to act and direct us in this time of crisis. We do not want a commentator from upstairs giving play-by-play analysis.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Remember our fallen soldiers during this day of remembrance. Unlike Obama who doesn’t know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, many of us are proud what the military has done for this country.

Arizona Gov Removes Democrat AG from Defense Team

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer does not play around. She is truly determined to fight for the rights of the residence of Arizona. To all Arizonans, the Arizona Immigration Bill will be the first step to curb illegal immigration. This historical law will be implemented in the next several months. Since this nation lives in political correctness, the federal government is ready to challenge the validity of the law, which is constitutional.

In order to keep everybody on the same page, it is reasonable to get rid of those who may sabotage the vision. And the likely person to be removed from that position is the Arizona State Attorney General Terry Goddard, who is a Democrat and opponent to the bill. Since Goddard opposed the Arizona Immigration law, he had secret meetings with US Attorney General Eric Holder in Washington. Since it was of a curious coordinated manner, Janet Brewer dismissed Goddard from the legal team to defend the Arizona law.

Janet Brewer is serious about her intentions. Since the federal government won’t enforce the federal immigration law, the state has the fiduciary responsible to enforce it themselves. As given by the tenth Amendment, whatever rights the federal government does not have under the Constitution is given to the states. With an inconsistent commitment to the border, we are anticipating other states follow the same example as Arizona with their own similar bill. This is one way to battle the high influx of illegal aliens in this country.

Obama Implicated Himself in the Sestak Controversy

It seems to be the status quo when bad news, scandals, and any shocking revelations are being announced on the Friday before a long weekend. It is a brilliant strategy to avert the public’s attention elsewhere, but this is different. This Sestak story won’t go away any time soon. Obama has implicated himself in this controversy and may pay a political price as president.

Reports indicated that President Clinton was the person from the White House that dissuaded Congressman Sestak to run against Senator Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania Democrat primaries. This is inaccurate. The fact is that Congressman Sestak was approached by a White House official at the White House. Former President Clinton is not a White House official and wouldn’t be at the White House.

This is a cover up. There are reports that points to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel instead. He is the person who asked Bill Clinton to talk to Congressman Sestak. Since Rahm Emanuel is in Israel, it seems very odd to see Clinton and Obama having a private lunch yesterday, just before the announcement making Bill Clinton the person who approached Congressman Sestak. It is obvious that the private lunch was to get their stories straight. Well all know Bill Clinton was impeached because of lying. So, if Bill Clinton lied before with regards to a scandal, then he is likely to do it again.

This story will not go away. The public want answers and will get it. It is only a matter of time when the truth will be known.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama Screams Plug The Damn Hole

Because of really bad approval ratings, Obama has privately expressed his failure as president. Obama finally admitted that the Gulf oil spill was his personal responsibility. Because the oil spill occurred in international waters, it was under the jurisdiction of the federal government and not the state. When Obama said to Plug the Damn Hole I wonder what BP was thing?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Census Workers are Intrusvie

As once thought to be a 10 year constitutionally mandated event, the census is an ongoing survey conducted on a regular basis. In the past several months, there are thousands of these temporary employees scattered throughout America gathering information on the citizenry. Surprisingly, not many knew that these pesky census workers can enter your dwelling without permission to get an exact head count for the census. If one does not fill out the census form, a census worker will be knocking at one's door to get the information.

A surprising fact under federal law gives census workers empowerment to demand access to any apartment or any other type of dwelling that is rented out, to get the real head count of the premises for the collective census statistics. They can go to a landlord of an apartment complex and demand a key to an apartment, whether someone is present or not, and snoop around to get vital information of people living in the premise. If the landlord refuses entry, these census workers have the ability to serve fines.

This type of conduct can lead to mischievous misconduct. If these census workers are out and about in a residential neighborhood, they can actually force their way into a dwelling to do an actually headcount of a home, condo, trailer, or townhouse, whether someone is there or not. Also, they can set fines to any citizen who failed to answer these intrusive questions under the guise of simply getting a head count of people in this country.

So, if one does not complete the census form and mail it back, one can expect a census worker knocking at one’s door. This form of arrogance and intimidation by imposing fines to landlords and ordinary citizens so they can get a headcount is ridiculous. I feel compelled to lock and load my shotgun and wait when a census worker comes knocking at my door. I would dare a pesky census worker pry my door open or expect a buck shot above the waist. I thought we live in a free country? There are other means to gather statistics without being intrusive. If I am right, we don’t live in communist Russia or Nazi Germany.

Democrats Finally Blame Bush for the Gulf Oil Spill

You need to check out Los Angeles Times article titled “Finally, Democrats blame George W. Bush for Gulf oil Spill—Chris Dodd video as the blather spreads.”

"Finally, Democrats blame George W. Bush for Gulf oil Spill-- Chris Dodd video as the blather spreads"

Obama Administration Bribed Congressman Sestak

For the past several presidents, the word impeachment was flaunted as a normal everyday jargon. Since Obama entered the Oval Office, the rumor of impeachment had been circulating. The latest accusation revolved around a job offer to Congressman Sestak (D-Pa) from the Obama Administration in exchange for dropping his senatorial bid against Obama supporter Sen. Arlen Specter. Sestak declined the offer and went on to defeat Specter in the Democratic Senatorial Primaries.

In the legal circles, bribery is a federal offense. In fact, federal code 18 USC 600 states that a federal official cannot promise employment in the federal government, in return for a political act. In addition, another accusation that the Obama Administration violated was federal law 18 USC 595, which prohibits a federal official from interfering with the nomination or choice for public office.

Currently, Sestak admitted that he was offered a federal place in the Obama Administration, but refused to comment any further. Sestak says that he would allow others talk about their role in the controversy. It is clear that the White House has kept this story under wraps. There is not much fan-fare about it. The Justice Department even refused to investigate this and why should they? The Justice Department wouldn’t entertain further examination of Obama true birth place.

This is Chicago-style politics. It is called “pay to play.” There is no such thing as transparency and accountability under the Obama umbrella. It is all lies. If Sestak admits he was offered a federal job under the Obama Administration in exchange not to compete against Specter’s senatorial seat, then there is a genuine support that should lead straight to president Obama. If the rumors are true, Obama should be impeached.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Obama No Public Response About the Tennessee Flood

While the Gulf Coast oil leak and the Time Square attack seem sexy for discussion, President Obama has not said anything publicly about the Tennessee flood or went to see the destruction it had caused. At least, the president acknowledged that he was aware of the flood the day after it ended. At this point, it would seem foolish to address the issue now. It is another slow response by the president.

On the other hand, President Bush did a better job in responding to a disaster. Two days before Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana Bush called a state of emergency. Because of prejudice from the mainstream media, Bush received failing marks. The media even blamed Bush for Katrina.

Ironically, Obama waited after the torrential storm had stopped to say something. With the oil leak, the crisis in Time Square, the Tennessee flood was too much for the president to handle.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Medal Called the Military Medal for Courageous Restraint

Obama and Afghanistan President Karzai met on May 12, 2010, to discuss the progress of the Afghanistan War against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Obama cowardly mentioned he is blameless on any civilian casualties. In other words, he is asserting that it is the militaries fault.

There are many critics claim the military should not be blamed because they do not institute policy. Traditionally, the commander-in-chief is ultimately responsible to provide orders to the military. In the field of battle, there will be casualties. Obama mandated for the military to show restraint when combating the enemy in residential zones. It would put the military at a big disadvantage, which would prevent them from doing their duties competently. Because of the restraint, the U.S. military found it difficult to distinguish the enemy from other civilians because the traditional military uniform is not the clothing of choice by the enemy. Another problem that the military encounter is the enemy using civilians as human shields. If the military had to second guess, there would be more American casualties.

To promote military restraint, Obama proposed to create a new commendation medal for courageous restraint for holding fire to save civilian lives. Calling it the Military Medal for Courageous Restraint, critics were aghast suggesting that the military is trigger happy. Honestly, there is no valor or honor with this medal because a soldier would have to take their finger off the trigger to earn it. The concept of this commendation is probably meant for a dead soldier, who had to think twice before they pulled the trigger.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Obama Cutting Anti Terror Funding for NYC

Obama goes to New York City to praise the law enforcement in handing the Time Square attack. It was a nice gesture, but it’s what the backstabbing coward Obama forgot to mention. Never mind what happen several weeks ago with the Time Square bombing extravaganza, Obama has decided to cut the anti-terror funding for NYC by 27% or $53 million.

Never mind that terrorist has targeted NYC since 1990. Never mind that took a horrendous and successful terrorist attack to react. Never mind Muslims want to build a mosque next to Ground Zero. I finally see Obama’s priorities and that is not protecting the American people. Obama distributing funds to states that will be used to counter terrorism has been reckless and mismanaged.

There is no doubt terrorist have build operations aimed to kill the residence of New York. It has been documented for years and we just recently saw with the Time Square bomber. Is Obama giving them the opportunity to critically hit us? Is Obama’s goal to implement his own socialist agenda blinding him that there are people wanting to hurt us? It gives me more reason to never vote for anyone who doesn’t have experience. This space cadet of a president is weakening this nation every day he sits in that office. Impeach his ass!

Attorney General Never Read the Arizona Immigration Bill

For the sake of not looking like an idiot, it is a must to be educated before bloviating stupidity. In this case, it would be the whole Obama Administration. From Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano statement that the Time Square bomber was a solo act to Congress never reading any bill before they vote on it, how far does it take before misinformation becomes serious? With the Arizona Immigration bill which passed not too long ago, everybody from Obama to the US Attorney General are making generalizations of the bill without ever reading it. I would call it ignorant.

Attorney General Eric Holder has been quoted to say on “Meet the Press” that the Arizona Immigration Law has the possibility to lead to racial profiling. He continued to say that it is unfortunate that the law may likely be unconstitutional because such powers are reserved for the federal government.

But like the idiot he is, Holder told the House judiciary Committee the following:

“I’ve just expressed concerns on the basis of what I’ve heard about the law. But I’m not in a position to say at this point, not having read the law, not having had the chance to interact with people are doing the review, exactly what my position is.”

As stated, Holder has never read the bill. He has his staff brief him on their conclusions. Holder wants his staff to search criteria if the Arizona Bill can be challenge in federal court. Let me add that the lawyers who constructed the Arizona Bill knew it would be challenged. They took the Federal Statute and adopted it for their own use, with minor revisions to remove any gray area to the law. So, is it wrong to implement a legal law that is being ignored at the federal level? Washington is getting really lazy if they don’t have time in their busy (sarcasm) day to do their homework.

New Jersey Governor Doing The Right Thing

I am finding the Governor of New Jersey as someone who is willing to do the right thing and doesn’t care if he loses his job for it. Governor Christie (R-NJ) is doing something that may just get him into the White House in 2012. He is turning the State of New Jersey upside down. With a $29.3 billion budget, New Jersey is facing the worst state deficit of $10.7 billion. As we watch Greece crumble due to severe debt, Christie is doing is part as a fiscal conservative by making sure his state doesn’t fall under like Greece. I like the personal responsibility Christie is undertaking.

By governing a blue state, this Republican governor decided to take matters in his own hands. Christie calls for a state of an emergency by signing an executive order to freeze spending. In March, he presented to State Legislature in Trenton his first budget that includes 9 percent cuts in spending, seeking to privatize many government function, cap tax increases, and layoff 1,300 government employees.

This is what I call being fiscally responsible. The residents of New Jersey had enough of wasteful spending. They voted someone who would abide the will of the people. With the ever growing size of public teachers that is disproportion to the enrollment of new students, something has to give. Did you know that New Jersey has one of the highest unemployment and the highest taxes in the nation? During the recession, many people lost their homes and jobs, but not for teachers. In 2009, as the state of New Jersey lost 121,000 jobs in the private sector, there was an increase of 11,300 new education jobs. Besides that, teacher’s salary rose by 5% during the recession. That is double in the rate of inflation. I am glad this governor took notice and done something about it. Teachers unions are upset because the governor cut $800 million in education. At least, the teachers understand the predicament and agreed to take a one year wage freeze.

I am also impressed how Christie took a strong stance in capping any tax increases. He actually said that the wealthy are tapped out. To define wealthy, let’s use Obama’s definition- $200,000 single, $250,000 married. In New Jersey for the past 8 years, taxes were raised 115 times. In the last 10 years, property taxes rose to 70 percent. Because of all these obtrusive taxes, many are fleeing from New Jersey to tax friendly states like Florida.

The State Legislature must pass a budget by June 30, 2010. It is the law in New Jersey. No matter what happens, Governor Christie has taken special interest groups and the status quo out of the equation and doing what is right for the State of New Jersey. Other states like California, New York, and Michigan should follow New Jersey’s example.

A Mosque to be Built Next to Site of the World Trade Center

Let say it is a slap in the face when there are plans for New York City to build a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero. I can say that the residence of NYC and the victims of 9/11 are probably up in arms. The project is called the Cordoba House and it will be a 15 story community center that will include a performance art center, gym, swimming pool, and a huge mosque.

Even though the Community Board of Manhattan didn’t vote on the project, they unanimously support it. Muslim supporters of the project says that Islam is an American religion and they want to take the 9/11 tragedy and turn it into something positive. First, Islam is not an American religion. This country has been founded on a Judeo-Christian belief and putting a mosque next to the site of 9/11 would be an outrage.

To put a mosque next to site where the Twin Tower stood would be a constant reminder that will result in bitterness and hatred. We are simple minded people. We are complacent of the past. There will be naïve folks who will encourage support of such project, but they tend to forget NYC had experience many terrorist attempts in the past decade, especially the Time Square Bomber. Did you know these radical Muslims stem from preaching they hear from these mosques? I am not saying that mosque breed radicals, but these are few well-known documented mosque that preached hatred of this country.

I like the idea that Lower Manhattan should be made into a shrine for the people who died there. I do not want to see a mosque in downtown Manhattan to remind me that those who caused the Twin Towers to fall got their twisted ideology from these radical mosques. I really don’t care to hear that Muslims died at Ground Zero. There were Buddhists, Hindu, Baptist, Atheist, Paganism, Christians, and Taoist who also died at Ground Zero. The people who died at ground zero were AMERICANS and foreign tourists.

The people who did this to us were radical Muslims. The 9/11 terrorist did this in the name of Islam. They didn’t do it for a political statement or a form of boycott. These murderers want to destroy the religious freedom we grown accustomed to in this country. They want to spread the word of Islam throughout the world by use of the sword. To deny this statement is being very foolish. If the 9/11 tragedy hurt the Muslim community, then why haven’t I heard an outcry from them and denounce what happened. I have only seen a few celebrations in the street that I saw on television and a majority of silence from the rest.

I would think a little more sensitivity from the Muslim community to put a mosque next to the site of the Twin Towers. They just had the Time Square bombing scare just last week. I feel it very insulting to my intelligence to see mosque built at a site that took a handful Islamic jihadist to murder 3,000 people in an act of Islamic supremacy. What a better way to mark your territory than to build a mosque at the site where the crime was committed? Would you think building a mosque so close to the site is like owning the tragedy? It is like the perpetrator returning to the scene of the crime to gloat of their achievement. I heard that the idea of building a mosque at ground zero is a manifestation of Islamic domination and expansionism. Such a statement does have some significant meaning.

Do you think that this idea of a mosque at ground zero is a coincidence? Do you think it was an accident that Al-Aqsa Mosque was built on top of the Temple of Jerusalem or the mosque built over an ancient Christian cathedral in Constantinople? I think not! This location is no accident. I will submit if this Muslim center and mosque is to be built next to the World Trade Center, and if they expunge certain hateful text of the Quran that incites violence, and all Islamic teaching that promotes violent jihad, maybe, just maybe, I could be okay with it…….Probably not!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama Tells Republicans He is Not Going Anywhere

As Obama aimlessly campaigns around the country about his economic recovery effort, he enjoys blaming the Republicans of trying to block Democratic policies for political gain. Well, Mr. President, we know full well you are full of crap! You can go all over the country and try to fool the naïve, but there is a majority of Americans fully aware that excessive spending on programs will cause increase in taxes. The “pay-go” ideology does not exist. If the ideology did exist, then we would see a failed program extracted and a new program implemented in its place. So far, Obama is full of it.

Obama went to Buffalo, New York and spoke to factory workers and boldly claim that his policies avert a Great Depression. Such statement is so ingenuous because all of his policies will lead us there in the same model as Greece. It is quite ironic how this president tries to show hope. There is a billboard that the president saw saying, “Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period!” During a bloviated moment, Obama says we are heading in the right direction and says, “Despite all the naysayers who were predicting failure a year ago, our economy is growing again.” Let me backtrack for just a moment. Last year, we didn’t have 9.9% unemployment, a record deficit, an unsustainable national debt, and Obamacare. I have also notice during his campaign trip around the country Obama always say that the Republicans generated much of the country’s fiscal deficit that they now complain about. I just had to laugh because it is this president that created this fiscal deficit all on his own with the Democrat Majority in tow. Republicans never had a say or input in any policy Obama puts out. Every policy is done behind closed doors and under secrecy.

Honestly, you don’t need to go far to know that this president is a failure. More debt, higher taxes and the expansion of bigger government is Obama’s goal to economic recovery. Don’t listen to think tanks under the payroll of Obama. They have no idea what the hell they are talking about. When you hear 9.9% unemployment is good news, I hope you know they are lying. When you hear these economists say the $787 billion stimulus bill helped avert an even deeper recession, I hope you understand it may just prolong the inevitable. It is time to fight back and really let these idiots in Congress know we are angry and pissed-off. We have ousted several incumbents Democrats and Republicans in the 2010 primaries and there will be more to come. Conservatism lives and will be the mainstay from this point onward.

Obama Losing the Jewish Support

Finally, the Jewish people living in this country are starting to see the real Barack Obama. From admitting he is a Muslim to showing disrespect to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I think the Jewish American people are getting a broader understanding that this Obama Administration does not support Israel. Even my Jewish friends are having voter’s remorse. They use the term “duped”, “swindled”, and “lied to” when they describe Obama. I have read other terms being used like “raged”, “angered”, and one described Obama as a “sociopath.” I have also heard that Jewish fundraising for Democrats are drying up. Even though the Jewish vote is small, it is significant in any election.

In a recent poll, Jewish American support for Obama fell about half its level in the 2008 elections. It is obvious that they are disgusted how Obama is running this country. While a majority of Jewish Americans opposed any compromise on Jerusalem, the Obama Administration is not listening. In addition, the majority also feel that the goal of Arab states is not the return of certain lands; but rather, the destruction of Israel. And with the recent visit of the Prime Minister of Israel, it is apparent that Obama has provoked a diplomatic crisis with our only true ally in the Middle East.

As I have stated earlier, Jewish Americans are contributing to Republican candidates. The outrage is deafening as more Jewish contributors are showing more resentment to the Democrat party. I have even heard Democrat Congressmen being booed off from the stage during meetings at various liberal Reform synagogues throughout the country. Even a onetime Obama support and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch has been critical of this president. It seems prominent Jewish Americans are showing their disdain for Obama. And to say Obama is a full supporter for Israel is the same as “do you believe in Santa Claus?” Obama former foreign policy advisor Samantha Power and former campaign spokesman Zbigniew Brzezinski has already proposed multilateral military intervention to end the Israel occupation.

In another recent poll, non-Jewish Americans supporting for Israel is very high than those sympathetic to the Palestinians. If Obama doesn’t show more support to Israel his campaign bid for reelection will be all for naught. Not only will he will lose Jewish support, Obama will also lose many Evangelical Christian Americans who supports Israel and that will be a significant factor for concern. Why? It is because the Evangelical Christians comprise approximately 30 percent of the electorate. So, a rift away from Obama will be a bonus for the Republicans.

As I told many of my Jewish friends, I didn’t create these viscous rumors. I had to remind them that Obama’s first formal news interview as president was with Al-Arabiya. Obama passionate support in apologizing to the Muslim world for our arrogance was seen on television. We already know he was born as a Muslim by a Muslim father, raised as a Muslim by his stepfather, was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia, and has written about his sympathy for the traditional identity of Muslims in Indonesia.

I have always stated that we did not vote for a black president. We have voted for the first Muslim president. Even though Obama is inexperience to be president, and Joe Biden saying that the presidency is no place for on the job training, Obama’s world view has weaken America. Looking at all the conflicts around the world, Obama has not done anything to solve the problem. Obama says he wants to take troops from Iraq and put them in the “good war” in Afghanistan still puzzles me. Iran is very close in achieving nuclear military power and this president only talk about sanctions. We have North Korea supplying military weapons to Israel’s enemies. There is civil unrest between the neighboring states of Israel and Obama wants to make Israel as the escape goat by stating Israel didn’t do enough.

This is not a scare tactic that I tell to my Jewish friends. It is a wake-up call for their very existence. The annihilation or the genocide of a Jewish state is in the hands of a Muslim president. I am scared that another Holocaust may be committed by the hands of people who had not lifted one finger in preventing it from happening. Ignoring the signs of things to come is as dangerous as turning a blind eye on the situation.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obama Posted 19 Consecutive Months of Budget Deficits

This government is spending money they don’t have. This Democrat president and Democrat Congress have no intention to solve this debt we have created. From day one, we have seen new spending on TARP, the multibillion dollar stimulus bill, job creation bill, and Obamacare. I hope now you realize that Republicans are far more fiscal to the people’s money than Democrat. Democrats have not once demonstrated they can curb spending. They are corrupt, arrogant, stubborn, and ignorant against the will of the people. So, next time you feel compelled to trash the Republicans, look at the idiots you voted in office- the Democrat Majority. In the past several years, you finally realized that there was a difference between conservative Republicans and Republicans in name only (RINO). It was the reason why many RINO’s were ousted from office in the past 2 elections. That is one thing I am always grateful.

I say this because I would like to remind people that when it comes to fiscal responsibility, conservative Republicans are far better to maintain that objective than liberal Democrats. In April 2010, Obama out spent than what he was able to take in. In other words, he went on a spending spree on money that isn’t there. It caused a huge deficit four times as great than April 2009. It is considered as the largest deficit on record for a single month. Ironically, you would think because April is a tax season, there should be a surplus of revenue coming into the Treasury Department, but NO! Ever since Obama have been in office, his government has posted 19 consecutive monthly budget deficits and that is the longest streak on record. This extended spending needs to be curbed. It is unsustainable and will create an adverse environment to our fragile economy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Matter the Narrative Its Obamas Katrina

Obama made of a fool of himself when he tried to put the narrative that the White House was there for the oil rig explosion in the Gulf from day one. The narrative has been all over the media trying to portray the event not as Obama’s Katrina. Well, it’s too late. There are too many variable and proof that Obama was not there from day one. No one took it seriously. Obama finally responded with action after a week.

Now the stigma that will be plaguing Obama will be his competence as leader. Like Katrina, this oil spill will have a tremendous impact to businesses and the ecosystem. It is a public relations problem to make things “nice-nice” between Obama and the America people. Obama really dropped the ball on this one. Even though this catastrophe hasn’t escalated into high gear, it shows the ineptitude of this government during a crisis. What happened to “Hope and Change?” Obama lambasted President Bush of his handling of Katrina; and I thought Obama could do better in a crisis, but as you can see, Obama was pathetic.

So far, Obama promised a different brand of government that differed from George Bush. Obama said he would bring a rational, responsive, and efficient government, but that is far from the truth. He expanded the government to the point where we will never can pay our debt, and went out of bounds with aggressive federal intervention. His approach of government is the reason why we gave Jimmy Carter one term in office.

Thinking being immune from criticism, Obama is now facing a series of doubt by members of his staff, who have been determined to save their own jobs. The White House Aides are unable to turn the narrative to counter the strong criticism from the public. This oil spill is Obama’s Katrina. It is somewhat funny now how things come in full circle. I can recall Obama in 2004 criticizing President Bush slow response to Katrina. Obama use the narrative that the Bush Administration is incompetent and uncaring. Look who is calling the kettle black. To add salt to injury, Obama said weeks of the oil rig explosion that he supports for increase offshore oil drilling. How ironic is that?

Let me stress that the Obama Administration was extremely slow to respond (1 week). It took 8 days for Obama to dispatch key members to the site (the SWAT team and the Justice Department). They didn’t make mention of it during the press briefing. Obama thought the oil spill could be rectified successfully, but alas, making that assumption was the mother of all f*ck-up. Keep in mind that discussing about the oil spill is different from actually doing something about it. While it is rather difficult in stopping a Hurricane Katrina, I think containing an environmental crisis would be more feasible to do.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Napolitano Botched up the Arrest of the NYC Time Square Bomber

This is strike three for the incompetent Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano. First, her inept statement that the process worked during the underwear Christmas bomber was idiotic. Then her slow response regarding the explosion of the oil rig in the Gulf was inexcusable. Now, she tells the media that the NYC Bomber was a one-man show. Someone must have forgotten to give her the memo that Pakistan officials have arrested 8 insurgents tied to the Time Square bomber in NYC. Napolitano had the gall to allow police enforcement to detail how they nabbed the perpetrator. When I want to talk about transparency I rather prefer to know how Congress is spending our tax dollars. I really don’t want to publicize enforcement standard of procedure to telegraph enemies how to conduct future terrorist attacks.

We got lucky this time. Faisal Shahzad, the infamous NYC Time Square bomber, was allowed to get into the plane to Dubai. He was on the “No-Fly” list and still he was able to get on the plane. The plane was already to depart before it was stopped. In the matter of life or death, seconds count. Homeland Security may have the FBI trace to the individual involved, but did a sloppy job in apprehending him. There were too many variables to could have changed the outcome. Thank goodness the outcome came out positive.

Faisal Shadzad admitted he was behind the botched Time Square bombing. Already incriminated himself, there was not need to give the Miranda act. They interrogated him and he sung like a little bird. Even though I think they didn’t waterboard Shahzad, I can be certain they used other techniques that were frowned upon when Bush was in office. The only problem I have is the how the Obama Administration has downplayed this capture of this Pakistani born US citizen.

Napolitano wouldn’t talk how this terrorist was able to board the plane. She wouldn’t say the word terrorist. She still looks at the event as a man-made disaster being prevented. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs was giving an excuse that the White House was on this from day one (sarcasm). He did say the security system at the airport had a fallback procedure in place to prevent incidence like this. Well, someone must have forgotten to give Gibbs the memo that the terrorist was on board in the plane and was about to take off. Then we have Attorney General Eric Holder say he wasn’t worried or in danger of losing him. Again, time was of the essence. If someone didn’t print out an updated “No-Fly” list sooner, Shadzad would be sitting pretty heading to Dubai. If the law enforcement was delayed by 5 minutes, the plane would be gone and guess who will be blamed- George Bush!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Time Square Bomber Arrested at JKF International Airport

The Time Square bomber has been apprehended! As the puzzles are being pieced together, the FBI arrested a 30-year old Connecticut man in connection with the terrorist attempt of bombing a vehicle in the middle of NYC.

The perpetrator of this crime was identified a naturalized American citizen from the Middle East as Faisal Shahzad. This terrorist had recently gone to Pakistan for 5 months. During his trip he went to Peshawar, a well known al Qaeda and Taliban sanctuary. Shahzad was arrested at JFK International Airport in New York. They said he was attempting to leave the country and head to Dubai.

You wonder how they traced this crime to Shahzad. Well, the evidence of the Nissan Pathfinder left at the scene gave enough information of the perpetrator of the crime. The guy was an idiot and novice. He paid the car in $100 bills to the amount of $1300 and then paid cash to do a rush job on tinting the windows. Then a video from a terrorist group claimed that the Taliban from Pakistan was involved in the botched up terrorist attempt. Well, it didn’t take long to trace the purchase of the vehicle and the crumbs of evidence to Shahzad.

More information developing……..

Janet Napolitano is a Joke as Secretary for Homeland Security

The Obama Administration is unqualified to work as a dish washer in America as much as protecting the citizen of this nation. In the domestic front, we are seeing firsthand the ineptness of this Administration. The response time the oil spill in the Gulf to the severe flood in Tennessee is just a small glimpse of the capability of the community organizer. On the foreign front, I am deeply trouble of our national security.

We have witness 31 terrorist attempt since 9/11. Only a handful of these foiled attempts, we got lucky and the credit of these foiled attempts should be given to the private American citizens. It seems they are more concerned and vigilant than the government, who should be protecting us. I have to blame the negligence of our security to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. She is as dumb as a pile of bricks. It has taken her an unforgiveable time to respond to the oil rig explosion. She didn’t have the Intel on the terrorist attempt at Time Square in NYC. This is the same individual who governed a sanctuary state of Arizona for illegal aliens. And she is fully responsible to keep every citizen in America safe? Now, that is a scary thought.

Till this day, Janet Napolitano has a very difficult time using the term terrorism. She has deemed the term terrorism as a man-made disaster and the war on terror as an overseas contingency operation. Like her soft stand on illegal immigration, Napolitano should never been given the mantle to protect this nation. During the Sunday talk shows, and even on Fox News, Napolitano stumbled and went off in tangents to avoid using the word terrorism. Is it a dirty word that is offensive?

I found an article dated in 2009 that explains why she didn’t like to use the term terrorism. She said,

“… Although I did not use the word “terrorism,” I referred to “man-caused” disasters. That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur.”

Now, I find that statement offensive. 9/11 was not a man-made disaster. It was terrorism. Napolitano is downplaying the act and describes the end result. It is very insulting because she is dehumanizing a horrific act of humanity and makes it sound like it is an accident. The political correctness of Liberals has done more harm than good in this country. To sugar coat the war on terror or the act of terrorism to some form of mischievous childish prank is cruel, despicable, and unconscionable.

Obama Want to Use Predator Drones on the Jonas Brothers

The biggest headlines the media can muster would be the White House Correspondents Association dinner from last Saturday night. As Jay Leno was overshadowed by Obama’s witty humor, there are major problems the president is taking very lightly. We have the oil spill creating havoc to the environment. We had a terrorist plot that would have done major mayhem on Time Square in NYC. We have severe flooding across middle Tennessee. While we are ignoring our problems, we got a president making jokes.

At times Obama joked, and even made fun of his birth certificate, which is considered a taboo among journalist, but not for this president. It seems Obama was taunting all those people who are demanding for him to show proof of his citizenship and his policy making. Obama went on and introduce his two little girls in his humor, which is also a taboo among politicians.

Obama made a statement to the boy-band the Jonas Brothers as he said, "Jonas Brothers are here, they're out there somewhere. Sasha and Malia are huge fans, but boys, don't get any ideas. Two words for you: predator drones. You will never see it coming. You think I'm joking?"

Now, what the hell did Obama thinking? I know that his jokes and his prepared speech were written by liberal writers, but not thinking what he said was not a joke. It is estimated that one-third of drone casualties have been civilians. It is incredible that the media didn’t go after Obama. Bush was bombarded with criticism when he made light on the lack of WMD in Iraq at a 2004 White House Correspondent Dinner. Don’t you see a double standard that Liberals get a pass and Republicans get the crucifixion? Well, I do. It is blatant hypocrisy at its best.

DNC Chairmans Pathetic Plea to America

Did you hear the 2010 election message by DNC Chairman Tim Kaine is spewing? He says that the Democrats in Washington has accomplished more than any other party in a long time. That is the most pathetic statement I have heard in a long while. Before people start to believe in bulls**t, some of the outrageous comments from Kaine need to be rebuffed.

Kaine said that we have gone from recession to recovery. Even though we went 3 quarters of positive GDP, no one has stepped up, not even the president, and say that we are out of the recession. How can we be in a recovery if our unemployment is 9.75? He goes on to say that 2 million people have jobs today because of the bold action of Obama and the Democrat Congress. Again, we were promised that the $787 billion stimulus package would keep unemployment under 8%, but that figure shot past 10% instead. In a recent National Association for Business Economics survey show that a majority of economist think it didn’t create jobs. Ironically, all I hear from the president and the clowns of the Democratic Congress say that it could have been worst. I call that a major cop-out.

Another crazy statement from the DNC chairman was that we have seen a major progress in the war on terror in the last eight months than was made in the preceding eight years. I guess someone should tell him about the Fort Hood incident and the underwear Christmas bomber. I guess we can add a plane crashing into an IRS building in Austin, Texas as a domestic terrorist attack too. Let’s be honest for a moment. This Administration has change the term for war on terror as an overseas contingency operation and terrorism as a man-made disaster. Doesn’t this tell you that Obama sees our national security as a joke? We had 31 terrorist plots against the US since 9/11. Several of these plots we got lucky and glad we had observant citizens stand up and made a difference. From the shoe bomber to the NYC Time Square bomb, we are never safe, but this President seems to take things in stride. Obama has weakened our posture around the world. He doesn’t know which side to support. His worldwide apology tour to Islam hasn’t improved relation. Even the British Parliament declared the special relationship between the USA and Britain is dead. Let’s not forget the thin line Obama cross when he pissed off Israel. I must also add that Obama is intending to ease Iran sanctions for Russia and China. If I didn’t know better, I believe Obama is actually bedding with the enemy.

Did you know that Kaine had the gall to say that the Democrats have the most transparent and ethical administration in modern history, and are shunning the influence of special interest groups out of the policy making process. I had to laugh. He even said it with a straight face. What was he smoking? Didn’t Obama hire a bunch of special interest groups in his Administration? If I can recall correctly, Obama hired some top lobbyist from a Service Employees International Union, which spent $60 million for the Democrats in the 2008 election, to serve as a White House political director. Let’s not forget the broken promise to televise via CSPAN the healthcare debate. Obama even promised to have any bill for public review before a vote can be initiated by Congress, which was an utter lie. Also, most of the wheeling and dealing to get the healthcare bill passed was behind closed doors among Democrats.

If this is the best that the DNC can do, I am looking forward in November. It is very apparent that the Democrats have made a mockery while in power. There is no avenue to blame Republicans. The Democrats own the mess they have created. So, for the Liberals who enjoy painting Republicans as evil, I would like ask this simple question. Has Democrats ever done “good” while they were in power? The simple answer to that is “NO!”

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is Barack Obama a Womanizer Like Tiger Woods

While conspiracy theory is running rampant with the suggestion that North Korea was involved with the destruction of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, we have our very own president in a love affair that may plague him throughout his presidency.

I reported yesterday that there may be a love affair between Obama and a former campaign aide Vera Baker. After thinking about it, I recall Obama sneaking away out of the White House without the White House press corp. in tow last month. His disappearance was a violation of White House protocol which states that the president must always have the press corp. accompany him when he leaves the White House. The White House press corp. was told Obama quietly disappeared to see his daughter play soccer. But when the press corp. arrived at the soccer field, Obama was not to be found. The question is “Where did Obama go during that time?” It makes you sit and wonder. Would the comment from Michelle Obama during an interview with People Magazine claiming their marriage isn’t all that perfect have some deep meaning? Something tells me that there is more to the story than what is being told.

Things are beginning to unfold of the secret life of Barak Obama. We know he is a narcissist. Like Tiger Woods, both men have always been trying to improve their image to gain that sex appeal for acceptance and dominance. Obama is a handsome guy and I bet he can get any woman he wants. I bet many women wouldn’t mind having a piece of him too. Well, Obama says he enjoys to compares his presidency with Camelot and JFK. I don’t know if he meant it literally. A person with power usually gets what they want. A good example is Bill Clinton. In this case, I closely align Obama‘s life with Tiger Woods because you wouldn’t think they would have an adulterous affair. Instead, you would think these two men have wonderful marriages. But as Tiger Woods life starts to unravel, would the same curse plague Obama? Only time will tell.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Terrorist Plot Foiled in NYC Time Square

A terrorist plot foiled in the heart of NYC Time Square. A Nissan Pathfinder with stolen plates had in the back of the SUV a propane tank, gasoline tank, black power, a timing device, and it was smoking. A mounted police officer notice smoke leaking from the Pathfinder and called for backup. Cops closed off and evacuated a 7 block radius.

The incident occurred on a busy Saturday evening between Seventh and Eighth Avenue on 45th Street. There were no explosions. The officer of the bomb squad unit said that the detonator failed to ignite the main charge. It was also determined that if the device had ignite it would be more of an incendiary event than an explosion. An incendiary event would be best defined as “primarily designed to set fire to objects or cause burn injury to persons…by a chemical reaction of a substance delivered on the target.”

More information developing……..

Barack Obama Lover Affair With Former Campaign Aide Vera Baker

Barack Obama can be put in the same heading of idiots who cheated on their wives. Even though the source came from the National Enquirer, the tabloid newspaper has been right on the money lately. They were the first to break the news about John Edwards and Tiger Woods infidelity.

The National Enquirer says that Obama was caught at a Washington, DC hotel with a former campaign aide Vera Baker. She is described as a young 35 year old ravaging “hottie” who help Obama in his Senatorial bid in 2004. She help him raised millions among other things.

The source was a limo driver who took Vera Baker to a secret hotel rendezvous where Obama was staying. The source was corroborated by hotel video camera at the hotel they were staying and investigators are trying to obtain the video of them together.

Yup, Obama is a cheat like the other cheats he has hired in his Administration. I guess it is a special club only the certain privilege can join